Fan Xian took this to heart and made a promise to Guo Baukun that he will help him free his father from prison when they return to the Capital but with the condition that his family and friends will form an alliance with Fan Xian. His father said that Fan Xian should get back what his mother had built in her lifetime. It was the day of the picnic in the countryside. Zhu Ge was going to be arrested but he begged Cheng Ping Ping to be allowed to end his own life.
Dou Dou also mentioned that her senior, Lang Tao, the number disciple of Ge He was coming to town. Cheng Ping Ping called an immediate meeting among the leaders of the various factions of the Investigation Unit. Fan Xian though, has a plan which he asked Gao Do and Wang Qinian to help carry it out. The masked Black Knights annihilated every single one of the bandits.
These many scenarios from the declaration of Fan Xiao sounded like it the country would end up in turmoil. The most thing that Da Ren could do to help was to push both Xiao En and Fan Xian into the cliff. So not to be so much as a shock to the systems to us romantics, they sort of given Dou Dou the same attributes of Ye Qingmei, which Fan Xian realised and even mentioned that Dou Dou was like someone he ‘knew’. She spread the news that it was Fan Xian who betrayed Yan Bingyan.

Fan Xian woke up at the Fan manor the next morning to learn that Ling Dong had left the Capital for destination – unknown. The first one was addressed to Wu Zhu. So heavily that Fan Xian fell dead drunk. Dou Dou was a good cook and Fan Xian requested wine to wash down the feast of food she made. He will bury her alive in a narrow claustrophobic compartment.

He saw Zhuang Mohan, the master poet going into the Princess Royal manor. Wang Qinian applied for the vacancy and the two decided to hunt down Si Li Li who they reckoned was a spy for the Northern Qi. The hunger got to everyone including Xiao En and Ku He that they resorted to cannibalism. The Crown Prince also turned up but the Emperor bought time for Fan Xian and turned the Crown Prince away. Fan Xian can’t be dead for that lonnnngggggggg. When Lui Ruyu found out that Fan Xian was unconcerned about waiting, she went out into the garden and found him sleeping like a baby, snoring contentedly. The emperor said though that Fan Xian sojourn into the Northern Qi was his final test. With his forthcoming wedding to Waner, Fan Xian had been invited to visit the harem to meet the various consorts of the Emperor. Fan Jian really cared for Fan Xian like his real son. Madam Fan had really grown really fond of Fan Xian so she was finding it hard to let him go. The king summoned the Crown Prince as well and told him off for being out of control. It was only Si Lili who knew that he had been invited by the Second Prince to the Drunken Immortal Tavern.

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