The chemistry between Soo Hyun and Hye Rim is undeniable, and their kiss scenes definitely show it. Fighting! Because he deserves everything she can throw at him. If I am to end this on a positive note, I will say that “Madame Antoine” does not bore me. Soo Hyun brusquely says he is busy, and Hye Rim directs Ji Soo to be persistent. Meanwhile, Tae Hwa stays up late using Photoshop to insert his name into Soo Hyun’s diploma, then shows up at a meeting with two academics while claiming to be Soo Hyun. Wow.

Hye Rim stomps up to the clinic for the Great Confrontation. I was starting to pity poor Soo Hyun, though by the end, these feelings abruptly ceased. She’s distracted by co-worker (his name is Sung Oh), who’s making a drunken din after downing copious amount of wine by himself. Soo Hyun chases after Hye Rim and attempts to explain, but Hye Rim refuses to listen, and resorts to passive aggression.

that yes, he hid the objective because the true nature of the experiment has to do with how a man’s appearance effects a woman’s decision. Hah, when she watches him pulls out of the driveway in rapture, she begs herself to come to her senses, evidently besotted. Eee. Hye Rim has succeeded in leaving a note on her car’s windscreen before she leaves though, and they end up meeting at an external cafe instead. She’s finally sleepy after the meal, and we pan back to reality, where sure enough, she is asleep. Our resident psychologist fortune teller appraises his sincerity, telling her that she felt the sincerity today.

Nope, nothing much happened. Unbeknownst to her. Later, the woman requests a reading from Hye Rim, but what she really wants to learn is more about Soo Hyun. Worrying about Mi Ran’s cancer treatment, it is no wonder that passionate brain activity failed to materialize. But our heroine’s more concerned about Soo Hyun, who sits outside the cafe, not joining in the fun. Lucky for him (ha), he refuses, although he asks her about a classical song before she leaves. With their consistent lack of manners.

Madame Antoine is a lovely k-drama with romance, a hint of mystery and comedy. All content and images property of KdramaFighting unless otherwise noted. Soo Hyun announces that he is ceasing his experiment, and stays firm in his decision despite the pressure to provide results to the Chairman, as an investor in the study. In fact, just about everything else in this series has faded into a sideshow to Hye Rim’s outrageous schemes and behaviour. Hye Rim’s so elated she embraces him tightly, which shocks Seung Chan, but he reciprocates the hug warmly too, and the hug that for a while. Soo Hyun doesn’t lose his calm though, and turns her logic on her by questioning her low self-esteem instead. Yoo Rim is shocked by the age gap, and not in favour of helping them get together. He gets her to close her eyes and imagine a warm surrounding, replete with Soo Hyun cooking a delectible meal for her. She finally convinces her that she’s been sent by Marie Antoinette, who is concerned about her well-being. Heh, Soo Hyun got his wish after all, and ends up back to back with Hye Rim in adjoining cells. The next day, Hye Rim drops the pilot study video off at Chairman Gramps’, and probes into Soo Hyun’s specialisation while she’s at it. He hurries to clarify it, but she refutes that she hasn’t even asked whether it applies to her. Soo-hyun deserves everything he has coming to him (and probably more) with that ridiculous hypothesis of his and the deceptive (and unethical) way he is going about trying to prove it. He leaves his room glumly, and of course Seung Chan chooses this time to enter the clinic. Hye Rim witnesses Mi Ran’s obvious crush on Soo Hyun’s brother, Seung Chan (Jinwoon), and feels the need to share this secret with Yoo Rim.

Hye Rim also worries about his interview, and when he calls her, she hurriedly meets him at the porch. However, when Yoo Rim offers up candidates, Hye Rim either says they are not up to standard, or too tempting for him. He cannot visit her either, because she’s only allowed 3 visitors – and guess what, Yoo Rim, Ji Ho and Seung Chan makes 3.

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