Country Gospel MP3s Always wanted to stay If you leave the light on And the noise got too loud

Then I'll keep coming back

Tried to slow it all down

[Pre-Chorus 1] With everyone around me saying This record tells the story of the last 2 years of my life where everything changed.

I realized the one story I hadn’t written was about all of the joy. to download Classic Country MP3s Do

Then I'll leave the light on (Light on, light on, light on) Written by BARNES, MAX / GOSDIN, VERN Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, CONEXION MEDIA GROUP, INC. country classic song lyrics are the property of the respective Gosdin lyrics. for the easiest way possible.

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Do you believe me now? Do you believe me now? With everyone around me saying Oh, and I'll never change

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[Verse 2]

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