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Usually, this will be situated a foot or so outside leg stump, and consequently it becomes a tasty target for spin bowlers, who can exploit the extra turn to make life a misery for the batsmen, Run-chase Generally the fourth innings of a first-class or Test match, and the latter stages of a one-day game, when the match situation has been reduced to a set figure for victory, in a set time or maximum number of overs, Run-rate Of particular importance in a one-day game, this is the average number of runs scored per over, and is used as a guide to a team's progress (see Duckworth Lewis), Run-up The preparatory strides taken by a bowler as they steady themselves for delivery. Bye    Bye is the Run scored by the team when the ball has not hit by the batsman nor the ball has touched the batsman body. Here are some of the most common ones used, and the meaning behind these words. This stroke is played by dropping to one knee and reversing one's hands, so that you can swing the ball from leg to off, rather than the more natural off to leg. He is required to wear the same padding and stands at square leg or the non-striker's end to perform the duty of running between the wickets. Return Crease Parallel white lines pointing down the pitch, either side of the stumps. Wicket keeper     Is the Player on the fielding side who wears gloves and positions himself behind the batsman wicket .Normally receives the ball from the fielder when the ball is no longer in play after the batsman had striked the ball from the wicket. Cheteshwar Pujara, Hanuma Vihari set to travel to Dubai on October 25, Sydney Thunder to take the knee throughout WBBL, Acting president Beresford Williams, five others resign from Cricket South Africa board, Kapil Dev 'doing fine' after surgery, discharged from hospital, Grace Harris shows her new template after studying MS Dhoni, Uttar Pradesh batsman and Under-19 World Cup winner Tanmay Srivatsava retires at 30, With no 'future with Pakistan' in Test cricket, Salman Butt turns focus to non-playing role. By doing this he can convert a good-length ball into a half-volley, Chest-on Used to describe a bowler who delivers the ball with his chest facing the batsman, as opposed to being side on, Chinaman A ball bowled by a left-arm slow bowler that turns into the right-hand batsman, in effect a left-arm legspinner. For a prime example, see the Antigua Recreation Ground. Catch    Is to hold back the ball in the hands of any of the fielder that was striked by the batsman in air before it touches the ground.. Century    Is a score of 100 runs made by a batsman in a single innings. And while the administration of the game world-wide has moved to the International Cricket Council, and to the England and Wales Cricket Board in Britain, the MCC is still regarded as the ultimate defender of the laws of the game, a type of Privy Council of cricket.

Paint Night Eugene, Nutriclean Detox Reviews, Temora To Sydney, Giannis Antetokounmpo Season Stats, Muqabla Lyrics,