Nice quality of fish! You can search for a lake or body of water using the search box below. Bluegill fair. Googong is a challenging fishery because of the weather and also because the fish can be fussy. 0000001704 00000 n Googong Dam’s main function is to supply water for Canberra and Queanbeyan and now the Googong Township, so water quality is the highest priority. Tackle Fishing Googong from a kayak means that you can use stealth to creep up on the fish. Daily Consumption 104.3ML| Combined Dam Levels 90.58%, You are here: Homepage Our Community Recreation at Googong Dam and Foreshores. Make sure your kayak has plenty of room for water, food and gear, as Googong is a big dam and if you go right up into Bradleys Inlet or up the back of the dam, it can take a long time to get back depending on which way the wind is blowing. 0000069912 00000 n A few walleyes using bottom bouncers and spinners. However, there are a few lures that I use regularly that consistently catch fish. 0000048220 00000 n A few Crappies, but most have moved into Thompson. A peddle or paddle kayak is fine, provided it has the stability to cope with the waves.

<<1973C06AE6C647479A90D6249490F835>]/Prev 889490>> To ensure high water quality and to protect our drinking water it is important that you follow the simple rules, after all what you put in Googong Dam effects the whole community. It was by far the biggest golden perch that I had ever seen, so I ditched the PowerBait, switched to a diver and spent the rest of the afternoon casting for natives. Smallmouth and Bluegills fair along with a few walleyes. Fair for white bass; otherwise, a few walleyes, crappies and perch. For this reason, it is important to upsize everything. There is a lot of timber to explore, as well as overhanging trees and a few rocky banks. Googong can be a really hard place to fish, so it pays to try a lot of different things. Walleyes and perch fair (but have to sort). A few perch. It is important to bring a lot of gear with you, as Googong is riddled with snags and the big Murray Cod will often pulverise your lure, bending hooks and sometimes taking chunks of the lure off completely. 19 0 obj <> endobj A few smallmouth bass and perch. Log in to Save and Compare. Download the Googong Welcome Pack Factsheet and Recreation at Googong Foreshore Brochure. The Morwell dealer has had these boats in […], by Steve Morgan • Bassco is an Australian-built fibreglass fishing boat created by Gippsland veteran boat builder, Michael Boag. Even when I was young, these fish were few and far between.

-The dam is open to fishing all year. Subscribe to our updates, to find out about new releases, special offers and events. h�bbd```b``������1X�D2}���d1XVDrE�� If you do not find the body of water you are looking for you can start a New Fishing Report Thread. Sam has hooked larger fish, but has lost them in the sunken timber. I had run out of ideas and was just trying for redfin. Personal Information Collection Statement. And whether you’re on foot or on a mountain bike, you’ll find trails of varying difficulty and length, so you’ll enjoy a day out in this stunning natural setting, whatever your fitness level. Spinnerbaits have to be one of the most effective lures to use when fishing heavy cover at Googong, with a lot of fish hitting the lure on the drop as it descends down the snag towards the bottom. Often, large fish will be feeding up on a bank and will become spooked by a boat, but a yak can creep into these areas without upsetting the fish.

If you are finding the fishing tough, switch to a natural coloured lure that imitates a baby redfin or juvenile yella. 0000035862 00000 n Locations [Suggested reading: Winter…, Aquayak Scout is a great mix of fishing and pleasure, Hotspot: Wind up winter at Lake Wendouree, Hobie Mirage Outback with 180º capabilities, Formosa 550 SRT with Suzuki 150HP 4-stroke, Campion Explorer 492 Sports Utility with 80hp Mercury 4-stroke, Bassco Hurricane with Mercury 115hp Pro XS. Googong is a unique and precious resource for all, so we need to look after it and protect our drinking water. Only human and electric powered boats, such as kayaks and sailboats, are permitted. I have now caught a fair few goldens with this lure by targeting the gaps in between the timber, allowing the lure to sink and then fast twitching the plastic back to my yak.

It is best not to test the rangers patience by staying out too late.

