(a) Additional Conditions and Limitations. Contact our Trust & Safety team at (+44-8081-698525) or [email protected]
By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. The Rover Guarantee reimburses members of our community for costs arising from certain injuries or damages that occur during a service booked and paid through Rover. The purpose of the Rover Guarantee is to promote user confidence in, and increase use of, the Rover Service. Rover's Booking Protection . Losses not directly caused by a Responsible Party’s acts or omissions, including without limitation consequential damages, special damages, interruption of business, opportunity costs, loss of use, or loss associated with unauthorized access to data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Rover will have no liability to Pet Owners, Service Providers or any other person because of any inspection or failure to inspect. If you are unable to reach an agreement with the responsible party and don’t have insurance to cover costs arising from an injury or damage covered under the Rover Guarantee, you can submit a claim for reimbursement as outlined below. Currency, money, precious metal, securities or negotiable instruments.

(h) Rover Guarantee Local Contact Information: By providing my e-mail address, I consent to receive marketing communications from Rover.com and its affiliates. Physical or personal injury or damage to Service Providers, Pet Owners or their respective roommates or families. Every new Land Rover vehicle is covered by a New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Crops, timber, or other natural or cultivated features of the land.

(This means that costs arising from injuries or damages sustained during a pre-Booking “meet & greet”, or any other service not subject to a Booking are not eligible for reimbursement.). The waiver of any such right or provision will be effective only if in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of Rover. When you submit a claim for reimbursement under the Rover Guarantee, you agree to use your best efforts to communicate honestly and transparently with Rover (or its agents), including by promptly providing documentation or information reasonably requested by Rover to assist with its review process (including information regarding applicable insurance, such as homeowners or renters policies). The process may vary. Rover offers the Rover Guarantee for all services booked through Rover. Rover also reserves the right to modify the Rover Guarantee to the extent required to comply with applicable law, including in the event that a regulatory authority determines that Rover must obtain any license or other governmental permission to provide the Rover Guarantee. Please provide all potentially relevant documentation, including: Please note, we may require you to provide proof of claim submission with your homeowners insurance, or a documented police report to move forward with a claim. Damage, injury or other loss or claim arising in any way from automotive liability, including loss arising from any car or other vehicular accident or incident. We're here for both owners and sitters, and we take concerns from both parties seriously. THE ROVER GUARANTEE IS NOT INSURANCE. The injuries or damages must result from care provided during a Rover stay or walk, and the Guarantee reimburses in the event the sitter or walker is unwilling or unable to pay those costs.

