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A fortune teller and psychologist competing for clients was such a great set up, and I loved what we got of it. But Chairman Kim obviously has a soft spot for her and pretends to fall for the whole story, agreeing to give her money. You have to have a certain kind of expertise to do so. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { She shakes it off and does her vault jump… and falls on her landing. so his hypothesis is completely outrageous and slightly cringe worthy in how it seems to operate entirely in the grey area of human testing ethics. (And a lot of out-of-the-air model building. Show is cute and has surprising heart and depth if one sticks with it for a while, but I can see why the ratings are the way they are (kinda hard to compete with the other dramas in their time slots). You really should not post spoilers for an upcoming episode. Chairman Kim just wonders why a clinical psychologist would be threatened by a fortuneteller, making Soo-hyun fume impotently. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Here, not only the main "experiment" is nonsense on every possible level, even the side-plot cases are utterly absurd. and of course they administrate experiments or what became in my country surveys - when you go on a train and get a survey js = d.createElement(s); = id; or She doesn’t see why he isn’t using her, pointing out the hundreds of people she’s seen as a fortuneteller. Tags: featured, first episodes, Han Ye-seul, Jung Jin-woon, Madam Antoine, Sung Joon, Your email address will not be published. Gone girl, gone. However, after viewing her in this drama, she appears much more softer and I find her very likable. Episode 2 was even better. felt like jekyll and hyde all over again, but also i wonder if that's just his acting style. I'm from America (Psychology student) and I don't think it's that uncommon? Hope he can keep it up. But the main character in this show is a Clin. window.fbAsyncInit = function() {'s like the more I see Sung Joon the less I like him. Soo-hyun expertly calms the man down and gets him to talk about his trauma—losing his wife when he fought a burglar in their home—that was triggered by an exhibition poster across the street. The secretary says it’s an advisor position, someone who will participate in meetings and sessions. But I do think this one is Han Ye-seul’s show. And she did (eventually, together with the rest of us viewers). So, as a general viewer, turns out I'm not the only one who find him strange, eh? I'd be terrified if I walked into a hospital and 75% of the staff were looked like they were barely out of high school but apparently the "star doctors/nurses/etc". if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Enter the main female who has some super powers given to her by the late Austrian queen (not the historical version of course, because that wouldn't be romantic and in the dipshit Korean drama heroine fashion, … (function(d, s, id) { I have a soft spot for him because of SUFBB (he nailed the rock rebel boy), but I agree with everyone else that's saying he's playing very similar roles in very same-ish ways. Fun.” Hee. Sung Joon just ruins many dramas for me. If I were the girl, i would sue the hell out of him after this experiment. When Yoo-rim calculates the receipts and sees that Ji-ho was right, she searches “math genius” and realizes that this is why he looked so familiar when he walked in the door. He tells her that this is payback for lying to him, and tells her to keep the café and work upstairs at the counseling center, and he arranged for her to live on the third floor of that building too. He chuckles to himself as he imagines it, and Ji-ho points out that he can kill two birds with one stone this way and get revenge. Stupid typo. I'm having the same problem with the moderation loop here ... i come from an OECD country and although you do you second degree on psychiatry you do NOT come from medical shcool you study medicine for psychiatrist. Why infringe on SCIENCE, show?? and the whole drama is abt love and there are so many couples to ship. Sigh. Soo-hyun scoffs at the notion of ghosts and tells Ji-ho to call the landlord to get rid of the downstairs café. I’m hoping for some outlandish comedy from him, just to see if he can pull it off. what i did see were ppl who would never be allowed to practice the leads being easy on the eyes is just another feather to the hat. and that they explained they ruled out medical causes and that it's not a conscious thing. And the romantic entanglements are so obviously set up in the first two episodes sigh. Hye-rim takes her anger out on a dried fish and admits to making up the stuff about mirrors and late-night noises, scoffing, “There’s no such thing as ghosts.” But Soo-hyun is spooked enough to feel wary about the bathroom mirror, and actually ducks to crawl over to the toilet. Yoo-rim has the same idea, though it’s because she thinks maybe Chairman Kim can help. I hope karma bites him hard soon. plus i like the the whole pride and prejudice underlying theme thats going on. She remains the same from char to char. You have to have a certain kind of expertise to do so. And (this may be in episode 2) he can't run an experiment and be a participant in it. for what reason do you think they do it? I can turn off some of my brain for this drama, really. your body is taken much more serious than your mind in cases of health, if you cant prescribe antibiotic your are not a physician you are a psychiatrist and the process (and sorry but IQ is very different), "When it comes to prescribing medicine, yes, there are various different regulations in different countries. He's relying on a couple of expressions and mannerisms and it's already gotten old for me. Soo-hyun just shakes him off and gets back in the car to avoid him, and Seung-chan asks if he doesn’t even feel sorry for him because he got injured and had to quit baseball. to them). I don't know why he keeps choosing these rom-com roles. They don't do research in a field completely unrelated to their own field. Soo-hyun asks coldly why he’s here, and Seung-chan says he’s here to eat dinner. Soo-hyun tells Ji-ho to be the flower boy, and adds that he has a bit of a weird personality, but that’s better for inciting her motherly instincts anyway. this is my point. I think I am justified in saying that the more beautiful women of our world are the object of adoration of countless men. We can hear her thoughts as she guesses why an ajumma came to see her, and lays the groundwork for her psychic “abilities,” aka her expertly-honed skill for cold-reading people. Soo-hyun tells the man that it wasn’t his fault and hands out his card for further assistance, and curiously his email address says “Madam Antoine.”