The angel is the odd one out because it's the only one that might fly. Therefore 64 is different from the rest. 2. The words are provided in groups and you are asked to pick out the odd word or the odd group.

Answer & Explanation Listen Odd One Out Quiz Answers (not on printable version) The following are example answers as it’s possible to have more than one correct answer if it is justified with a valid reason.

1st row - Juice is the odd one out as it is a liquid drink. Explanation: Except Cashew, all others are... 1. Mango For example, which of these words is the odd one? 4. C. books. Other items belong to … 1. Sol: Option 3 In some versions of Odd Man Out, there is only one correct answer, although it shouldn’t be too obvious.

A. study.

As you can see, such answers could be debated. 2nd row - Carrot is the odd one out as it belongs to the vegetable family. Motorcycle Let us see the options one by one. A) Caustic B) Brazen C) Vitriolic D) Mordant Answer: This will tell you that there are no shortcuts to a good vocabulary. 3.

Take, for example: dog, cat, donkey, dragon. 3. Vitriolic means something that is bitter or u… Cashew Let us see some examples. 19) A Bar Tab stop is the odd one out because it doesn't position text. The answer could be dragon (because it is the … Q: Pick the option that doesn’t belong to the following classification. Jeep

4. Sol: Option 2

Guava Choose the odd one out . The log pile is the odd one out because all the others are single items. Banana

DIRECTIONS for questions 1-10: In each of following questions, four words have been given of which three are alike in some way and one is different. Swim Here is a selection of possible answers: The angel is the odd one out because all the others could catch fire. B. work. 1.

Walk 2. Other items are snacks and solid ones. Caustic means something that is corrosive, a mordant. 2.

These questions are based on the straightforward word-meaning logic.

Bicycle D. achieve (Answer: books; the others are/can be verbs-- things a student DOES, not what he uses.) 20) Strangers would always ask if he belonged to my family as he was the odd one out. 1. Answer & Explanation 1. 3.

Boy - Different gender 28; 14; 49; 64; Solution.

(4): Except 64, all the rest number 28, 14 and 49 are divisible by 7 while 64 is not divisible by 7. odd one out. Example 13. Find out the odd one out.

Explanation: Except bicycle rest require fuel.

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