Then, when you arrive in the morning, set your desk up with everything you need before beginning with the most important or highest value task first. Developing relationships with the people you work with is important, so take an interest in your coworkers’ lives, but don’t engage in drama or gossip. Focus on finishing the task that you’re working on and don’t be tempted to begin another. It’s always beneficial to know the right people, and you never know where you’ll find the next friend, business partner or new hire. You can't rely solely on your boss or company leadership to provide ways for you to sharpen your skill set. For some people, they may find it easier to concentrate first thing in the morning. Instead of checking your emails throughout the day, create set times to do this and you’ll find that you work through them quicker, become less reliant on your inbox and free up valuable time for other activities. What we do outside of the workplace has as much effect on our performance as the work we do.

You’ll also gain transferable skills that you can bring back to your existing role. However, if team members make public promises to one another in a transparent place, they are much more likely to reach their goals. This approach to working can apply to almost any task or activity that you repeat on a daily or weekly basis — including emails, phone calls to clients, analytics reports, data entry, meetings with direct reports and more. This can be difficult if you’re not enjoying the task you’re working on, but stay focused and complete it. Our inboxes can be the source of a huge amount of lost productivity in the workplace.

You can't rely solely on your boss or company leadership to provide ways for you to sharpen your skill set.

You'll sharpen your skills and develop new ones along the way.

Your work is a big part of your life, and how you make a living and your work performance should be something you’re proud of. If you aren't able to develop good organisation and time management skills, you likely won't get far in your career! If so, think about how you could change them or petition for them to be reviewed by management. Most workplaces are much quieter before the official workday starts, so if you have the opportunity to arrive early it can be a great way to be more productive and improve performance. They just might recognise your potential and promote you based on your job performance. For example, could someone source the data you need for a report, so that it’s ready for when you need to write and present it? Avoid distractions by taking short breaks throughout the day or installing apps to block websites that often distract you. You could also ask if there are opportunities to contribute in a greater way to the company’s future. All of us have moments in the day where we are more awake, alert and focused than others. As well as understanding your energy levels, it’s important to recognise that each of us has our limits when it comes to our workload. Everyone needs rest and these breaks can help to keep you working at your most productive. Sign up to get updates when we publish new blog posts, news & insight. He should aim to sell about $20,000 every week and estimate the number of deals per month he would have to close. You’ll also be more empathetic towards others who are having a rough day or aren’t working at their best, which can help team relationships and morale. Do you have a plan for your career? This can be especially helpful if you want to move into a role with more responsibility or ask for a promotion. This kind of software can help you to stay accountable as your team will be able to see your targets or goals and how you are progressing against them. Within your schedule, make sure you leave time for breaks or less challenging activities. Be guided by which tasks should be a priority, weekly essentials and your energy levels throughout the day.

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