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These are generally small and either dark brown or black in color. As the temperatures turn warmer, common spring pests like carpenter ants begin to forage for food and shelter, often finding both in and around your home. Look for any wood carpenter ants could conceivably build into. First, it is important to point out that flying ants are not a species of ant. Monitor indoor humidity levels, particularly in at-risk areas like the basement, attic, or crawl spaces. These ants are quite huge compared to their contemporaries and rarely venture into houses. Start in your yard. Do they bite? There are different types of ants that invade in Spring, with the most common ones being Odorous House ants, Carpenter ants, Rover ants, Pavement Ants and Ghost Ants. Ghost ants love sweet foods and aren’t afraid to drag off crumbs right off your kitchen counters! The food they love is anything and everything that is sweet: ants have a gigantic sweet-tooth and aren’t afraid to explore the innards of your kitchen to find it! Pay attention to how early you find carpenter ants indoors, as well as what caste those ants belong to. Our technicians offer dependable South Carolina carpenter ant control, as well as a free 58-point pest inspection. That’s why we’ve put together this anti-invasion battle plan. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. A soggy spring is especially inviting, as carpenter ants … There are three castes of carpenter ant: workers, drones, and queens. Carpenter ants are one of most widespread species of ants in North America. Here are a few things that you can do right now to prevent these common spring pests from infesting your home. However, there are one ant species that is a double threat because it can both…, There are many different species of ants in Worcester, including house ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants. My most recent experience was this past Saturday when Phil came out and did a quality control visit on my property. Anderson said it is best to keep pet food in sealed plastic containers to keep it out of reach. Keep in mind that they can walk 100 yards (or more) away from their nest while looking for food. Whereas the termite inspires fear and indignation, most of the public doesn’t even consider the insidious carpenter ant. Unfortunately, finding and killing the nest can be a challenge, and since it’s difficult to determine the severity of the infestation – as well as the damage that is being done – it’s always best to consult a professional carpenter ant exterminator. If carpenter ants are chewing away at your home this spring, contact Island Pest Control for more information about our services. The more numerous drones swarm in large groups while seeking queens during mating season. The first year they establish a nest, the colony grows slowly and the damage it inflicts is minimal. Inside, focus on moisture control. In some cases, these ants can even cause structural damage. Tags: carpenter ants   |   carpenter ant solutions   |   pest control in ma and ri   |, All ants can be invasive as they can grow their numbers quickly and have large colonies. If you have pets, you might want to clean out their bowls after they’re done eating. Keep grass clipped short: Many pests are drawn to taller grass. When you have an infestation that goes undetected for many months or even years, or when you have a very large colony indoors, these ants can cause significant damage to the wood in your home. If the nest is in a place that does not receive sufficient indoor heat or sunshine, such as a north-facing outside wall, the ants will remain dormant until spring. Always very polite and professional, I would rate James among the very best of service professionals because of his thorough knowledge…", I call my Big Blue Bug Solutions home maintenance agreement 'bug insurance' and it's really as simple as that. These ants can grow to be an inch in length, although some workers are smaller. As the temperatures turn warmer, common spring pests like carpenter ants begin to forage for food and shelter, often finding both in and around your home. Unlike termites, which actually eat wood, carpenter ants cause damage by creating smooth, hollowed-out nests (or galleries) inside moist wood – but the damage can be just as devastating. These eggs will hatch into workers, which will begin to build a new colony. ; they simply excavate it to build their colonies. Drones and queens emerge first in late winter or early spring. "They need to build the colony size and grow that next generation of ants to keep things going into the future. Robert Anderson is an entomologist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, he told CBC's Information Radio what you really need to know about the mighty insects. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. carpenter ants in my house. Building into wet wood allows worker ants to stay hydrated while they work. They’re usually seen foraging for food more often in the evening rather than during daylight hours. Carpenter ant swarms usually occur in the spring and are a sure sign that a colony is nesting somewhere inside the structure. Winged colony members have front wings that are longer than their hind wings. Yet, despite the fact that. They don’t eat wood like termites. Keep firewood away from the house and off of the ground. Keep in mind that they can walk 100 yards (or more) away from their nest while looking for food. Carpenter ants re-emerge from winter dormancy to replenish their energy and mate. If there's a problem, I call BBBS and they eliminate the problem. Don't let flying ants go unchecked. We’re always ready to answer the call to arms. Obviously, that means it’s very important to find and snuff out carpenter ant infestations quickly. It can be disturbing to find winged ants crawling around on the inside of your windows in spring, especially