Amazing. She started her relationship with Park SaeRoi on bad terms. Rate our reviews and share your comments below!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, it is the first series to be produced by the film distribution company Showbox. ajsnjaj Feb 09 2020 7:59 am start over ost was just amazing, It makes you realize that being a youth was the best thing that happen in your life but then you would also think how you waste it? At IC, Saeroyi is starting to have feelings for Yi-Seo. He's soooooo talented. Reflection. Saeroyi loves her but he didin't get that emotional support from her. saeroyi is angry about his father's death and he has a firm grip on his pride (bc thats the only thing he has as an ex convict and middle school grad).

Itaewon Class is now available on Netflix. hrminey Mar 20 2020 7:02 am Nothing make sense In this serie. The author wanted to project that Yi-seo's character, will not stop to get what she wants, and some people are like this in real life too. ?? Make distance with her. to be very very honest i can watch this drama just until eps 7 and i have no energy to continue watching this. Netizens raised some eyebrows at the fact that in the flashbacks, Park played his younger self despite a 9 year time difference. Saeroyi started off as a very dignified man. Excellent visuals filled with vibrant colors bring Itaewon’s nightlife to life. Daliz Mar 20 2020 2:18 pm I wasted my time watching this drama. His performance as Jang Geun-won is incredible. We don’t know yet, maybe in the next episode they will say, however even Soo Ah admits that everyone knew except for him! I know many people don't like her but i think she didn't being rude for no reasons. Ag Mar 13 2020 12:08 pm and geun soo should be the one who help danbam, inside jangga, but i see he become getting more and more reason to defeat them, this is so wrong.

He's one of my favorite korean actor, watched almost all of his projects. OnGoing. Jjng Mar 20 2020 10:45 pm I appreciated and enjoyed Sooah's character the most. Winter Apr 06 2020 2:17 am However when she started crying in Episode 7, because she feels Sao Ri’s pain… I mean come on, I get it even a character that lacks emotions can 'feel' something but to do a complete 180 from how she started without build-up was exhausting to watch. Minn Mar 22 2020 8:25 pm This drama just deserves high rating because it's sooooo good! I'll watch Eps 9 & 10 before calling it quits. I kinda ship Saeroyi with Sooah more than with Yi-seo. He will becomes killer, his business bankrupt, geungwon still free, and his revenge become funny talk. Gosh!! W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Our Souls at Night by Sondia. it's been weeks after i watched the final episode and i still can't move on. She's flawed just like the rest of us, with so much spunk and personality!

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