The connecting rods are also forged-steel pieces.

Chips & Tuners Pioneering high-pressure common-rail in the diesel pickup segment came with some growing pains, as the LB7 was notorious for both leaky and cracked injectors. The name Duramax was chosen for the new engine to signify durability and maximum power, cleanliness, and fuel economy. Additionally, the Duramax Diesel 6600 was an instrumental contributor to the 2001 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck as it received the prestigious “2001 Truck of the Year Award” by Motor Trend Magazine. Out in the real-world, it went about its work quietly and efficiently, with many ¾-ton Chevy and GMC HD owners reporting fuel economy numbers as high as 22 mpg on the highway. Air Intake

In factory form, the IHI charger sees a maximum peak boost of 22 to 24 psi.

Now, 14 years after DMAX Ltd. was created, more than 1.5 million Duramax engines have been built. My question is, which one is the best and why.

Each cylinder head makes use of two forged-steel rocker arms per set of intake and exhaust valves, with each rocker arm using a guideless bridge to operate two valves.

In the late 1990s General Motors lagged woefully behind its competition in the Diesel Powered Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck segment, garnering a mere 3 percent of the market. Exhaust Manifolds

As the fuel drawn into the CP3 enters the pump’s high-pressure circuit, it’s converted from 0 to 15 psi to as much as 23,000 psi. Injection events were precisely controlled electrically for clean, efficient power production and pilot injection made for a quieter running engine.

Positioning the high-pressure fuel rails, CP3 injection pump and turbocharger in the lifter valley also contributed to the tight overall packaging that was intended. This process was not common (nor was it required) on compacted graphite iron (CGI) blocks, which in 2018 is what most V-type crankcases are made out of (however, GM has yet to build a Duramax with a CGI block). Continue on to reading this issue and look for links to the latest issues, straight to your inbox, as soon as they’re released! For ultimate combustion sealing (i.e. Plucked from Bosch’s heavy-duty injection pump lineup, the CP3 used on the LB7 enjoys tremendous reliability. In Duramax applications, where no factory lift pump was offered, the CP3 was equipped with a suction throttle to help pull fuel from the tank. As one of GM's manufacturing partners, Isuzu was selected as the provider for the new GM Diesel Engine. The LML Duramax began in 2011, and followed the LMM Duramax Engine. The chart below may be used to identify which Duramax engine your truck has based on the 8th digit of the vehicle identification number (VIN).

We invite you to get behind the wheel with us, it's certain to be an interesting drive. These brands are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Long-term durability is enhanced with the rocker arm’s point of contact at the bridge entailing a sintered iron tip and the bridge featuring a hardened steel cap. The new engine created and built by DMAX Ltd was a 6,599 cubic centimeter (6.6 Liter), direct-injection, turbo-charged Diesel V8 with 90-degree placement, aluminum cylinder heads, and 32 overhead valves. Sourced from Bosch, the system relied on a CP3 pump to pressurize fuel as high as 23,000 psi, stored the pressurized diesel in two rails (one for each bank) and delivered fuel in-cylinder via eight solenoid style injectors. While any V8 (even a 90-degree) packages fairly well, most people don’t know the extent to which GM and Isuzu went to ensure the Duramax engine’s overall package size was as compact as possible.


Isuzu accomplished all of the main engine design, but General Motors was responsible for the electronic fuel injection design which provided maximum power for every drop of fuel used.

Gaskets This entailed CNC machining the heads to accept valves, head bolts and injector hold-downs. Forged from 4340, the LB7’s crankshaft was machined, balanced and treated to the Tufftride process to increase fatigue strength.

The Duramax Diesel 6600 continues to evolve, and, yes, each new iteration yields improvements in emissions, power, and torque.

The LML Duramax engine is actually the longest used Duramax engine in the segment so far, as it was used between … The LB7’s approximate engine dimensions check in at 30 inches (length) by 30 inches (width) by 32 inches (height), whereas the 7.3L Power Stroke (GM’s direct competitor at the time) measured 34x32x38. Age: 29 Posts: 8,749 Likes …

Select what your looking for: The upper two inches of the cylinder bores were induction hardened to resist cylinder wall wear from piston ring travel.

Injectors Each block was then treated to a boring process to ensure the cylinders were perfectly round and squared to the deck surfaces.

head gasket life) and as has previously been mentioned, the heads attach to the block by way of six head per cylinder (18 per head). Driving Line® Accelerating Automotive Passion™ by providing a fresh angle of what fuels us. Made from cast-aluminum, the pistons used in the LB7 engine were the some of the lightest ever employed in a Duramax mill. The underside of each piston received a spray of oil to keep it cool no matter the working conditions.

To keep the crankshaft as dense as possible, balance weight was added to the crankshaft pulley and the flex plate.

Feb 9, 2015 at 2:21 AM #8. The pressurized fuel leaving the CP3 is stored in the fuel rails until it’s required by the injectors. Gauges Duramax Engines - 6.6L Duramax Diesel Engine LB7 (2001 to 2004), Duramax Engines - 6.6L Duramax Diesel Engine LBZ (2006 to 2007), Duramax Engines - 6.6L Duramax Diesel Engine LMM (2007 to 2010), Duramax Engines - 6.6L Duramax Diesel Engine LGH (2010 to 2011), Duramax Engines - 6.6L Duramax Diesel Engine LML (2011). The inaugural Duramax, RPO code LB7, would bring the first aluminum cylinder heads to the diesel pickup segment, introduce the same market to common-rail injection and also make its power in a much cleaner, quieter manner than the competition (i.e. Filters Copyright date() In the performance world, LB7 rods are known to bend somewhere around the 600rwhp mark (shown above), but we’ve seen them both survive 700rwhp yet “shrink” in applications making a little over 550rwhp. Manufactured by IHI Turbo America, the RHG6 sported a 60.6mm (inducer) compressor wheel and a 68mm (exducer) turbine wheel, along with a wastegate. Disclaimer: and/or this website is not affilliated in any way with Chevrolet, Durxmax or General Motors and these brands neither endorse nor sponsor any of the products and/or services that we provide.

The Duramax 6600 Diesel was an immediate success, achieving best-in-class honors for both operating quietness and smoothness, even gaining favorable comparisons with similar sized gasoline engines. The 6.0L Ford Power Stroke engine has been maligned throughout much of its existence due to various ... A 1,019-hp VP44 Dodge that was owned by Mike Hallas then rebuilt by Nick Iafrate. Many model years were crossover or transitional years for the Duramax diesel, thus it is often necessary to decipher the engine model/version using the vehicle's VIN number.

Oil Pumps

LML Duramax trucks added 30 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque over the LMM.

The initial engine was produced in Moraine, Ohio, on July 17, 2000. LMM Duramax Engine (2007+) The RHG6 model turbocharger aboard the LB7 marked the only time a fixed geometry unit was used on a Duramax. Two more years would pass before Cummins-equipped trucks were upgraded to common-rail injection, and it was another few months after that before Ford joined the higher-pressure party with its HEUI 6.0L Power Stroke engine. The Duramax Diesel 6600 was selected by Popular Science Magazine to receive its coveted “Best of What's New Award” in 2000. Until the introduction of the Duramax, GM relied on the all-iron, IDI 6.5L GM V-8, which produced a decent 215 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque in its most powerful configuration.

the 7.3L Power Stroke and the …

The next decade should be very interesting! Which are the best and/or worst Duramax years I know there are alot of aftermarket engine tuners for the duramax and different products you can get along with them.

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