Hi Puggs, Getting onto 'Crown Land can be no easy task...in fact it can be fraught with ...big trouble. can be obtained from STRIKE. What happens if I have been refused entry to fossick? Factory Reset - if your detector has a ‘Factory Reset’ function, it is a good idea to perform this procedure at the start of each day’s detecting, to clear any residual notching or programming you may have used on the last outing. where a person is required to obtain written consent, has served the fossicking request and no written response is received within 2 months, consent is deemed. You will need to be self-sufficient.

This gives you authorisation to prospect on: Unoccupied crown land that is … This process may take some time as many factors, such as native title implications and consent from landowners, need to be considered prior to any declaration taking place. The fossicking notice/fossicking request must include detailed information as required by legislation. For general information about fossicking in New South Wales, visit the website here. There are a number of clubs you can join and sometimes being a member of the club allows you to fossick under the club licence. an acronym for all ‘all terrain’, a term often used to describe specific models of metal detectors that can be used on all types of terrain. A bowl-shaped, shallow container that traps gold flakes. For general information about prospecting and fossicking in Western Australia, visit the website here, More information about fossicking and prospecting in Tasmania, including the licence application form, visit the website here. There are many examples of shallow alluvial diggings, surfaced areas & sluiced areas that are very apparent still today.There is more accessible crown land out there than anyone could comprehensively cover in their lifetime. In circumstances requiring consent, a fossicking request must be given to the landowner/ occupier or mineral title holder a minimum 14 days before the intended entry date onto the land. in relation to land or a title area where a person is required to give a fossicking notice - proof that a fossicking notice was given; in relation to all land where consent has been given to fossick - the document giving consent; or. You must not enter these areas unless you hold written consent. It is an offence to enter any relevant land if you have not given a Fossicking Notice/Fossicking Request (where required) to the landowner/occupier or mineral title holder. The coil cover should remain on the coil during use to prevent scratches and damage to the coil. From what I read up on, where there is an existing Exploration Lease (EL) in these FD, you don’t need to seek the permission of the EL holder BUT you do have to get the consent of the landowner (private land) to go on the property? For individual requirements refer to the information bulletin: fossicking - land access. Searching for gem stones, minerals, coins, gold, jewellery and other metals.

where the area of land you intend to fossick on is at the time, clearly and actively being used for a particular pastoral activity.

These areas have not been gazetted as declared fossicking areas as yet and but have been gazetted as reserved land. For new treasure hunters the best place to start is at home, do your homework before you go out into the field. Tools that may be used for this purpose include a pick, hammer, shovel, sieve, pan, shaker, basin and metal detector.

Due to the size and remoteness of some pastoral properties in the Territory, mail may only be received on a fortnightly or monthly basis. When accessing land for recreational prospecting or fossicking, the following rules will help you understand your responsibilities: ... Crown land other than prohibited Crown land and land where consent is required. How far in the ground an object is buried. meteorite fragments - these are of scientific value and should not be tampered with.
‘PI’ is a different type of technology to a VLF detector, designed specifically for highly mineralised (and salt) soils. 1) I have verified the crown land with the overlays at NSW Spacial Information Exchange (six.nsw.gov.au). The number of times per second the energy transmitted from a detector's coil changes direction (e.g.

Still not sure if it was because you were such a big unit or because of your pockets full of gold? If the request for consent relates to land that is a park, reserve, private land or pastoral land where you are required to obtain consent, you must bring to the landowner's attention that consent will be taken to be given if they do not respond within 2 months after you have given them the notice.
engage in activities not related to fossicking. The crown land there is controlled by the Hill End Common Trust apart from areas that are under NSW National Parks. You are not permitted to use or carry any form of firearm or offensive weapon while undertaking fossicking activities regardless of the underlying land tenure. An adjustment made to 'cancel' or ignore ground mineralization; may be done manually or automatically. If details are not available from this source email your request to [email protected] interrupt or divert the flow of creeks, streams, rivers. It is cheaper to replace a coil cover than it is to replace a coil so these are highly recommended. Local Council’s may also have their own bi-laws in place to fossicking within their Council area. Contains the detector's main circuitry, controls, speaker, batteries and microprocessor chip. Just my take on this. Note: Extracting more than the prescribed limits is an offence. Most Australian States and Territories and New Zealand have designated public fossicking areas. If you wish to extract a commercial quantity of rocks, minerals or crystals for sale, you may wish to consider applying for a mineral title which will allow you to do so.

that’s where all the gold is. You may fossick on pastoral land or the granted area of an exploration licence only after providing the landowner/occupier of the pastoral land or the title holder of the exploration licence a fossicking notice. it is recommended to carry an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) or other such global positioning device. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL9zIt … KCVngVrjg. - Is the TSR now out of bounds for fossicking? is within 1 km of a stockyard or an artificial watering point. you are not permitted to dig more than one metre below the line of the natural contour of the surface of the land. It's not easy to find but it's there. Hi Tim,There's plenty of Crown Land around Hill End - the Hill End Common.It's also close to other goldfields like Sofala & Hargraves/Windeyer.Great area to visit if you get up this way once this current situation is over. Over many many weekends and numerous week long trips detecting all day and after scotches, for half the night over the 1000,s acres of crown land covered in mines, surfaced areas and diggings i would barely average an ounce a week. Fossicking areas where camping is permitted do not provide any on site facilities, including water supplies. Are there any caveats?

Camping is permitted on some fossicking areas. even high bank. Once you are confident with your metal detector you can begin treasure hunting out in the field! Contact details and office hours for the Tribunal are: Email: [email protected]: (08) 8944 8720 1800 604 622, Casuarina Office Operating Hours 8.45am to 4.00pm The Met Building CASCOM Building 5, Casuarina Village Level 1, 13-17 Scaturchio Street CASUARINA NT 0811, Postal Address: PO Box 41860, Casuarina NT 0810, Alice Springs Operating Hours  8.45am to 4.00pm Westpoint Building 1 Stott Terrace ALICE SPRINGS NT 0870, Facsimile: (08)  8951 5442Postal Address: PO Box 1745, Alice Springs NT 0870Email: [email protected]

Before digging, thoroughly check the condition of the ground.

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