Ellis (who was then based in the British colonial outpost, Tower Hill barracks, Sierra Leone) stated…, “ …we find General Brayne, who arrived in Jamaica as governor in December, 1656, urging Cromwell to have negro slaves imported from Africa, on the ground that, as the planters would have to pay for them, they would have an interest in the preservation of their lives, which was wanting in the case of bond-servants, numbers of whom were killed by overwork and cruel treatment.”. Yet I hope God will bring us thro’ all these difficultys. His call for servants would also have reduced this tension by putting a fixed class structure in place. Many women, that came down to their husbands, finding them to be dead, have sold themselves for servants to be gone upon other plantations rather than abide with us, though we have offered them any encouragements to remain here. Not exactly. It reached a wider audience when it was republished in the Popular Science Monthly magazine in 1893. Harlow has been drawn on by scholars for the past 90 years as it is assumed that his referencing of primary sources is consistent and legitimate. …about two thirds of the planters that came along with him [Governor Stokes from Nevis] the rest in a very sickly condition, and in danger of starveing (though the earth produceth in abundance of what they planted); but they are so weake, that they are neither able to gather the old, nor to plant againe. A few days since a number of them revolted, but most of them were retaken and three of the ringleaders hanged. Wee have forced them to work for feare of hunger. As for planting there is but little done in it, and the truth is I verily believe little will, though they have had all the entreaties and encouragements that were possibly in our power to assist them. This is the exact same phrase that Richard Ligon used when referring to indentured servants in his well-known account of 1640s Barbados. In the British West Indies the planters routinely tortured white slaves for any infraction. Last week 30 soldiers ran away but were retaken and three hanged as an example. We landed 831 in col. Humfrey’s regiment, lusty, healthful, gallant men, who encouraged the whole army. He was an enslaver of Africans in Jamaica and an influential pro-slavery propagandist. “Through God’s mercy all the shipping you mention came safe hither, whereby through God’s mercy and his highnes’s care we are very well supplyed for a long time to come; and I hope before it be all spent wee shall ease his highnes and the state of much chardge, if God give a blessing to our endeavours. Obsession Wines is located on the outskirts of Tumbarumba, in the New South Wales Snowy Valley region of Australia. I conceave it will do well to head them with officers from England or Scotland, for those in Ireland onely minde theire great estates there, and these sent hither were such as I never had to deale withall; they have put the state to great chardge, and will doe them little service. No. For this the Council called him in question, and desired to know by what power or reason of state he had acted, to which he replied that he brooked not such interrogatories, that he could not forget he had been a General, though it was for the rebels, that Captain Whiting’s commission was not in force where Governor D’Oyley commanded, and that he was not accountable to the Council, but would answer to his Majesty at home. I am allsoe credibly informed, that the gouvernours of these islands are a greate hindrance to the peoples removeing hither, by deteining them for debts (though they have treble the summe oweing to them upon the island) and by nourishing disadvantage or false reports of this place; and enquireing into the reasons, I finde, that they have good estates there, therefore have an eye to their owne security; besides their pay is by their poll of the inhabitants, soe that the goeing off of any is a manifest disadvantage to them. Wee are now generally healthfull, except those that came last, of which wee must expect to loose a considerable number; theire dyett and behaviour is soe irregular, and it is impossible to compell them to the contrary, for theire first fitt of sicknes takes away theire intellectualls; yet there is nothing neglected, that may tend to theire preservation: but if servants were sent, they that have interest in them will be more carefull of them, and worke them moderately, by which many more lives would be saved, and plantations more forwarded. We cannot yet make our soldiers sensible of their condition, nor without severitye plant soe much as provision for themselves. “Such observations by the colonel and others led to tens of thousands of Africans being shipped into Barbados in the middle of the century.”, This same passage from Ellis is also used by the Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist, Michael Hoffman II.

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