I was thinking Repose or Worldly Gray, but keep coming back to Comfort. Colors that look great in natural lighting may not look great under fluorescent lights. The light greyi love is of a particular hue. The den is dark and I want to lighten it up.

I’m thinking Accessible Beige or Anew Gray. Crushed Ice – picks up a bit of green and is LESS likely to flash purple – that’s all I’ve got off the top of my head! So, there you have it. I’ve done dozens upon dozens of exterior consultations and often times it’s for clients who hired someone local, but weren’t entirely happy with the colour selection. My question is would painting areas with a warm gray color tone down all the warm woods and beige,warm flooring in my north/east facing kitchen and den? Would love a great that looks gray all around. Hi Maureen, check out SW Modern Gray – it hits it right on the money!

I love Edgecomb grey but it made the orangey oak cabinets look washed out and muddy and then it looked pink and cold. An olive undertone looks great in earthy colors, as well as gold and green. I want a light color and I like the “safety” of agreeable gray, but I’m concerned it won’t transform the room enough. Great post. This fella is very (very) similar to the ever-popular Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Think of Joan Baez. I feel I can wear both cool and warm colors but lean towards muted shades of my favorites. (I've also been wondering what to say about the beautiful tailored jacket you posted the other day.). Hi, thank you for your excellent article. That's why I embrace hot tomato reds, oranges and hot pinks and neon corals. Between my computer and your computer, it's very possible that things don't come through as intended. Photos uploaded by this member are only visible to other logged in members. Do you still feel good in these kinds of designs? Required fields are marked *. Your blogs are very educational as I embark upon my quest for better, more updated color balance. We were considering repose, grey owl or sea salt for the paint with white trim. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ See the range of Agreeable Gray in these photos below…. See how the colour looks a bit more shaded with the reduced natural light. We’re getting ready to paint most of our first floor in SW Worldly Gray. It’s ALL personal preference. Black is boring but easier.

Check out sci/art color analysis. The two words are opposite each other, meaning when they’re mixed they should create the perfect happy place – but they don’t. I find this discussion iso illuminating - and I think you are all very right: just like shades of brown, blond, red are not the same, shades of grey are not the same either. I'll be headed down this path eventually. Differentiating grays on my computer screen doesn't work. I have been struggling with getting the right Gray for our townhouse. An interesting shift, to be sure!

Have you worked with SW’s Gossamer Veil at all? Personally, I am a mood dresser and so I can never subscribe to a set of colours; a few years ago I was all brights; now I am all pastels and neutrals; and I may be feeling the siren call of bordeaux, olive and cinnamon in my future. Start with Nature: Revisiting the Common Shelduck, Start with Art: Adding Accessories to a Wardrobe – Poem by Bunya no Asayasu by Hokusai, Start with Archaeology: The Nebra Sky Disc, I saw lots of women in Paris stocking up on varying shades of grey, top right – Christian Louboutin “Daffodile”, bottom left – Deborah Lippman “Higher Ground”, the ones that I saw all over Paris last week. However, the differences are very obvious every time I try to put together cool, darker grays to work with my white-gray hair. Any recommendations? Some people just don't see it – I wouldn't worry too much about it. Well Elizabeth, I have bad news for you – grays have undertones! I wanted to add some depth to the south facing area and I like Agreeable Grey. This helps me understand why I have intuitively going with 'smoky' softer colours that blend well together there last few years, and why I love taupe for the first time ever. © 2020 YOULOOKFAB, LLC. When I was younger and wore more makeup I could wear higher contrast but I always did gravitate towards more muted shades as a general preference. If that interests you at all, you can check out the packages here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ Interesting, but my experience with going grey causes me to disagree with some of Imogene's ideas. You need to be logged in in order to reply. Colonnade I worry will pull too Beige or green, but will Repose pull too cool???
Ah! But I have to agree with Joy that it is much more complicated than that. If we go lighter and lose the purple we’re at Big Chill, but it is a cooler look. Well aren’t you the patient one! Hi Deana! Hi Kylie, Hi Kylie, Hi Kylie, I love the way you describe colors in such detail with their slight nuances and how they work best in certain contexts but not others. Accessible Beige was my first choice before I even tried samples – GET SAMPLES. I feel that 9 is a good number to give some variety without being overwhelming. Smokey Taupe is a beautiful BM color in a well lit area. Well, they have a similar foundation, but Worldly Gray can pick up a wee flash of green.

For instance, how would a bright graphic floral play with the soft neutral of the jacket? Now I’m hesitant to do this without seeing photos as there is SO much more to consider, but I can tell your bummed, so rather than send you to my e-design, let me throw a few thoughts your way….
And yes, smoky works, too. But have found that the warmer grays are not good. And latter on we want to extend the same color throughout our house. Hello Kylie, we are building a new home and we have not decided on interior wall color. I have manchester tan in my foyer -hall way and my kitchen is green.

Feel free to link me to other articles on this color if that would be easier. If you aren't a member, but would like to participate, please consider signing up. Oh dear! I found the article to be helpful, with some points worth considering. You’ll probably want to hit the off-white range or try SW Agreeable Gray 25% lighter. Good to know! You’ll also want to pay close attention to your exposure and maybe find a happy medium between the cool grays/warm grays.

We are looking to paint the walls in our home and we are having a hard time visioning with gray works. Hi Matthew, Worldly Gray is lovely and a nice greige, just keep in mind that it can pick up a very (very) tiny green undertone. Whether cool, warm, light, or bold, grays of all tones and intensities provide a fresh backdrop for decor and coordinate beautifully with tile, countertops, furnishings, and art. Could I still throw taupe in a room painted Wordly Gray or will the choice to re paint in this color shift me to looking at more green accents and decor? My living room faces North and does not have a ton of natural light. We want the walls to look gray, no beige-yellow-blue-green-purple.

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