Weaver now keeps his dogs on a chain when he and his wife are not present. It was a snivy [sic] move. Jalin …
Weaver is scheduled to fight Roosevelt Roberts at UFC Fight Night on May 30. He just wants to come up and play… When that dog wants to be aggressive back, then my dog will fight.

The card is headlined by Tyron Woodley vs. Gilbert Burns and is expected to take place at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Sup,” Weaver greets John Hyon Koin a thick Southern drawl, fist raised in a salute. He insisted there was no orchestrated dog fight. He is deep into camp in preparation for his upcoming shot at stardom on Dana White’s Contender Serie… We live in the country with plenty of space for our puppies to run. Weaver says his dog Moses was bloodied after getting too rough during a session with a cousin’s dog. When he sees another dog come up in the yard, if it’s a male dog, he really wants to go, I guess you’d say, ‘check him.’ He would come up and try to play with the male dog real rough. “The society I was born in, I was raised around this area in the woods.

Brok Weaver Wiki. That’s animal cruelty. There seems to be literally nothing else online accusing him of this. Moses is like this. Help build MMA knowledge online: Update Wiki. Fight fans rejoice! “They love each other.”. Weaver ultimately managed to separate the warring canines. “My dog wanted to play.

They become friends. Weaver and his wife keep their dogs, which includes bulldog brothers Moses and Samson, unleashed. I can’t just raise a dog and love it and risk its life.”. “I saw that my dog was bleeding, well, my boy was like, ‘bro, my dog stood up that time, I told ya.’ Out of an idiotic thing, I only had 10,000 followers at the time, my adrenaline was pumping and I said some dumb stuff,” he explained. “Lol, mine won but lost a lil’ bit of his ear.”. Subreddit covering everything to do with UFC. Weaver (15-4) posted a video to his Instagram Story approximately four months ago.

Same thing with Moses,” he continued. Weaver recently posted a video of his dog with blood smeared across its face, adding the text “Will make it.” He later messaged another Instagram user who inquired about the dog’s injuries and said that he and his friend put their animals against each other, seemingly suggesting an organized dog fight. “I don’t agree with anything Michael Vick did. I know now that I can’t just post anything because the world isn’t going to take it as just anything,” Weaver asserted. “When my dog went up and tried to play with his dog, his dog got aggressive and growled and snapped my dog’s ear off. “I’m actually in a Waffle House,” he jokes. “I got the time mixed up wrong, but it’s all good.” Weaver sports a fading black eye, a memento from a recent hard sparring session. Brok Weaver's Redemption Fight By Steve Latrell, on Twitter: @TheUFSteve • May. I went over and broke it up. I sent my dog to play with your dog because they lived together for a week,” Weaver told Bloody Elbow. Approximately six hours later, he offered a seemingly unprompted clarification, insisting he “was literally joking.”, “I was really not thinking no harm was done because I know dog-fighting is illegal.
He’s like my son,” he assured. Where we brought them to each other and made them fight and betted [sic] money. “It’s a different breed when you have a dog [whose] daddy was a fighter [versus] a dog whose daddy wasn’t a fighter. Yeah so about 2 weeks back he posted a story on his Instagram showing his pit after a fighting it with his friends dog. These people are still to this day not good men.

The dog had a piece of its ear damaged during the alleged dog fight.

The fighter said it started about six months before the video in question. It would kill me.

The ref immediately ruled it a disqualification, as Brok Weaver was seated when he full-on ate a knee to the head. They live around me. I feel like I’ve beaten my fear by owning dogs,” the UFC fighter said. “One of my homies thought his dog could take mine, so we put them to the test,” Weaver replied. When that dog’s dad is a fighter, it’s bred in him.

If UFC doesn't get rid of woman beaters, they're not gonna get rid of a dog fighter. In the video, Weaver’s dog has patches of blood along the right side of its face and on top of its head.

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