Enjoy. The Olmec’s (old Mexicans) were your first Americas and, probably, your first humans too. I just shared an authenticated 1600’s Nicolas Sanson map that was created by renowned French cartographer, (termed by some the Creator of French Geography), Nicolas Sanson.

The new Ancient American History book, “America is the True Old World,” has the answer to all of those questions and more with their discovery. She was part of the war fighting with the men, they say in the civil war time. Hmmmm…, weewarrior said this on February 29, 2020 at 3:44 pm | Reply. This book is volume I of a IV volume book series that covers 12 chapters, so there is more to come.

Washed out lakes.

Despite the amazing discoveries and scholarly breakthroughs of recent decades, myths still abound. Dismissed as wild superstition now, but it was a big deal back then, people could tell when that shit was switched on and knew there would be consequences.
The Pole star or North star is the first star and the highest star that created all of the rest of the stars; therefore, this star is the first thought (seed) that created all life. Yes, I’ve been trying to figure out the deal with sand.

This image shows you the zodiac wheel (the Swastika) that revolves around the Pole Star, aka, the great mother. The first white settlers in Ohio found woodlands that resembled English parks.”, In the middle of the continent Indian fires had their greatest impact: Native Americans transformed the prairies into “a prodigious game farm.”. California has definitely been through some serious earth changes pretty recently. The film was inspired by the book he co-authored, Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy – and What We Can Do About It. Christopher M Johnson said this on October 18, 2020 at 6:03 am. The passenger pigeon, which blackened the skies of North America in the 19th century, was a rarity prior to 1492. The Inca themselves built stone-paved thoroughfares, totaling some 25,000 miles, to manage the empire.
Most Europeans were exposed to the disease in childhood and, if they survived it, acquired lifetime immunity. Old world 1595 Mercator map of the Arctic North pole.

Below are some gallery images just to demonstrate even further that America is the true Old World. Now we’ve got to put the pieces of our shattered past back together and reclaim our lost Utopia! It would also explain why they didn’t find San Francisco the first few trips up the coast, it wasn’t on the shoreline yet!

Well, the Swastika is the clockwise rotation of the constellations around the Pole Star/North Star, which creates the electromagnetic energy that creates and sustains life. This, of course led to the establishment of “World Fairs”… and then after the success of the Industrial Expositions in the US, the State Fairs began as a way to let rural America participate. Old world relief of a Stegosaurus from the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.

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