This book has been written to help you implement attribution modelling in Google Ads (Google AdWords) and Facebook. var stepThree =, sheetTZ); For some reason the script won’t run if I use my own library… I used the key of the library from the sample you provided and it worked perfectly!

However if I want the conversion to be to EET Time, let’s say UTC+02:00, what do I need to change in the function? Attribution Modelling in Google Ads and Facebook Currently I have a column for each timezone, and it can overwhelm people.

Thanks! “ReferenceError: “m” is not defined.

I think I can reproduce this.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Step-1: Click on the Google Sheet OptimizeSmart – UTC Time Converter. Step-5: Add your own data under the two columns: “Your local date and time” and “Your TZ database timezone name“: Step-6 (optional): Copy the formula by dragging down the fill handle (the plus sign that appears at the lower right corner of a cell): Step-7: Copy the converted timezones from the ‘UTC Time’ column and paste them into the Google Sheets where you want to use them. Supermetrics uses the timezone set in your data platform.

(line 2, file “Code”)”. I have an additional twist to add for those interested.

Great work. Thank you very much!

Thanks for taking the time to follow up with the example sheets. Am I missing something here?
Thanks. In addition to the above how-to, I will explain how to convert a local DateTime to Unix time, I mean the reverse of the above. Here is what I came up with to negate that but still let you use date values simply: function toZone(dateTimeD, fromTimeZone, toTimeZone) { I must convert this five and a half hours to seconds. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I will try to explain about Unix Time in a nutshell even though you can Google it. This column contains the cells which contain the formula that converts your timezone into UTC.

Maths and Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization Denny: I’m not entirely sure what you mean but you can apply the function to multiple rows in your sheet. Google Sheets does not provide any function out of the box to convert a timezone into UTC. These seconds play a vital role in the Unix Timestamp to local DateTime conversion formula in Google Sheets. Click save and your library is now accessible to your sheet’s script. Such discrepancies increase significantly when you live farthest from London (like in Australia, New Zealand, etc.) So I searched and found your post here and it worked out great! How to convert your timezone into UTC in Google Sheets. This book focuses solely on the ‘analytics’ that power your email marketing optimization program and will help you dramatically reduce your cost per acquisition and increase marketing ROI by tracking the performance of the various KPIs and metrics used for email marketing.

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