Content aimed at supporting educators with insights, strategies and tools. And that's what this MPI data measures, which is it looks at the collective sales of the major six publishers in the industry. Obviously, we got the transformation savings this year coming through GBP60 million as well and then the GBP50 million worth of cost savings going into next year.

Telephone: (+ 44) 20 7302-2300 The management philosophy was to develop and extend the core businesses through local management. . 5. So I think that's what's happening. Longman by acquisition and organic expansion, emerged as a major publisher of professional, educational, medical, and general reference publications. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Good morning. In the 1950s, the general strategy of Pearson, which from 1954 was under the chairmanship of the Third Lord Cowdray, was to concentrate on well-defined sectors and within them build up specialist niche businesses producing quality products, with much decision-making devolved to local management. And so I think we can be pretty sure that every possible effort is going to be made to ensure that exams take place in some form or another next year. Please go ahead Nick, your line is now open. In an attempt to boost U.S. sales of its Financial Times newspaper, Pearson began heavily investing in advertising and printing, hoping to capitalize on the paper’s global business coverage—coverage that its competitors lacked.

Web site: [6][7][8] The company also built the Admiralty Harbour at Dover, the Halifax Dry Dock in Canada, the East River Railway Tunnels in New York City, the Mexican Grand Canal that drained Mexico City, the Tehuantepec Railway in Mexico, and railways and harbours around the world.

And it's also made special by the passion and commitment of all the people who follow it. A succession of other government-owned or sponsored projects followed—the £3 million conversion of Vera Cruz harbor into a modern seaport; the £2.5 million reconstruction of the Tehuantepec Railway and its associated terminal ports, linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; and the Salina Cruz harbor and docks, at £3.3 million.

So first of all, when looking at progress in North American courseware, there still have a pretty strong structural drag in Q3 between enrollment decline, which we don't exactly know yet and the revenue growth you delivered. Please go ahead. And so we feel confident that there is nothing changed from what we've told you previously.

Whether you have five students or 500, MyLab and Mastering can help you deliver the outcomes you aspire to. Thanks Sally. . Stay abreast of the latest trends in education through our blog and social media channels.

The first question is going back to your secondary recapture opportunity, which was about 10 million pairs in units and it was the sort of 400 million that Tom drew out there, that's only about 13% of a roughly $3 billion secondary market. Can you please explain the difference, is that capacity constraint that didn't enable you to absorb all the -- [Speech Overlap]. Wiltshire SN3 1RE

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