Support for both the Liberals and the Parti Québécois dropped well below their historic baselines, while small left-wing Québec Solidaire broke out of its Montreal enclave. A live demographic breakdown of what the House of Commons looks like so far. The election results data comes from the Montreal Open Data Portal in the form of per-ballot-box results (number of votes per candidate) in a CSV file and per-ballot-box polygons in GeoJSON format: the catchment area for the households whose votes go into the box. In 2013 I made a map a couple of months after the election and it was considered so unusual it was talked about on the radio. Election results by riding on Montreal Island in the 2019 federal election. Here’s how. The party did well, too, in ridings with higher numbers of part-time workers. The 2017 edition of my interactive map of Montreal election results is now available, and I’m so pleased about the results it shows! Graphics by Darcy Hunter, with files from Marc Lajoie of Radio-Canada. Its population in 2006 was 95,711. The recent rise of an entrepreneurial culture in these ridings has coincided with increased support for the CAQ, a phenomenon we explored in more detail here. There was only a weak correlation in 2014 between CAQ vote-share and presence of trade workers in a riding. You can explore the detailed results of the 43rd Canadian election using our live map. But voter turnout in anglophone-heavy ridings dropped significantly, which hurt the party's popular vote score. There could be some overlap here, as part-time workers tend to be young and less wealthy. The party performed worse in these riding than in 2014. Canadian federal election 2019: Live results map and riding-by-riding vote counts. In order to get a better sense of why this happened we dove into the data and produced a few maps that help tell the story of the election. This tool also allows you to very simply add data to your polygons from a CSV file via a command-line argument. Find your riding and learn more about the candidates, and voting history of your area below. On the other hand, the CAQ did poorly in ridings with high numbers of recent immigrants. The 2019 election is a conflict between the ‘somewheres’ and ‘anywheres’, French-language federal leaders debate 2019 (English translation): Full replay. The dot map was neat but didn’t really for much interactivity and actually made it pretty hard to read the results accurately or, ironically, mentally map the data onto Montreal itself, for lack of landmarks. October 21, 2019. and see the underlying numbers displayed in a pie chart. Help us improve. Without further ado, here is the map I made, and this post explains a bit about the process. The Conservatives were close behind with 121 seats. (Canadian Press file photo/Graham Hughes). Code from this post is up on Github at nicolaskruchten/mtlelection2013bysection, my analysis of early voting for more details, Pivot Table of All 2017 Montreal Election Results, Map of All 2017 Montreal Election Results, Mapping Car2Go Vehicle Availability in Montreal, Direction Angrignon: a different kind of subway map, MTL Data: Montreal 311 Service Requests, an Analysis, Early Voting in the 2013 Montreal Election, Dot Map of 2013 Montreal Election Results, Near-Real-Time Election Results Dashboard. This map shows a high concentration of CAQ voters in ridings that have high concentrations of francophones, particularly in central Quebec and south of Quebec City. Canadian election results 2019: A riding-by-riding map of the vote Back to video First Reading Newsletter Stay informed this election (and beyond) … In fact, the Liberals improved their performance in ridings with large immigrant populations, compared to 2014. The Liberal Party has long been the go-to choice for Quebec's anglophones, and that didn't change on Monday. Without further ado, here is the map … St. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. While the party more than held its own in Montreal and Laval, it only won seven seats elsewhere. Tell us what you like and don't like about our online election coverage. This, perhaps, is not surprising given its controversial campaign promise to cut immigration levels by 20 per cent. They performed better in these ridings than in 2014. ET and 4 p.m. PT). This should make it easier to pick out geographic and socio-economic patterns. So I wrote a simple R script which uses the fantastic reshape2 library from another source of great visualization libraries Hadley Wickam to extract the subset of the CSV that I wanted: results for the top 4 mayoral candidates. Polls opened between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. local time across Canada Monday (you can confirm the time for your region on the Elections Canada site here). This was the first election in which Québec Solidaire garnered seats outside Montreal. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. It was known as Outremont—Saint-Jean from 1947 to 1966. To make these maps, the CBC compared election results in 2014 and 2018 to socio-demographic data from Quebec's chief returning officer (DGEQ), which is based on the 2016 census. One big factor that explains this breakout performance is the party's support among young people. 8 maps that explain Quebec's surprise election results, François Legault's CAQ swept to power by suburbs, rural regions and francophones, Quebec may just have had its most important election in 50 years, No more politics as usual in Quebec — and its industrial heartland may be the reason why, socio-demographic data from Quebec's chief returning officer (DGEQ), CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. Liberals have also, traditionally, been able to count on the support of immigrants. Many of these ridings, though, are located in Quebec's industrial belt, east of Montreal. For example, the strongest correlation coefficient, of -0.87, was found between Liberal vote share and proportion of francophones. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. MONTREAL — A Montreal company has unveiled what it boasts is the most accurate map of global methane concentrations ever made.On Wednesday, GHGSat unveiled Pulse, an interactive map … Jagmeet Singh’s secret weapon: The way he talks. You can revisit their coverage in the blog below. The Montreal municipal elections were just over two months ago but I played with the election results dataset over the holidays anyways as an excuse to play with a type of data I don’t normally have much to do with: geographical data.

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