The flavours are unique compared to what you and your family are probably used to and it really is a wonderful, rich way to make a ragù. Today though, there is no trace of a similar dish in Genoa, while pasta alla Genovese is a key feature of a Neapolitan Sunday lunch, when breaking the handmade ziti – long tubes of pasta resembling large macaroni which have to be cut into smaller pieces to cook and eat – is part of local tradition. View Recipe . The pulp should be freshly extracted from the shells and added at the very end, quickly cooking the pasta with the sauce until it melts and forms a delicate cream, resulting in an unusual yet delicious experience. I must admit that every time I make this for a vegetarian they utterly love me – so it must be good. If you prefer, substitute the Gorgonzola with any hard blue cheese of your choice. View Recipe. I often serve this pasta as a starter but be careful with portion sizes as you don’t want to fill everyone up before the main.... Gorgonzola and walnuts have always been a great combination. Make sure that you serve this dish as soon as you combine the pasta and the sauce. The result should be a creamy, smooth and rich yellow sauce with the pork lending a nice crispy texture. The delicate taste of the pork with the strong flavours of the chilli, olives and sun-dried tomatoes is a match made in heaven. This allows the sauce to really coat the pasta inside and out beautifully. A local version also includes potatoes and green beans. This recipe is often served on the coast in northern Sardinia and it’s one of my favourites. Basically a richer version of spaghetti al pomodoro, puttanesca also includes capers, oregano and the delicious black Gaeta olives, which give the dish its unique, savoury taste. The original recipe requires gentle grinding with a pestle and mortar so as not to ‘heat’ the raw ingredients. Move over penne – reinventing pasta with Italy’s best chefs, Spaghetti alla telline – spaghetti with wedge clams, From the sauce: the stories behind Italy’s famous pasta dishes. Some might think that the peppers could make it slightly bitter but together with the pine nuts and basil, it screams freshness and will be enjoyed by herbivores and carnivores alike. Unlike most other types of home-made pasta, which contain eggs, the dough for these shells is made from flour and water, giving the pasta a firmer texture. In Italy this would traditionally have been served as an inexpensive dish to feed a crowd. When it comes to pasta, Italy is unrivalled beyond doubt. Classic pesto is a specialty of Liguria, in northwestern Italy. The ubiquitous word found in many Italian menus from north to south, comes from the French term ragôut and generally refers to every kind of long-cooked, meat-based sauce. This is a classic ‘empty larder’ recipe, but by using a generous amount of great quality extra virgin olive oil, you can achieve a highly satisfying result.

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