This technique rarely -if ever- stops a fight but they do hurt and the effect adds up over the course of a fight. They use their superior clinch prowess to trap opponents into relentless knee strikes. They will continue to come forward. This contrasts the muay femur style that relies on being creative with distance and maintaining distance. He trained under the esteemed Kru Diesel who was Trainer of the Year in 2014. Knee strikes are made with the pointed knee or the inner part of the knee joint. The beautiful and technical muay femur style, the hard punching style of muay may and the relentless forward pressuring muay khao style. Below are some of the muay khao specialists who are also some of the greatest fighters and champions in muay thai. He fought everyone at the top with wins over fellow, To know more about Petchboonchu, read this exclusive interview: “, Hero Behind The Scenes: Kru Diesel FA Group, The Ultimate Diamond: Petchboonchu FA Group, Songfangkhong FA Group: A Child of Destiny, Where to watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok (2020), Where to Buy Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok 2020, Top 10 Muay Thai Fighters You Should Know, Understanding Muay Thai Rules and Scoring, Top Female Muay Thai Fighters To Watch Now (2020). Yothin FA Group is the gym’s current top fighter and frequently number one-ranked fighter at Rajadamnern Stadium. Muay khao fighters such as Yodkhunpon and Yodwicha are also known for exploiting the close distance and suffocating attacks with multiple and damaging elbows. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some Muay Khao’s take advantage of the close-range fighting in the clinch to sneak in some elbow attacks. It is not flashy and it’s not a style known for knocking people out. Muay thai is a lot more than meets the eye. Muay Khaos are the smothering fighters. Are you a Muay Thai beginner? It is a stunning and aggressive move guaranteed to get fans excited. That’s not all. He earned the nickname of “Sky-piercing knees” for his widely-feared long-range knee strikes. Nicknamed The Knee Computer for his knee attacking precision, Chamuakpetch Harpalung is one of the most-decorated fighters in Muay Thai history. Strong, incredibly durable, and relentless; a Muay Khao is a specialist in the clinch, and without question, a force to be feared and reckoned with.Operating at their best and most effective in closer ranges and in the clinch, Muay Khao fighters are usually the most physically conditioned type of Muay Thai fighters. These are slammed into the ribs with or without engaging in the clinch. If you were caught in his clinch, it was like being coiled in a python’s squeeze and crushed by his relentless knees. But Dieselnoi was much more than his gifted physical attributes. A phenom in muay thai, Yowicha became Omnoi and Lumpinee Champion at the young age of 16. Today, the focus is on the masters of the clinch, the Muay Khao. His legacy is already cemented as one of the best ever clinchers in muay thai with wins against Saenchai, Petchboonchu and Sam-A. Lethwei vs Muay thai: More Similar than Different? Here are some of the knee techniques use by Muay Khao’s: The straight knee is the classic knee strike in the Muay Thai repertoire. What then? To know more about Petchboonchu, read this exclusive interview: “The Ultimate Diamond“. Chamuakpetch is also the 1985 Fighter of the Year, an honor reserved for the very best in the sport. ul.Irzykowskiego 1A (Zespół Szkół nr. What exactly is Muay Khao? In this time the crucial aspects of body weight placement, grips and off balancing and escaping the clinch are perfected. This backward countering action and using angles are key traits of the femur fighter that are crucial against muay khao style. They employ mid- or long-range knee techniques for the best results. This is also the reason why muay khao vs muay femur make great match ups as the contrast between strength and pressure and movement and technique make for an entertaining spectacle. Pressure, strength, force, relentlessness and insitency are some of the words that can be used to described muay khao. Knee fighters are not just one-trick clinch ponies. So Muay Khao (Thai: มวยเข่า) translates as “Knee boxing”. After being undefeated Lumpinee champion for four years, Dieselnoi at only 25 was forced to retire due to a lack of opponents as nobody was willing to fight him. Alternatively, switch stance or slide the front leg to the back to execute a straight knee. The technique is used most effectively with the clinch where the opponent is held at a distance locked in the clinch. The muay khao fighter wants to take away distance. This powerful blow often takes the air out of an opponent when properly executed. This knee maneuver is thrown with the rear leg for power. All Rights