It is the second most widely used currency in forex trading after the US dollar and the second most widely held foreign exchange reserve used by central banks. This further damaged international confidence in the rand, causing an all-time low of R 17.9169 to the US dollar on 9 January 2016. EUR to ZAR currency chart. Accurate exchange rates updates in live mode, so all information are fresh. This page shows the historical data for South African Rand(ZAR) To Euro(EUR) From Sunday 27/09/2020 To Monday 19/10/2020. Since 1826, from British occupation, the country used sterling, while other currencies like Spanish dollars, US dollars, French francs, and Indian rupees continued to circulate. During the late 17th century, the Rixdollar was used, the first South African currency to include paper notes. The table above displays historical exchange rates between the South African Rand and the Euro. Learn how to trade Forex. View a graph which plots historical exchange rates for the South African Rand against the Euro Invert table The table currently shows historical exchange rates for South African Rands per 1 Euro. The introduction of the euro well may have had a strong effect on European financial integration – on a global level it has led to an integration in terms of investment in bond portfolios, with eurozone countries lending and borrowing more between each other than with other countries. In 2012 a new set of banknotes bearing Nelson Mandela’s image was issued. In 1994, 100- and 200-rand notes were introduced. The Euro is the official currency of the European Union. Its second phase was launched in 2002 when euro coins and banknotes were introduced – each country with its own distinct form of the euro coin. As more people used it, its value grew through the years to reach a record high of US$1.60 on 22 April 2008 but by June 2010, it was back to US$1.20. When the euro launched in 2002, it was worth $0.87. Invert the graph to see Euros per 1 South African Rand. This page shows the historical data for Euro(EUR) To South African Rand(ZAR) From Sunday 27/09/2020 To Monday 19/10/2020. © 2020 MBH Media, Inc. The rand is subdivided into 100 cents (sign: “c”) and its ISO 4217 code is ZAR, from Zuid-Afrikaanse rand (South African rand); the ZA being a historical relic from Dutch and not used in any current context except the country abbreviation. The 1-rand note was replaced by a coin. This is the, International The euro symbol is € and its currency code EUR. The EU also represents the most significant source of foreign direct investment (FDI) into South Africa. Export this data to a CSV file which can be imported by Microsoft Excel. The euro is the form of money for the 19 member countries of the eurozone. Their processing times are quick. One South African rand traded to an exchange rate of 0.062 euro. The controversial land reform programme of Zimbabwe, followed by the September 11, 2001 attacks, sent it to R 13.84 to the dollar in December 2001. The reason some countries are reluctant to give up authority over their monetary and fiscal policies when they joined the eurozone was because adopting the euro meant they also lose the ability to print their currency – which allows them to control inflation by raising interest rates or limiting their money supply. The graph above displays historical exchange rates between the South African Rand and the Euro. In January 2014, the rand slid to R11.25 to the dollar and over a four-day period in December 2015, it dropped over 10% due to a surprise replacement of then Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene with the little-known David van Rooyen. Bills and coins are all different sizes, with the bills having raised print and coins distinct edges to allow the visually impaired to distinguish denominations from each other.

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