They're like babies—they won't understand.”, “I feel keeping a promise to yourself is a direct reflection of the love you have for yourself. If you make the customer a promise... make sure you deliver it.

Promise is most given when the least is said.
Breach of promise is a base surrender of truth. In the midst of great anger, do not answer anyone's letter.


For every word.

Politicians are the same all over. Then it floats away like a paper boat, taken from her by the water licking at her ankles.”, “I don’t believe him,” said Hermione in a very unsteady voice, the moment they were out of earshot of Hagrid. Sometimes ~François VI de la Rochefoucault ~Author Unknown It's like an, “Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them ...”, “I stared at her black hair. I know you have it in you. A broken promise can hurt someone’s feelings and damage your reputation. ~Samuel Butler

Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment. Like water. Rarely promise, but, if lawful, constantly perform. “Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them.” – Stephen Richards, 6.

Broken Promises Sayings and Quotes. ~David Nicholas I, “Sometimes people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them.

Your email address will not be published. Shadow had promised himself a bath when he got out of prison, and Shadow kept his promises. You cannot live on other people’s promises, but if you promise others enough, you can live on your own. promises to let them know how terrible it is to break promise. “O, swear not by the moon, th’ inconstant moon, “But all fairytales have rules, and perhaps it’s their rules that actually distinguish one fairytale from the other. But you keep the promise anyway. If you know that you can't follow through with a promise, then don't make it. People think you mean it.” – Norman Douglas, 35. ~Proverb Like water. He was ever precise in promise-keeping. “It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and the broken promises.” – Chief Joseph, 50. “We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called on to perform what we cannot.” – Abraham Lincoln, 40.

~William Shakespeare

Yet there were other days when she listened, was led on and deceived by fresh promises which her youth had held out to her.” – Kate Chopin, 20. “For every promise, there is a price to pay.” – Jim Rohn, 43. 2.

With these promise quotes, you’ll be re-reminded about the importance of promises and how to keep your word. Few promises are more sacred than the ones we make to older Americans. Discover and share I Kept My Promise Quotes. Life is not always perfect, it can be tough and challenging.

For anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice — no paper currency, no promises to pay, but the gold of real service.

~Hal Borland ~German Proverb ~Friedrich Nietzsche Where promises are made to be broken, it would be nice to see words come back into power.”, “In the first place, you shouldn't believe in promises. Share these promise quotes with your friends and family to show them that you will always keep your word. Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day. ~Hannah Arendt Half the promises people say were never kept, were never made.

Those that are most slow in making a promise are the most faithful in the performance of it. Losers make promises they often break. In the final analysis, words mean nothing. ~Bernard M. Baruch “I don’t believe him. When they do, they help make life around them more stably human.” – Lewis B. Smedes, 27. it’s your duty to fulfill your words and show your beloved ones that you have kept your word.

~George Washington, Page Information: Sometimes it can be hard to keep secrets, uphold promises, and do the right thing. ~Samuel Johnson ~Robert Frost Share these promise quotes with everyone in your life to reassure them that you’re an honest, committed person who will always keep your word. ~Author Unknown But I have promises to keep,

and don’t forget the promises you have made so far. ~Denis Waitley What are your favorite promise quotes and sayings about why you must always keep your word?

~Arabian Proverb “Magic trick: to make people disappear, ask them to fulfill their promises.” – Mason Cooley, 24. Vows are made in storms and forgotten in calm weather. Promise, large promise, is the soul of an advertisement.

Then deliver more than you promise. Nothing is as easy to make as a promise this winter to do something next summer; this is how commencement speakers are caught. The second one didn’t count for much.” – Kristin Hannah, 21. Where there is an unknowable, there is a promise. “Always prefer the plain direct word to the long, vague one.

Half the promises people say were never kept, were never made. Contact us . Promises are like crying babies in a theater, they should be carried out at once. Promises Not Kept Famous Quotes & Sayings 68 Promises Not Kept Famous Sayings, Quotes and Quotation. Promises are like crying babies in a theater, they should be carried out at once. ~Thomas Fuller “Losers make promises they often break. People think you mean it. A broken promise can impact an individual for many years. Not the maker of plans and promises, but rather the one who offers faithful service in small matters.

The man who promises everything is sure to fulfill nothing, and everyone who promises too much is in danger of using evil means in order to carry out his promises, and is already on the road to perdition.

~Danish Proverb “Never take a solemn oath. ”, “To win the people, always cook them some savoury that pleases them.”, “What glitters may not be gold; and even wolves may smile; and fools will be led by promises to their deaths.”.

~William Dean Howells “There was plenty of life left and if he had to he would use it all to get her back.

~Will Rogers

You can't trust a promise someone makes while they're drunk, in love, hungry, or running for office. I had rather have one faculty nobly developed than two faculties of mere ordinary capacity. People will remember if you break your promises and act untrustworthy. Those who promise by the cart-load generally pay by the spadeful.
Life didn't promise to be wonderful. When someone doesn’t follow through with what they promised, it can be devastating. It’s important not to betray your friends, family, coworkers, and other loved ones. “As a human being, the best eulogy I can reasonably hope for is ‘He made his promises sincerely and broke them regretfully.’” – Robert Brault, 47. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost, 4. “Promise is most given when the least is said.” – George Chapman, 36. And be these juggling friends no more believ'd, ~Robert Brault, ~Simone Weil To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing. ~Mohandas Gandhi “When a man takes an oath… he’s holding his own self in his own hands.

That keep the word of promise to our ear “The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present.” – Niccolò Machiavelli, 44. It does make you a little sick; we'll know how easily some people can break a promise. There are no guarantees. “Those who promise by the cart-load generally pay by the spadeful.” – James Lendall Basford, 49. But as the arms-control scholar Thomas Schelling once noted, two things are very expensive in international life: promises when they succeed and threats when they fail. ~William Shakespeare

Better break your word than do worse in keeping it. ~Norman Douglas ~William Lyon MacKenzie “The promises of yesterday are the taxes of today.” – William Lyon MacKenzie, 41. Life is always changing and evolving. The world is full of them: the promises of riches, of eternal salvation, of infinite love. There are certain promises you make that are more sacred than anything that happens in a court of law, I don't care how many Bibles you put your hand on. In executing the duties of my present important station, I can promise nothing but purity of intentions, and, in carrying these into effect, fidelity and diligence. ~Niccolò Machiavelli

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans. You can't substitute promise after promise with known violators of prior promises at the expense of protecting ourselves or setting an example. These rules never need to be understood.

“Always prefer the plain direct word to the long, vague one.

“I do not live on false promises. I used to make promises to myself and find them easy to break.

Eggs and oaths are easily broken.

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