That they are in dire trouble. Actor Roan Raftery explains: “I loved how Bevis felt like an outsider desperate to be involved in some way in helping his city without a clear path, without a clear understanding of how they could do that.

A badass air-pirate with a sweet airship.

(uncredited), Grease Monkey / And that was a process very new to me. When I visited the set of this Peter Jackson-produced, Christian Rivers-directed science fiction epic last year, I was able to learn all about this cast of characters and what the actors brought to them.

A swashbuckling archeologist with a checkered past. (uncredited), Rustwater Trader / Anti-Hero: He's a classical type. Salzhaken Man / (uncredited), Trading Cluster Water Carrier Of course, Tom’s adventure involves plummeting off the city of London alongside the woman who attempts to murder his hero, Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving) and learning some hard truths about the world in which he lives.

Company Credits

It’s the only life that makes sense.

And quite frankly, populating a fantastical world with fresh faces had worked out for producer Peter Jackson before with a little film series called The Lord of the Rings: “It was just finding those talented people who were just right, you know? (uncredited), Rustwater Trader /

After his near fatal stab wound he suffers from a weakened heart, something that ends up eventually killing him, Kills herself by running a knife through her heart after Tom dies from heart failure, Three times, if you consider he was originally supposed to die in a. She appears in all four books. That they’ve got starvation problems. This, director Christian Rivers told us, was by design.
As shown here, Grike was Stalker.

(uncredited), London Beefeater #1 As Katherine goes on her dark journey of discovery, she encounters and teams up with Bevis Pod, a member of the Guild of Engineers, the group tasked with keeping London operating and on the move.

Some of us are just desperate to be historians or history guild.

Like most of the citizens of London, Katherine Valentine has bought what her father was selling. He was killed in the destruction of London by MEDUSA.

Along with Hester, the central character of the story. (uncredited), Londoner /

Scuttlebug Captive

That’s a nice thing to be able to play.

What’s her deal?

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 by Jacob Hall. Tropes.

Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Young Mother And Hilmar wouldn’t have it any other way: “So, she’s become quite tough and sort of not social in any way. Thaddeus Valentine, a dashing and handsome Historian often idolised by younger Historians - though his less public image involves murder and thievery as an agent of London. I think it’s a relief to be able to play a female character that is…people can be worried sometimes about the female characters looking too rough and stuff like that, which I think is a shame.”.

A young historian who learns the awful truth about his home.

He has to commit himself to that act. Tier 2 Londoner

That’s what hurt her whole thing is. I mean, obviously, Pete and Fran have done that very well before. That’s the main thing, but she doesn’t have to go and figure all of the rest of this stuff out.”. (uncredited), London Policeman / He sees himself as the only person who can save civilization: “And Valentine is someone who really can see that tractionism – the era of tractionism is dead. But, no, I don’t see him as a villain and I don’t think it’s useful to see him as that.”. (uncredited), Tier 1 Londoner / Hester Shaw is one of the main characters of the Mortal Engines Quartet.

(uncredited), Salzhaken Navigator He spends most of the action scenes utterly terrified. Rustwater Trader And if Katherine finds herself a changed person after meeting Bevis, the same can be said of the young engineer: “It’s the only way to get through, to overcome any kind of prejudice is through communication. He’s protective of his city, which roams the desolate countryside, devouring smaller mobile cities for resources, because it’s the only life he knows. “It’s very hard to to bring in faces that are too recognizable to other universes, I think, you know?” he said.

And so she’s just not been in those situations, and as crazy as that can sound when you grow up on London, of course you think of course you’re going to pass a few homeless people or engineers and stuff […] I guess she’s aware, but she just did grow up in that way and she’s not horrible to people and the instinct is to help and she always wanted to help. He is on that trajectory and nothing, not even his daughter, is going to stop him.”.

I can’t talk about it because it’s so intuitive to us on set, but I think it’s their bond that allows them to see through each other’s past and the fact that they do become close quite quickly, which makes it not a big leap for us as actors to forget about a lot of that stuff and just begin to focus on the present.”, /Featured Stories Sidebar, Adaptation, Features, Sci-Fi, Universal, mortal engines, Water Cooler: Borat, Mulan, Seduced, Wind of Change, Les Diaboliques, Wolf, Friends, The Vow, Hades, Now Scream This: 10 Great Horror Shorts to Watch This Halloween, What Glen Keane Carried With Him From Disney, and From Life, for His Feature Directorial Debut ‘Over the Moon’ [Interview], The Key to Making ‘Once Upon a Snowman’ Was to “Let Olaf Be Olaf” [Interview], ‘Once Upon a Snowman’ Directors Explain How ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Inspired Their ‘Frozen’ Prequel Short [Interview], ‘Demon Slayer’ is a Visually Remarkable Action Anime About Not Losing Your Humanity, and Also Killing Monsters, Copyright © 2005-2019 /Film. (uncredited), Cossack /


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Because when we first meet Hester Shaw, she’s not in a talking mood. Filming & Production And actually, the truth of what’s underneath it is, you know…he’s a scavenger.”.

“I think Hester is completely feral and she does not communicate in the same way as I would or we would sort of in general,” actress Hera Hilmar explained.

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