However, unlike tropical shrimp trawls, the cone-shaped otter trawls employed have been modified so they don’t scrape the seafloor. They have a short life span, usually less than 2 years, and are often referred to as an “annual crop.” Pink shrimp are able to reproduce when they reach about 3.3 inches long. This raises the possibility that shrimp recruitment, especially in southern Oregon, may become more variable in the future, underscoring the need to maintain consistent fishery monitoring and sampling. For more information, please contact sustainable fisheries at 727-824-5305, Spotted shrimp, Hopper, Pink spotted shrimp, Brown spotted shrimp, Grooved shrimp, Green shrimp, Pink night shrimp, Red shrimp, Skipper, Pushed shrimp, New England/Mid-Atlantic, Skimmer trawls have been exempted from TED requirements if they operate with alternative tow time restrictions meaning that the trawl times cannot exceed 55 or 75 minutes during specific times during the year. Juveniles inhabit nursery areas with marsh grasses and may overwinter in estuaries where they will bury deep in the sand and mud to protect themselves from the cold. FishChoice, Inc. (FCI) is a registered 501(c)(3) environmental nonprofit founded in 2008 that envisions a thriving and sustainable global seafood industry. Currently no new permits are being issued to prevent an increase in the number of boats participating in the fishery. Because they reside primarily in deep water, cold water shrimp do not ingest mud or sand, giving them clearer veins than those of warm water shrimp. These shrimp are tender and mild with sweet-tasting flesh in their tails. This species typically has a dark-colored spot on each side between their third and fourth abdominal segments. Gulf pink shrimp start reproducing when they reach around 3.3 inches long and spawning periods can vary from one location to another – in North Carolina waters, spawning lasts from late spring to July and in Florida, pink shrimp will spawn multiple times, with a peak lasting from April to July. Additionally, the pink shrimp fishery is subject to federal regulations outlined in the West Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan to protect groundfish stocks and essential fish habitat. In 1981, the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) created a draft fisheries management plan for pink shrimp.

While it is thought that these efforts have generally reduced bycatch, bycatch levels in both the artisanal and industrial fleets in the Gulf of Mexico are still thought to be high. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife drafted a management plan for Oregon’s pink shrimp trawl fishery. Newly hatched shrimp travel to their estuarine nursery habitats in late spring and early summer, propelled by shoreward currents.

A very small number of pink shrimp fishermen use traps and pots. In recent years, information has been gathered on the behavior and migration of larvae and juvenile pink shrimp. Gulf pink shrimp are crustaceans with five pairs of slender, long walking legs, and five pairs of swimming legs that are located on the front of the abdomen. Gear configurations vary state by state. A 2011 study published in Fisheries Oceanography off southern Oregon suggests that poor shrimp recruitment in 2000 and 2002-2004 in that area may be due to a northward shift in weather conditions, leading to strong spring and summer upwelling winds. U.S. wild-caught pink shrimp is a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations. In an effort to reduce bycatch of finfish, shrimpers operating in the state waters of Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina must install bycatch reduction devices (BRDs). Frozen cooked and peeled shrimp are always sold glazed (a 5% glaze is the industry average). They are also required to use turtle extruder devices (TEDs) that are designed to prevent turtle deaths.

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