0000000016 00000 n xref Perch fair to good, along with a few walleye. Vibes also work really well with Jackall TN 60s and 70s fished tight to structure producing excellent results for a lot of anglers. Googong is unique so we need to ensure we look after it and protect our drinking water. This floating diver can be bounced over timber, and at 65mm, appeals to every species in the dam. Petrol powered boats are NOT permitted on the Dam, in order to protect the reservoir from the risk of contamination from petrol and oil spills.

Streams and rivers are closed to fishing from the end of the long weekend in June to the beginning of the long weekend in October. 0000001228 00000 n %%EOF This account does not exist yet. This is a solid combo that gets the job done and doesn’t cost a lot either. I have fished with anglers in Hobies and Wilderness kayaks and these also held up well. Please bring your own. Googong opens at 8am and closes at 8pm during daylight savings, and opens at 8am and closes at 6pm at all other times. For safety reasons, Googong Dam and foreshores will be closed to the all members of the public on days of a Total Fire Ban. All Rights Reserved.

48 0 obj <>stream With a lifetime of building big boats under his belt, Michael decided that he wanted to […]. Streams and rivers are closed to fishing from the end of the long weekend in June to the beginning of the long weekend in October.-NSW fishing regulations apply and a NSW fishing licence is required.-Two rods are permitted on the dam but only one in … Googong Dam is located on the outskirts of Queanbeyan, about thirty minutes from Canberra. 0000004057 00000 n

Hotspot: Golden times on at the Molonglo River, by Peter Jung • Aquayak Kayaks are continually striving to offer a quality range of kayaks that are manufactured in Australia and offer a good mix of leisure and fishing-based activities. Bag and size limits apply to most fish. I had one of these recently from two anglers fishing in Googong Reservoir, on the Queanbeyan River about 35 minutes’ drive from Canberra. Bait collection is not permitted.

There are certain things that can and cannot be done on For yellas and reddies, I use a Daiwa Gen Black Pinster (series 2) coupled with a Daiwa Gen Black 2000 reel. Bluegill and smallmouth bass fair. The rod is only 6’4, but because it is tippy and also powerful in the butt, I find I can throw plastics with ease but also heavier vibes and divers.
The area is an important refuge for native plants and animals. If it is your first time to Googong, I would recommend Shannons Inlet, which is only a few kilometres down from the boat ramp and holds good populations of native fish. Their products have dominated kayak angling markets worldwide since the introduction of the first purpose designed, pedal propelled fishing kayak, the Mirage […], by Steve Morgan • After hundreds of boat tests, we finally made it to Coffs Harbour to get some hulls wet.

Googong Dam’s main function is to supply water for the urban areas of the ACT and Queanbeyan – it is the single largest reservoir in the Capital Region water supply system, holding 119.4 gigalitres (GL, or 119,400 million litres). Please note that some items may be subject to additional shipping and handling charges because of size or weight. Lots of twitches and the occasional pause seem to bring them on the bite. A number of anglers have had success recently by targeting the edges and utilising a hop and pause retrieve with a blade or vibe. A solid yak is important as Googong is an alpine waterway. Googong Dam is a water catchment area for the ACT region’s water supply. • The dam is open to fishing all year.
Check out the latest 2-minute fishing report to find the hot bite in your area! Catfish fair to good along with a few Walleyes. Hosted by Dayne Taylor and the team at North Coast Boating Centre (NCBC), it’s […], by Steve Morgan • There’s been a fair bit that’s happened since I first rode in a Canadian Campion boat that Terry Raymond from Crawford Marine imported. Subscribe to our updates to find out about new releases, special offers and events. Googong Dam is a great place to fish, and is open to fishing all year round. As the warmer weather makes recreation around water more attractive, it’s a good time to remind residents of the Googong Township, Queanbeyan and the ACT of the special role that Googong Dam and its foreshores play. Googong Dam is a great place to fish, and is open to fishing all year round. You can delve into the history of the historic London Bridge Homestead and London Bridge Arch, a natural limestone arch formed by Burra Creek over thousands of years. Fishing Googong from a kayak means … 2018 © Dakota Angler. Fishing Googong from a kayak means that you can use stealth to creep up on the fish. Which of the following best describes your household? Icon Water and the ACT Parks and Conservation Service have recently installed new signs at the dam to set out the ways you can still enjoy the area while protecting drinking water quality for the community. Are you a new member to the Googong Township?

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