His itching has reduced. Company no: 7693671, registered in England and Wales. So overall I would say he's got worse.

Additionally, secondary bacterial infection can occur with tick bites that will lead to further irritation and itching.

Mites like mange are microscopic insects that burrow deep into the layers of your dog’s skin to feed and live. We've tried everything from the vets. Tick bites create inflammation at the point of entry that can get worse the longer the tick stays attached and releases its saliva into the skin. Seasonal allergies tend to be most prevalent during spring, summer and fall and can have a variety of triggers, from blooming plants and flowers to grasses, weeds or even trees.

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HomeoPet skin & coat is easy to administer in a liquid form, and there are no side effects!

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Typical symptoms are: Constant chewing, itching and scratching, Insect bites including fleas, ticks, etc., Hot, red, wet, and oozing spot or hot, red, dry and flaky spot frequently accompanied by loss of hair, Licking and gnawing, Seborrhea, dry flaky skin or oily, greasy coat, Where ears have build-up and smell like stale cheese. has helped in controlling itching issues in our cats, Natural remedy with no rashes and no itches. I would not say this treatment was a miracle for my cat as she still is washing in the same areas but I have noticed she has been washing less and does not seem as stressed.

Would have found this product useful had I used longer unfortunately my cat had developed an infection in wound so had too cease use. Your email is safe with us – we hate spam too!

May help with scratching, itching, chewing and hair loss which may restore a thick and shiny coat. You can even put in the food, water or milk.

INDICATIONS: A natural homeopathic remedy that promotes temporary relief from seasonal allergies and support for a healthy skin and coat. Possible causes can range from parasites to allergies to injury and what might start with the odd scratch can quickly escalate into licking, chewing and scratching so severe that your dog may end up with broken skin, hot spots and rough and discolored skin. And while the sound of your dog constantly licking or scratching itself might drive you to distraction… imagine how your dog feels needing to scratch that itch!

Over $35. Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and strong odors. If you’re unsure which product is best suited to your pet (for example, Hormonal Alopecia from Neutering (Spaying) can respond well to either Homeopet Skin and Itch or Homeopet Anxiety Relief), our Customer Care Line Staff can advise you as to the most appropriate Homeopet product to choose. Click here to learn more about skin problems in dogs and how to tackle them. can see how our baby's skin has turned out now. If your dog’s allergies have resulted in broken skin or if a long-term or chronic condition exists, HomeoPet’s Skin & Itch Relief medicine can help to boost your pet’s in-built healing system, which may be struggling to restore the body’s natural balance while under siege.

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