if they are big and black. Ants are generally harmless creatures that are out to get a good feed now that winter is over. How can you keep carpenter…, Hello there, I just wanted to let you know that we were extremely happy with your technician Doug Goodwin’s first visit in our building at Grafton Crossings, 135 Westboro Road in North Grafton, MA.Not only did he work thoroughly, he was also extremely helpful in explaining current activities, replaced traps as necessary and gave some valuable advice. It’s also easier to break down and transport wood when it’s already wet and piliable. before, but now that spring is springing (kinda), the threat is real. It is a term that can be used in all aspects of daily life, from business to current events and see the good in the world. Anderson said the easiest way to get rid of that particular species, again, is to find the nest. However, if they happen to chance upon easy availability of sugary food in your home, they’ll march in, take it and head back outdoors to relish it. They don’t consume any of this wood. Preventing carpenter ants is all about wood management. Cover wood that directly contacts soil with hard plastic covers. We're available every day, all day,365 days a year. If they find a good place inside your home, they’ll lay 15-20 fertilized eggs there. If someone had a termite infestation, they’d no doubt want it handled right away. Unlike termites, carpenter ants only chew through wood in order to build their tunnels. The Most (Potentially) Destructive Pest Infestations, 12/6/2019:We are experiencing phone and email issues. You might also see these ants inside your home during spring. And for many homeowners, so have spring pests. Mix Borax with some sugar and make a solution out of a little bit of water, then take that solution and put it in the places around the house that you have seen ants, he advises. Finding and eradicating ants is extremely difficult. It seems like there are a lot early in April or May but then I don’t see them till the next spring. Keep firewood elevated off the ground or store it indoors. , many infestations go unrecognized, much less treated! This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Start in your yard. Drones and queens only swarm in mating season, which typically occurs in early spring. That's why we're seeing so many of them right now," Anderson said Friday. Winged carpenter ants can be distinguished from termites by their larger size and shape of their antennae, waist and wings. These two gentlemen are truly first class individuals who could not have been nicer and more professional. Like most ants, carpenter ants are eusocial and live in a colony where members have specialized roles and characteristics. Carpenter ants are typically quite a bit larger than the sugar ants you normally see around in spring. On a bright sunny day, ants may be seen walking through different areas of the house. Luckily, you don’t have to do that alone. Odorous House ants are so-named because of the odor they release when they’re crushed – imagine the smell of rotten coconuts and you’ve nailed it! One of the first signs that carpenter ants have moved into a structure is the presence of worker ants in spring, before leaves have formed on the trees. If you're finding winged ants inside your home, it is because you have a mature nest inside the walls of your home, and that nest is trying to replicate itself. It’s simple: Ants are outdoor creatures and nature provides them with all the sweet food they need: Honeysuckle. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat wood; they simply excavate it to build their colonies. Theres many things that attracts ants and just knowing a few of these can …, Some tips to deal with ants before you call out a professional pest control …. Drones and queens are larger than workers, and have functional wings during mating season. They like to nest in soft wood that is decaying from moisture, he said, so if you can find the nest, the most effective way to get rid of them is just to remove the wood they're nesting in. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. These ants are quite violent, which is why their colonies are found fighting to the death in the battle for food. Here are some things you can do to deter these ants and other pests from coming in close to your home. These ants have a huge sweet tooth and will hunt aggressively for anything sweet in your home. Remove plants that collect water. Corporate OfficeBig Blue Bug Solutions 161 O'Connell St Providence, RI 02905 (401) 941-5700, Massachusetts OfficeBig Blue Bug Solutions 876 Boston Turnpike Shrewsbury, MA 01545 (508) 842-6307, Maine OfficeBig Blue Bug Solutions 1486 Broadway, Unit B South Portland, ME 04106 (207) 805-4684, New Hampshire OfficeBig Blue Bug Solutions 15 Constitution Dr, Ste 1A Bedford, NH 03110 (888) BLUE-BUG, Connecticut OfficeBig Blue Bug Solutions 516 Boston Post Road, Unit 1 Orange, CT 06477 (888) BLUE-BUG, © 2020 Big Blue Bug Solutions. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Spring starts, but the presence of ants marching indoors proves the fact: Spring is here! We’re always ready to answer the call to arms. Among the most common species of ants that invade in Spring are Odorous House ants. 4.9 Read Google Reviews, What To Do If You Spot Carpenter Ants Around Your Worcester Property. Keep firewood elevated off the ground or store it indoors. They’re typically brown or black and about ½ an inch long, though they could be red-and-black and even larger. Queens lay eggs to populate their colonies, and swarmers leave the colony to form new satellite colonies. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. They are a caste of ant. Home › Blog › Why Am I Seeing Flying Ants This Spring? If those winged ants are carpenter ants, you could be in some real trouble if you don't address the root of the issue.

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