On the final night of the RNC when Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president, people around the nation tuned in to watch his remarks. The case incited national outrage, leading to Cooper eventually losing her job (her company issued a statement about the incident, saying that they “do not tolerate racism of any kind”) during the same time that George Floyd’s death spurred a reckoning for racial justice worldwide. Though it was certainly fun and cute at first, as the weeks and months went on people were decidedly less enthused with their dystopian new normal. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has always run his respective presidential campaigns on the platform that he is the only candidate who relies solely on grassroots donations. But washing your hands doesn’t mean briefly running them under a faucet and then simply showing them a bottle of soap. Vicknair eventually deleted his tweet, but not before it went viral and became a full-blown meme as people began drawing absurd connections. Sorry, comments are currently closed. Fact-checking—you love to see it. Tupperware after you store spaghetti in it pic.twitter.com/l2Q026Swgj. While we’re unable to know whether or not Eilish was reacting to the performance or just the cameras being focused on her, Eilish’s reactions were definitely a highlight of the year’s awards show circuit. Alas, we can't ask everyone to please stop memeing, especially given the decreasing shelf life of how long jokes stay funny for, so we remain committed to keeping up with this breakneck cycle for the sake of handy content.

This feeling was perfectly encapsulated when Witherspoon posted the following grid meme to Instagram—in a similar vein to the Dolly Parton challenge that went viral before the bad thing happened.

In a normal timeline, the weeks and months after New Year’s are a frigid wasteland (depending on where you live) as we wait for the country to thaw out and look forward to spring and summer holidays, picnics, beach vacations, and so on. As might be expected, the Internet wasted no time in making it a meme, which was fitting for anytime one might want to show distaste or disapproval for something. These could consist of the silly or absurd, such as boyfriends having a little of your fancy face wash or Twitter having a little sexy old picture of Alex Trebek—to the more depressing “treats,” like “Americans can have a little health care,” or that girls “can have a little a 78 cents on the dollar, as a treat.” Oof. And then, naturally, people got weird with it, asking the question while sharing photos of men who definitely don’t fit an ideal standard of beauty. Your use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Cookie Notification, and awareness of the California Privacy Rights. You know what? Then it was a bit overwrought, and then everyone realized just how much potential there was in using some of its most dramatic moments as a meme. The memes, they never stop.

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