In general, I’ve been thinking about passwords, answers to security questions, etc., thinking about security in general. I disagree with Peter on this one, it is the owners of journals who are steering the editors towards mass appeal articles. He obviously was aware that he was one of the more fortunate professors in being tenured and seemingly financially secure.

“It seems quite likely that twitter will either evolve into something interesting or die off within a couple years. Susskind now wonders whether physicists can understand reality. why shouldn’t we expect better from SciAm? On the one hand theres too little, so that only 10% of PhD in particle physics can get a job in what they were trained (as mentioned in the book) on the other hand, there are 20 or so conferences a year in “nice places” for string theorists to choose from.
You owe me, forever. Meaning what? That is a very startling assertion, and a little bit alarming. Please say that’s not what you mean…. Lovecraft was right then? However, having been a journalist myself, I think I understand what’s happening. obviously, working at FDU for 30+ years isn’t good for you ! L. Susskind. Reply: “So, how many Nobel prizes do these scientists have?” I was lucky and could mention Anderson. Like a huge number of other people, he got his permanent academic job in 1969, and has been at Fairleigh Dickinson University ever since. But it’s not physics and I have no idea how we could turn it into physics.”. Posted in comedy, communication, IFLS, memes, physics, science, science-comunication, Uncategorized, Tagged comedy, communication, games, IFLS, memes, physics, science, science-communication. Explaining that other physicists don’t agree, and quibbling over the details, would just spoil the story! Great article.

From the beginning QCD made all sorts of precise predictions, and some were tested decisively early on. I’ve been following the lulzsec hackings. You wouldn’t want me riding on your coattails, would you? Do you think Flory asked a post doc to write the software, or he programmed it himself? Do you accurately describe what they are saying as idiotic, or do you politely avoid doing so in recognition of their past history?
In fact, if you look closely enough at the depiction of the “periodic table of the cosmos” you can see Susskind’s ego grouped in with the supergiants.

I don’t think it’s fair to blame the journalists. IMO, a number of scientists have worked out how to “game” the media by building “headline” phrases into their press briefings, and it’s then difficult for a reporter to decide //not// to use the obvious headline that they’ve been fed, on the grounds that they reckon that the scientist was exaggerating. Unlike the string theory multiverse, it was a well-defined theory from the beginning, very closely related to the rest of the standard model. both Einstein and von Laue manifested scepticism that physicists were

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