We'll always do our best to come to a fair resolution. In certain cases, the Guarantee may also be used to reimburse for injuries to resident pets owned by sitters or dog walkers. (d) You must notify Rover of your claim via applicable local telephone number or email address (as indicated in the table at the end of these Guarantee Terms) during the Booking (or, if later, within 48 hours following the injury or damage). The Rover Guarantee exists to fill the gap when the responsible party—usually the pet care provider—is unable or unwilling to pay for costs arising from damage or injury attributable to his or her negligence, and when insurance is not available. Electronic Data, meaning audio or video recordings, photographs, drawings, records, manuscripts, data, information, files, facts, programs or other materials stored in digital or electronic format, whether in computer software, systems application software, disk, CD-ROM, tapes, drives, cells, data processing devices, cloud storage, or any other media. Rover services may be impacted in your area due to COVID-19. Pet Owners and Service Providers may benefit from the Rover Guarantee, which is subject to these Terms and Conditions (the “Guarantee Terms”). Have a question about filing a claim? We offer the Guarantee because we believe that being there for our community is a fundamental part of what it means to be The Dog People. A claim for reimbursement of expenses arising from damage to Pet Owner property is subject to the following additional conditions and limitations: A minimum contribution of $250 is required per request-related incident, payable by the Pet Owner, for damage to the Pet Owner’s property. What if there was an issue during a past stay? Rover may condition final payment of costs under the Rover Guarantee on execution of a Guarantee Settlement Agreement, including a release of claims against Rover or any other applicable party and an obligation to keep confidential the reimbursement amount and circumstances. Ordinary wear and tear, meaning deterioration that occurs under normal use and conditions. (e) Amendment; Termination. Once we've received these documents, Rover’s claims team will review to determine eligibility. Rover does not verify whether Service Providers have obtained insurance, and Pet Owners are advised to inquire directly with Service Providers about this subject. Rover Guarantee Terms and Conditions, which are part and parcel of Rover's Terms of Service. These Guarantee Terms apply in addition to Rover’s Terms of Service (the “Rover TOS”) and other terms and policies set forth on the Rover Service. The following are not eligible for reimbursement under this Section 3: (c) Key Definitions. Simply put, the Rover Guarantee is our commitment to you in the rare instance that something goes wrong during a booking. Only costs incurred for treatment provided within 30 days following the date of the injury are eligible for reimbursement. Rover requires that owners and sitters attempt to work together with regard to refunds for services, so before filing a reimbursement claim, try contacting the other party through your Rover inbox as your first step. Rover inbox. Covered Losses for Third Party Injury. Only expenses arising from damages incurred during the Booking and paid for remediation occurring within 30 days after the Booking are eligible for reimbursement. The Rover Guarantee reimburses members of our community for costs arising from certain injuries to the Rover pet or resident pet that occur during a service booked and paid through Rover. Each Requesting Party agrees to produce or make available for inspection, at such reasonable times and places as may be designated by Rover or any claims administrator or agent, all evidence of loss, damage, cost, ownership or other claim-related information.
If, during the service period for a Booking, a Pet Owner instructs, authorizes or otherwise causes a Service Provider to relinquish the Pet Owner's pet to a third party, reimbursement for injuries or damages that occur during that Booking also will be unavailable. (d) Offset; Subrogation. TO THE EXTENT ANY ROVER USERS DESIRE PROTECTION BEYOND THE SCOPE OF THE ROVER GUARANTEE, THEY MUST PURCHASE INSURANCE THAT WILL PROVIDE SUFFICIENT COVERAGE. (a) Inspection of Loss. Any form of automotive vehicle, including without limitation automobile, aircraft or watercraft. Loss due to intentional or criminal acts, including theft. Reimbursement for veterinary care is limited to a total amount of, Reimbursement for pet owner property damage or third-party injuries is limited to, All reimbursements are subject to a minimum contribution of, all veterinary treatment notes and invoices from a board-certified practicing veterinarian, a timeline of expected care if additional treatment is needed, any photos, additional receipts, and other relevant documents, receipts or other proof of ownership or fair market value.

A claim for reimbursement of expenses arising from Third Party injury is subject to the following additional conditions and limitations: 6. (b) Payment for the Booking during which the injury or damage occurred must exceed $10 per service date and must be completed via the Rover Service. The Land Rover extended warranty increases the coverage of your car from four years or 50,000 miles to 10 years or 100,000 miles.Just like the limited warranty… Go here for information on those regulations. To see what cookies we serve and set your own preferences, please review our Cookie Policy. Damage to property of the Service Provider (or anyone related to, living with or providing care on behalf of the Service Provider). Rover's garden products are also built to last. Privacy Policy. Capitalized terms used above in this Section 3 have the following meanings: 4. These documents will play a key role in the review process. In many cases, Rover’s Trust & Safety team (+44-8081-698525) Though it's rare, occasionally a sitter or dog walker may need to cancel at the last minute. For this reason, we ask both sitters and pet owners to notify us as soon as possible after an incident occurs—and in any event no later than 48 hours after the booking. To learn more about the Rover Guarantee, including more details on what's covered, minimum contributions and limits, check out our. (c) Claim Settlement. Rover Guarantee Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise defined in these Guarantee Terms, all capitalized terms will have the meaning set forth in the Rover TOS. Damage, injury or other loss arising from a Service Provider’s care of any Third Party animal(s) alongside a Pet Owner’s pet during a Booking. Reimbursement is limited to $1,000,000 per occurrence/incident (the “Limit”). Injuries resulting from (or from a recurrence of) a Pre-Existing Condition, Breed-Specific Condition, Chronic Condition, Orthopedic Condition, Undetermined Cause Illness, Preventable Illness or Proptosis (as such terms are defined in Subsection (c) below). We'll work as quickly as possible with hopes of resolving all claims within 14 days of receiving all appropriate documentation. (g) The Rover Guarantee does not extend to the following: (h) The Rover Guarantee is subject to the Rover TOS.

(b) Legal Compliance. Simply put, the Rover Guarantee is our commitment to you in the rare instance that something goes wrong during a booking. Rover reserves the right to offset or deduct from amounts payable to you any amounts it may have or obtain from any other person or entity obligated to compensate for Covered Losses. This Warranty covers every genuine part or accessory purchased from a Land Rover Approved Service Centre, Land Rover Approved Service Centre, or Land Rover Approved Parts Distributor.

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