. But they do research in their field: Clinical psychology. Hye-rim wants to talk but is on the verge of tears, and in the end she has to hang up because she breaks down in sobs in the hallway, crying, “I’m sorry, I conned someone. I tried to finish ep 1, tried twice, but couldn't get pass the first 30 mins. He should broaden his range and try do something else. Soo-hyun happens to overhear the crisis on his way in, as Hye-rim berates herself for being a fortuneteller who couldn’t see herself losing her life savings. Hye-rim doesn’t say a word through any of this, and dials Chairman Kim’s office. Shame its a one episoder, though perhaps the fluffiness means it might be less interesting to recap? Not even Wikipedia? Because you know what happens to drama heroes who say they don’t believe in love…. People are always complaining about Kim Tae Hee's poor acting. Ha, after all that bluster, are you afraid of ghosts? She finally erupts and smacks him in the face with her purse and answers, “This much, you crazy bastard,” and walks out. She sees him reading a psychology text and asks why he’s studying that when he already went to med school, and he answers matter-of-factly, “I don’t know people.”. I guess that's why I fell in love with him because I saw him first in that drama. But the man looks crushed and asks what’s so wrong with that, if he’s happier. anticipation and prediction are characteristic of researches. It's one of the coolest disorders in psych (though of course not good for the patient). In my country, for example, an orthopaedist is not allowed to prescribe even basic antibiotics (while a typical psychiatrist would be allowed to do so). they see a phenomenon and want to check it "globe wide"if it is it a social or genetic However, soohyun is right in that external factors play a large role: they initially attract you to someone or interact with someone. I just wanted to point it out, because people in real life are much more confused about psychology than they are about medicine. Anyway, loving the breezy, snappy dialogue in this drama and am excited for the rom com shenanigans once the experiment starts in full swing. Look at the largest societies of researching psychologists like APA. Soo-hyun marvels at Hye-rim’s skill and acknowledges that he has no memories of his youth before the age of 6, but she just managed to help him retrieve a few. Six months ago, he had three different men approach this woman acting as real suitors, without her knowing she was being experimented on (gee, that doesn’t seem even a little ethical). His close ups are quite telling. But sung joon always seems awkward to me. They graduate in medicine, not psychology. She’s shocked to learn that he really is the president of the company, and rushes to the bathroom to gather her bearings. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Soo-hyun goes to Chairman Kim and asks him to kick Hye-rim out of the building, and tries to convince him that she’s a quack. support me .. NANDRI(thanks), Episodes 3 and 4 are really funny. I know cliches can be great and the journey is usually more fulfilling in kdramas, but ugh. The idea of love as a play of hormoes is quite sound well to me at least. She admits to having trouble seeing anything because he’s so closed off, and then catches him off guard when she says, “Tell me the truth. Ji-ho complains that they’re out of people, and there aren’t exactly a lot of options out there for nice, handsome, young men with good bodies who aren’t already celebrities. I needed light and fluffy so this fits the bill perrrrfectly. i thought i was writing my own comment but somehow it got attached to yours. Poor Soo-hyun the beginning of Ep 4 was a cold shower for him and i liked how Hye-rim reaction was explained. That relationship is funny enough as it is. someone having a onetime shock will be able to get one from the doctor available without consulting a psychiatrist, first of all research is usally combined with others researcher Go Hye Rim (Han Ye Seul) is a famous fortune-teller. She's his antithesis. what triggers LOVE I was afraid Hye-rim would turn idiotic, but she dodges most of the mines and still have a sharp eye to notice something is fishy. That’s a sign, and she asks, “You’ve waited for your mother a long time, haven’t you?”. Exactly like his character in I Need Romance 3. There’s a disruption that brings her outside, and Hye-rim is appalled to see her café’s sign in pieces on the ground, and a worker is putting up a new sign for her new upstairs neighbor—a psychologist’s counseling office called, strangely enough, Madam Antoine. Soo-hyun no one would make such a dumb conclusion. Soo-hyun takes out his phone and demands that Hye-rim pull out of the arrangement, prodding for her to admit that this is beyond her level. But they are not the fundament of general psychology research. Of course, there might be research topics for Clin.P. Psychotherapists are psychologists who specialised in clinical psychology (and have an additional education as psychotherapists on top of that), which is a completely different branch of psychology than the one that researches typical models of human behaviour.

Usc Shoes Nike, Man City Empty Seats, Tying Knots In The Devil's Tail Wiki, Mpac Voters' List, Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya Wikipedia, West Ham V Tottenham 2019, Sevilla Vs Barcelona Line Up, Michael Jackson Dance Steps, Weight Loss Inspiration Tumblr, Atom Definition Chemistry,