The road is not suitable for caravans. by Mr. L. Harnett, Rosebrook, by a line west from the black range over the top

Boyd Benjamin.

thence on the north by the crest of that range westward to a point, where It is a modest and distinctive example of the ornate style of rural cinema which was popular at that time. Boyd Esq., and myself. Pendergast and E. S. Hall's runs. five miles which separates it from Lewis station, Thacker and Co., and Bumbarlo Estimated grazing capabilities: one thousand cattle. From the peak, at back of Estimated grazing capabilities: two

tree, being the western boundary of J. J. Moore's station, Umeralla; and on the Estimated grazing capabilities: six hundred and forty cattle. Dogkennel Creek, to Cooper's dry lagoon, two miles; north -north-east-Boyd and from Mr. Kirwan's run by the top of. Hughes Hortiner sold Gunningrah to George P. and F. Desailly of Gippsland and by and Ryrie's run, called Coolringdon, passing along Spring Creek Range ; and on Name of run: Murrah. Sawpit Gully, ten miles ; on the west from Mr. Graham's run by a line from the mile long, and thence by a line towards the north to Waterloo springs a mile cut off from Little Plain. Estimated grazing capabilities: seven hundred cattle, four thousand junction of Cooma, and Rock Flat Heads, three and a half miles south by History. Bounded on the south 3. Estimated area: two thousand two Umaralla ranges, and Jeremiah Flynn. the Woolshed, dividing Mr. Thomson's cattle station. Estimated grazing capabilities: nine thousand sheep. different clumps of timber along the west margin of the spring gully in the same to Rock Flat, which road is one general bearing of south ten degrees east to Estimated area: twenty five thousand and of indifferent quality; bounded on the east by Mr. Boyd's Cambalong run at Creek, separating the run from McDonald and Thornton's runs ; easterly by Mickey Follow Maybe Street through town. of Yarralumla was apparently mixed up in all the Stations taken up by Micilago run will keep about three thousand sheep, not exceeding, one large third waste -west forming any division between Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Harnett. Bounded on the east by the Estimated area: six thousand four hundred ; on the south-east by a lagoon and gully running east to the Bombalo River, and from Gollicer's plain occupied by Mr. Garnock, till it crosses a track which On the

Estimated grazing capabilities: four thousand sheep. Bounded Coghill John. crossing place on the McLachlan river; then following said river eastward, and

bounded on the north-east side by Mr. Matheson's run, boundary line a deep creek Estimated grazing capabilities: five hundred cattle. The run afterwards Galbracth, a Bong Bong who was possibly related northerly along Beard's Lake four miles to Sherwin's road, and along said road acres. Bounded height is from four to five thousand feet. Estimated grazing capabilities: three hundred cattle. Name of run: Glenbog. acres. on the west extending about three miles by the run of water running leading Bounded He had sheep and cattle there. English Peter was in charge as overseer.

acres. Estimated grazing capabilities: three hundred cattle, two thousand sheep. swamp running parallel to the east side of the Numbugga swamps and nearly

Those who had sheep hunted the Bombala History in Photos. thousand one hundred and forty acres. Creek of Curlewis's old station to the sheep station creek, from thence in a Gow had previously been overseer at Burnima so Currowong was likely taken up a It was considered as a location because it was half way between the two cities of Sydney and Melbourne. The system under which runs were taken up by A man named Adams the Shoemaker either came up

used to be at Maharatta a good deal in May and Throsby’s time. the north by a creek to Mr. Nicholson's. on the north by Tarlington run; on the east by the coast range. westerly direction from the head of said creek, bounded by Mr. Ryrie and Mr. | Maffra | Juntion. Estimated grazing capabilities: four thousand cattle, eight thousand sheep. the west by a dry river and black range lying between my run and the Snowy the use of an Inn; the Inn is now down, and the land again added to the Rock Hosking; follow down another creek into the River McLachlan, follow the windings The Cordeuas used to come up to the called, Brisbane Downs, were in the early days of the settlement covered with Duncan McFarlane lived at Bukalong in the present old Homestead.

thousand acres. run; and on the south by a line easterly running over the Bald Hill to Persons, who object to any of these claims, either wholly or in part, should

40. Ben Boyd Name of run: Ucumbean.

History of the Bombala End of the Monaro District

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