.td_category_template_4 .td-category-siblings .td-category a:hover, h2{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-page-content h3, a{font-size:14px;font-weight:500}#eb-widget{padding:5px;background-color:#f7f7f7}#eb-widget .eaw-time{color:#7c7c7c;text-transform:uppercase;font-size:14px}#eb-widget ul.eaw-ulx>li:last-child{border-bottom:1px solid #f7f7f7;margin-bottom:0;padding-bottom:0}.main-home-news .td-block-title{display:none}.td-module-comments,.td-post-comments{display:none !important}.twitter_box{border:1px For the first time, the state mailed the equivalent of absentee ballots to voters whether they requested one or not to limit the risk of spreading the coronavirus at polls. Clark County reported on Twitter that, a s of 3 p.m., more than 17,800 voters have cast ballots across Las Vegas and Clark County. a.vc_btn-black:hover, .entry-crumbs span,

“Voting is the foundation of our democracy and working a polling place is a way for you to help your fellow citizens exercise their right to vote.”.

.td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_17 .td-block-title::before{border-color:#0a0a0a}.td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_4 .td-block-title > *:before, Every active registered voter in Nevada should receive a ballot in the mail, which they can fill out and return via mail or in-person at designated dropoff locations. .block-title > label, Follow Nevada Current on Facebook and Twitter. Drop-offs also will be accepted at all of the county’s 125 election centers on Election Day, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

.td_block_exchange .td-exchange-header:before, p{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-page-content h1,


.td-theme-wrap .sf-menu ul .current-menu-ancestor > a,

a{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.post .author-box-wrap .td-author-url In prior elections, Clark County paid $10 per hour during early voting and $175 to $200 on Election Day. .tdm-menu-active-style4 .tdm-header .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a, Political operatives and campaign workers are required to stay 100 feet from voting areas if they are electioneering. .td-header-sp-top-widget .td-social-icon-wrap a:hover, Clark County voters, many of whom were motivated to vote for change after two years of Republican Donald Trump’s presidency, turned out by the masses for the 14-day early voting window in 2018. .woocommerce-cart .woocommerce table.cart .button:hover, ";var td_email_user_incorrect="Email or username incorrect! For any other uses, you must seek permission from us at [email protected]. .td_block_template_13 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, 2020 Election. .vc_tta-container .vc_tta-color-grey.vc_tta-tabs-position-top.vc_tta-style-classic .vc_tta-tabs-container .vc_tta-tab.vc_active > a, And, if we are showing signs of COVID-19, stay home.

All voters will be expected to also wear a mask; the county will provide masks to voters who show up without one. a{color:#FFF;font-family:'Libre Franklin' !important}.sf-menu>li>a:after{background-color:transparent;content:'';width:0;height:8px;position:absolute;bottom:0;left:0;right:0;margin:0 Clark County is hiring upwards of 1,500 people to work at polling places this fall.

.wpb_text_column a{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.entry-crumbs a, #bbpress-forums .bbp-breadcrumb a, .td_module_18 .td-read-more a:hover, Because of the pandemic, all voters were to have received a mail-in ballot in the mail last week.

.tds-button2 .tdm-btn-text, .td-footer-wrapper .td-post-category, .td_category_template_8 .td-category-header .td-category a.td-current-sub-category, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria said in a statement Wednesday the long lines “were not acceptable.”. .td_top_authors .td_mod_wrap:hover .td-author-comments-count, textarea{font-size:14px;line-height:100%;color:#6f6f6f;border:1px .td_wrapper_video_playlist .td_video_controls_playlist_wrapper, .td_mod_mega_menu:hover .entry-title a, h5{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-page-content h6, .td-subcat-filter .td-subcat-dropdown a:hover, .widget_recent_entries a,

.td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td-normal-menu .sfHover > a, .td-page-content li,

h6{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.footer-text-wrap{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-sub-footer-copy{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-sub-footer-menu ul li a{color:#cda038;font-weight:600}.td-footer-wrapper .block-title

If voters see anything that concerns them, they can contact the secretary of state’s office (775-684-5708, [email protected]) or the Clark County elections office (702-455-8683, [email protected]). .wpb_tabs .wpb_tabs_nav, However, Clark County will offer at least 35 in-person early voting sites and more than 100 in-person polling places on Election Day in order to accommodate those who need or prefer to physically cast their ballots.

More results are expected to be released Thursday morning. .td-header-wrap .black-menu .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a,

At the same time, many are predicting record turnout. solid #cda038}div.wpcf7-response-output{margin:2em The Voting Process for Election Day and Early Voting Are Now the Same All Clark County Election Day Vote Centers and early voting sites use touch-screen voting machines. .wpb_text_column .footer-social-wrap a:hover, .td-theme-slider:hover .slide-meta-cat a,

.td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_15 .td-block-title:before,

.tdm-menu-active-style5 .tdm-header .td-header-menu-wrap .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a, LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada’s primary election conducted mostly by mail for the first time due to the pandemic produced a bigger turnout than usual but drew complaints and questions from voters in long lines at the few polling places operating Tuesday. a{color:#222;background-color:transparent;padding:0

.widget_categories a, !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s) .sf-menu > .current-menu-ancestor > a:after, “I’m very happy with how the election went,” said Wayne Thorley, deputy secretary of state for elections.

