Am I right that first stated rule was violated in the same text? (One thousand dollar), I gave him a ball, but he lost the ball. Of course, the most important prediction of the amyloid/ - with individual lakes, islands and mountains. Am I missing something? ) I teach English as a second language. 2. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hi Anne, I have enjoyed this post and it’s changed my view about articles. It is the first time the word is mentioned. I love the South. When we talk about general concepts (life, love, happiness, etc) we don't need an article. Thank you very much for your explanation.. What about the letter’u’? It’s give me advice.

thank you! 6. That sentence, “I prefer all-inclusive vacations …” is a tricky one. Never ‘have’ because that’s for plural nouns. “He lives in England.” But if the country’s name has a “plural” meaning, we use ‘the’. But last (31) year we did do something a little fun, a little different: we had (32) a staycation. (Example): She is … Could you help me with a question? Please explain how, That could be a correct sentence, but I would need to know the full context. You can see that when we use the article ‘the’ that we are showing that we are talking about a specific day and also a specific family. So, you have to use any of the indefinite articles (a or an). What about these examples: Neither David nor I can take that much (29) time off of work. Except for the list mentioned above and proper nouns, ‘the’ is used before almost all the nouns which mean something definite/particular. Learn to effectively discuss the pros and cons in English, whether you need to make an important decision or you want to share you thoughts on a political issue. We were a team of twenty enthusiastic young chaps, ready to shrug-off… Read more », Wow, Salahudheen, you sure have put in some effort here. I am writing a letter of interest for a university, and now I am confused using a/an with administration course, which one these is correct: a administration course She is a pupil at London Road School.. Police have been looking for a 14-year-old girl who has been missing since Friday. Hello 'The' because we know which detective it is. Okay, so let’s do a review of the general rules of articles. The definite article ‘the’ means this, that. 2.3. with a noun complement . “She goes to the prison to see him once a month.”, “My son is in school.” (He’s a student.) We use the indefinite article as a way of demonstrating that we are not referring to a specific item or person but rather talking a more general sense. 2-an HTML document or a HTML document. “She plays the piano.”, Sports don’t have an article. City. You did a great job thinking about “why” for each example. Do not use article before the name of language.

Would love your thoughts and questions.

The first time you mention or refer to a noun, Example: I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday!

Child shows membership to a group (similar to an adult, a teacher, a doctor, etc.). I went with my family in Florida for a whole week. Rewrite the sentence by correcting the errors related to articles Pingback: Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019 – Mel’s EAL. 1. And articles are used before nouns ( = people, places, or things/objects)., Do we say – Trains are a economical way to travel No article. Thank you for your lessons. Every (11) summer my parents would pack up (12) the kids and (13) the dog into (14) the car. In the text, I have highlighted most uses of a/an/the/ø and, below the text, I explain WHY the article is used.

tangle-only disease is completely consistent with the amyloid Wow – perfect! did you write any books? Here is a text from last week’s Travel Stories lesson. A day of. A reading with an explanation for each article in the text so you can see clearly the how and why we use articles. “Africa”, “New York”, “Church Street”.

Some uses of pleasure are in fact countable. 3. Dear as you said in th above rules that we uses” the” when we going usually to place or shop. Example: I had an ( =one) apple at lunch. Because the noun is uncountable, the use of the indefinite article does not sound correct, however if you were to use the definite article, this would not make sense either as you would be asking for a specific thing, consider the following sentence: Unless there is a specific bowl of water waiting to be given to the dog, this sentence would not be correct.

“Children grow up quickly” – children in general. Washington is the capital of the United States. But a plural common noun does not require an article always. This is the first time road trip is mentioned. Time is referring to time in general, not a specific time of year or day. As explained above – it depends on whether or not you’ve already mentioned the city. We took two different flights and meet up at the Miami international airport.

The two of us could only get 4 days off of work and we were on (33) a tight budget. and USA Eng.? a great way of explaining. Campfire. Add 20 advanced-level words and expressions to your English vocabulary so you can successfully talk about politics and elections where you live.

If it is a general statement, you would be more likely to say ‘I prefer villages to towns’ or ‘I prefer living in a village to living in a town.’, Pingback: Give me grammar – How my heart sings, Pingback: a / an / the の使い分けについて – 沖縄の通訳翻訳会社|なかまコネクト. I know it’s right just because it feels right, but I cannot explain why. I have such an amazing memory of the vacation I took last summer! then why you told the we don’t use the before college. Words beginning with consonant sounds precede ‘a’ and words beginning with vowel sounds precede ‘an’.

We are referring to one single hour. Precise and clear. The last option sounds best to me. a few cars, Bass, I think the explanation for your Question is that here what matters is the quantity or measurement of something wherein you have to specify the amount or number therefore we give an article before the uncountable nouns. We use a or an - only with singular nouns. should I say my television have a problem or my television had a problem. Rule #1. Thank you very much for your explanation. Thank you so much, Maria. Write your paragraph in the comments section. FTDP17-T (Hutton et al. If you read my post carefully, you will find the answers to those questions. ” Pleasure” is an uncountable noun so it is not preceded by ‘a’ but when it is modified by an adjective then ”a/n” is used before it.Why? My question is on when to use “on” and “at”. I wish I can speak English just like you, please I need advice, how do I learn how to speak good English?

How to get more knowledge from you? I think that this article provides incorrect information. When should I use “The” before a plural noun? A reading with an explanation for each article in the text so you can see clearly the how and why we use articles.

( Log Out /  And we can’t use the because it isn’t a specific all-inclusive vacation, so no article is the best solution. After you read, you’ll have an opportunity to practice.

1.) She wants the answer to all her questions or she wants an answer to all her questions. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (except THE was given as the correct answer to “orange umbrella”. How to use articles in English.

Examples: the Times, the United Nations, the Ritz, the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Simpsons. particular country eats most often. The sentence is not correct as it is missing ‘a’ before unique style of writing. There are only three articles in English: a, an and the. In order to understand the articles usage, I have read the article in The Journal of Navigation (2014, 67, 311-326). However, I’m not sure you’ve written them down correctly – for the first one, there is an error in the question, but no error in the sentence. And they help us understand if you are talking about many vs. all vs. one.”. (The+adjectives = plural noun), The poor are not always dishonest. We can always use ‘the’ to refer to a specific thing that has been mentioned before. 2000). Memories. For example, “The Thames”, “The Alps”, “The Atlantic Ocean”, “The Middle East”. Like earth, president, sunrise, moon, there is only one possible meaning so we use “the.”. 5 Common English Grammar Mistakes with Easy Fixes, #172: 10 Must-Have Phrasal Verbs for Work in English, 8 Websites Where You Can Practice English Grammar. Remember: articles are determiners, and you can only have one before a noun - not two. Thank you. I have numbered the areas that I am doubtful about. The best example of this is with the word ‘honour’ which begins with a consonant, however this letter is not pronounced so you would not use the word ‘a’ in this instance, you would say: The same rule applies when a word begins with a vowel which is pronounced as though it were a consonant. We use the to talk about a specific thing: We often use a when we mention something for the first time, and then change to the when it is clear which thing we are talking about: Thanks, so is it correct to say…sing the song ” Ten Little Fingers”. “orange umbrella” could be An orange umbrella or The orange umbrella.

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