Reserved. Popularized of late by and named after the up-and-coming female fighter, Supergirl Jaroonsak, this is a very powerful knee strike. We shall, therefore, utilize the jab of the lower body. Learn how your comment data is processed. He fought everyone at the top with wins over fellow golden era legends like Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, Oley Kiatoneway, Kongthoranee Payakaroon and even the GOAT himself, Samart Payakaroon. He subsequently retired due to a lack of opponents to contest with. Muay Khao is a style of fighting in Muay … Well, then we fake them and smash them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is little doubt that this 1982 Fighter of the Year is the best Muay Khao ever. The art of Muay Thai extends to Muay Boran, and from Muay Boran, it extends out even further. In order to face a muay khao fighter, escaping their grips and their biggest weapon – the clinch – is crucial. The term is used to refer to the style of fighting as well as a Muay Thai fighter who favors the knee fighting style. In the rock-paper-scissors Muay Thai formula, knees can effectively beat kicks and punches. Khao Loi have often been used as finishers. A lesser known golden era legend, Lamnammoon is a well-respected champion in the Muay Thai scene even to this day. But Muay Thai knee strikes are more varied than what most people think. However, like how boxing has the counter-puncher, brawler, boxer-puncher, etc., Muay Thai has many fighting styles of its own as well. Lamnammoon took advantage of his lanky frame and long legs, overpowering many of his opponents by a relentless clinch-and-knee style. In a recent ONE Championship title defense, Petchmorakot delivered a skilled performance to defeat Yodsanklai Fairtex. Petchboonchu is a legend of the modern era and renowned clinch-and-knee specialist. →, How to Learn & Train Muay Thai at Home for Free. It can also be used to encourage the opponent to dislodge from the clinch when in a less dominant position. Muay Thai is as mixed as any martial art can be. However, the Muay Khaos do have weaknesses that may be exploited. A relentless hunter, the muay khao fighter will not let up until they get a hold of you and unleash their power and strength by tangling you up in the clinch. The leaping move targets the head for maximum effect. Get Muay Thai tips, videos & techniques sent straight to your inbox! The Muay Khao fighting style is one that is more notable in scoring favorably in the elite Muay Thai scene. He has three notable wins over one of the pound for pound greats, Saenchai in the classic muay khao vs muay femur match up. Muay Thai Citizen - For Everything Muay Thai and Kickboxing, Muay Khao images courtesy of Kyle Ching: Think of a BJJ guy who wants to take you down to the ground where they are comfortable. In short, it’s not fun. The Petchyindee fighter excels not only with his knee techniques but is also a complete, well-rounded Nak Muay. You may think of them as the terminator mixed with an octopus. The essential take away points in terms of strategy are valid against any muay khao fighter and include: The clinch game in muay thai is a whole art in and of itself. Known in Thai as “Khao Loi” (เข่าลอย), the flying knee is a fan-favorite move as it is a sight to behold and causes considerable damage. The mindset of the muay khao fighter is that they “cannot be interrupted” – no matter what. They are one of the most well-conditioned fighters with exceptional cardio and muscular endurance. Despite not getting a shot at any of the major stadium titles, he is always one to watch for. He was a master -and monster- in the clinch, beating everyone from Singdam Kiatmoo9 to Nong-O Kaiyanghadao  to Saenchai. Muay Khao fighters are also known to win fights and belts in the grand stadiums of Bangkok. Muay Khao is a style of fighting in Muay Thai that centers around knee strikes. Muay Thai techniques often mimic weapons like swords and daggers, as they originated for the battlefields. ©2020 Fiji Muay Thai 48) Warszawa-jelonki 797 756 654 539 056 102 Dominance over the opponent rather than a point scoring attack is essential to the muay khao game. He held a total of 9 elite-level titles including . Straight knee is the first knee technique taught to Muay Thai beginners. The ability to move back in balance and throw accurate counter attacks are a key skill needed to face the muay khao fighter. Yodkhunpon earned the name pran sok roi khem or Elbow Hunter of 1000 Stiches. Here we take a look at six of the most renowned knee fighters of all-time: Dieselnoi is considered by many to be one of the -if not the- greatest Muay Thai fighters of all-time. It is not so much as typical Muay Khao move and generally not a frequent maneuver in Muay Thai.

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