a{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_mod_mega_menu .item-details .td_block_template_1 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, a{color:#cda038;font-weight:bold}#eb-widget .eaw-booknow a:hover{text-decoration:underline !important}#eb-widget h3.eaw-title

Bring the mail ballot to the early voting site. .woocommerce-page .woocommerce a.button:hover, .widget_tag_cloud a,

.tds-title3 .tdm-title-line:after,

p{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.post .td_quote_box p, .widgettitle, .sf-menu > .sfHover > a:after, #bbpress-forums .bbp-topic-started-by a:hover, These machines include a voter verifiable paper printout of each ballot that stays with the machine. input{height:45px}.mc4wp-form-fields input[type=submit]{background:#cda038;width:100%;text-transform:uppercase}input[type=zip]{font-size:12px;line-height:21px;color:#444;border:1px

You can also register in person at polling places on Election Day or during early voting by bringing your Nevada driver’s license with you.

.woocommerce #respond

a{padding-left:0}.single .td-category li:last-child Nevada's 3rd congressional district is a congressional district occupying the area south of Las Vegas, including Henderson, Boulder City and much of unincorporated Clark County.The district was initially created after the 2000 census..

i{color:#cda038}.tdm-menu-btn1 .tds-button3{-webkit-box-shadow:0 2px 16px #cda038;-moz-box-shadow:0 2px 16px #cda038;box-shadow:0 2px 16px #cda038}.tdm-menu-btn1 .tds-button3:hover{-webkit-box-shadow:0 4px 26px #cda038;-moz-box-shadow:0 4px 26px #cda038;box-shadow:0 4px 26px #cda038}.tdm-menu-btn2 .tds-button1, Use the Online “Vote Center Locator” Map Tool (www.ClarkCountyNV.gov/vote): On voting days (both for early voting and Election Day), our website will have a link to a user-friendly, interactive Vote Center map that is mobile device enabled. .woocommerce a.button, .td_mega_menu_sub_cats .cur-sub-cat,

.td-404-sub-sub-title a:hover,

.td_category_template_4 .td-category-siblings .td-category a:hover, .td-mobile-content .current-category-ancestor > a, .td-weather-top-widget .td-weather-now .td-big-degrees, .td-post-template-11 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, In Reno, where lines at one point were nearly three hours long, officials encountered more delays when they had to empty the polling place multiple times and sanitize them after accommodating voters who refused to wear masks or have their temperatures taken. • Providing hand sanitizer at voting centers, and sanitizing the surfaces of voting equipment between voters. a{display:inline !important;padding:0 .td-theme-wrap .td_block_template_7 .td-block-title > *, .woocommerce .checkout input#place_order:hover,

.td-theme-wrap .sf-menu ul .current-menu-item>a{color:#cda038}.td-theme-wrap .sf-menu .td-normal-menu .td-menu-item > a:hover, .woocommerce div.product .woocommerce-tabs ul.tabs:before{border-color:#cda038}.td_block_wrap .td-subcat-item a.td-cur-simple-item{color:#cda038}.td-grid-style-4 .entry-title{background-color:rgba(205, 160, 56, 0.7)}.block-title > span, .sf-menu > .current-category-ancestor > a:after,

.widget_meta a, You no longer have to go to one specific “assigned” Election Day polling place. Susan Popp, Clark County Clerk Clark County Voter Registration 501 E. Court Avenue, Room 139 Jeffersonville, IN 47130 812.285.6329 TEL 812.280.5652 FAX [email protected] .tdm-menu-btn2 .tds-button2 .td-smart-list-button:hover, .td_block_template_7 .td-related-title .td-cur-simple-item, Clark County will create two additional polling places and send mail-in ballots to all registered voters for the upcoming June primary electionafter a lawsuit was filed last … • We urge residents to bring their own gloves, mask and hand sanitizer. auto;-webkit-transform:translate3d(0, 0, 0);transform:translate3d(0, 0, 0);-webkit-transition:width 0.2s ease;-moz-transition:width 0.2s ease;-o-transition:width 0.2s ease;transition:width 0.2s ease}.sf-menu>.current-menu-item>a:after,.sf-menu>.current-menu-ancestor>a:after,.sf-menu>.current-category-ancestor>a:after,.sf-menu>li:hover>a:after,.sf-menu>.sfHover>a:after{background-color:#cda038;width:100%}.td-header-sp-top-menu li Every vote matters and local election officials anticipate a historic turnout. Clark County officials say the best time to vote early is in the morning.

Election observers will also be clearly identified. .td-big-grid-post .entry-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx1 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx2 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx3 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx4 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx5 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx6 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx7 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx8 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx9 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx10 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx11 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx12 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx13 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx14 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx15 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx16 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx17 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx18 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx19 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx20 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx21 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx22 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx23 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx24 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx25 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_module_mx26 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td_block_trending_now .entry-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-theme-slider.iosSlider-col-1 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-theme-slider.iosSlider-col-2 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-theme-slider.iosSlider-col-3 .td-module-title{font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif}.td-big-grid-post.td-big-thumb .td-big-grid-meta,

.tdm-menu-btn1 .tds-button2

.td_top_authors .td-active .td-authors-name a, #bbpress-forums .bbp-pagination .current, On the map, Election Day Vote Centers are marked with a number.

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