20+ EIC officers died in next 2 days due to suffocation and poor conditions. Why did Battle of Buxar occur? Although numerically superior the allied army of Bihar and Bengal lacked effective communication between them, allowing Hector Munroe to defeat them one at a time, The British victory at Plassey not only checked the power of other Indian kingdoms during the time but also that of other European powers who had colonial interests in the subcontinent. Robert Clive, Major Kilpatrick, Major Grant, Major Eyre Coote, Captain Gaupp, Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah, Diwan Mohanlal, Mir Madan, Mir Jafar Ali Khan (defector), Yar Lutuf Khan (defector), Rai Durlabh (defector), Monsieur Sinfray (France). academic perspective on political affairs. Over 1757 – 1760, an amount of 22.5 million rupees were to be paid to British. To understand the establishment of British rule in India, let me take the events in chronological order. Consolidation of holdings in Calcutta and other areas leased to the East India Company for trade purposes. Jagath Seth brothers wanted monopoly of trading rights to British over the French. Shuja-ud-Din promoted Muhammad Ali to Faujdar of Rajmahal and entitled him as Alivardi Khan. After death of Alivardi Khan, dispute arose between his daughter Ghasiti Begum and grandson Siraj-ud-Daula. In 1719, Murshid Quli Khan became the governor of Bengal and assumed the title of Nawab. In 1717, Farrukhsiyar had given farman to EIC (East India Company) by which they could freely import and export their goods in Bengal without paying taxes and it also gave them right to issues passes or dastaks (document) for the movement of such goods. It led to the installation of other puppet governments in areas under East Indian Company control either through force or diplomatic measures such as the “, The Battle of Buxar led to the direct control of the Gangetic-plains of Northern India by the East India Company. For more preparation materials they can refer to the links given in the table below: Your email address will not be published. This gave rise to high degree of exploitation by British. BEIC also got huge financial gains from Plassey and Buxar would aid in the expansion of the British East India companies trading activities in the region. British mounted military response under Robert Clive. Company gave shelter to some of his officers who were against Nabab. The British victory at Buxar resulted in a large area of the Indian subcontinent coming under British control. And Diwani rights for some towns around erstwhile Kolkata. The battle of Plassey was won by the English more by their diplomatic skill than by the strength of their arms. Required fields are marked *, Difference Between Battle of Plassey and Battle of Buxar, The Battle of Plassey was fought on 23rd June 1757 between Armies of the East India Company (formed on. ) But, the battle of Buxar was won by them by their sheer strength and skill in arms. And Diwani (revenue collection) rights would be devolved to the British EIC in Bengal whereas the Nawab would largely continue his rule and policies in other spheres. The treaty was violated by the conquest of Chandranagore (French), by the British in March 1757. In 1717, Murshid Quli Khan was appointed as the Nawab Nazim of Murshidabad by, Murshid Quli Khan changed the jagirdari system to the mal jasmani, which would later transform into the, Murshid Quli Khan maintained strict control over East India Company from abusing the privileges granted to the company.

1st Najafi Nawab of Bengal with support from the British East India Company. The battle ended in a decisive victory for East India Company which gave them a stronghold to spread their influence throughout the subcontinent. From 1717 three successive Islamic dynasties – Nasiri, Afshar and Najafi – ruled what was then known as Bengal. Thus, this war is considered to be a turning point in the history of India. A trading monopoly in Bengal. With his help, Robert Clive defeated and murdered Siraj-ud-Daulah in the Battle of Plassey.

Siraj was determined to limit the influence of British and Jagat Seth Bros.

British demanded immediate war compensation of 2, 75,000 pd.

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