A subspecies of ski bum and powder hound. Skating: Flat ground technique used by pushing with alternate feet to glide on the snow. Run Out: The flat area at the end of a ski slope that allows you to decelerate. Downhill Ski: The ski that is furthest down the slope while traversing across. Eagle – An aerial with arms and legs spread apart. Includes sidecountry, slackcountry, and backcountry. Looks like Styrofoam BBs and is also called snow pellets or soft hail.

(Also known as wedge or pizza). Moguls look a bit like tiny pyramids made of snow. Indy grab – Snowboarding trick in which rider uses their back hand to grab the middle of the board, between their toes, while turning backside. In fact, they are embarrassing. That is one seriously sendy couloir.”, “Looks like we’re going to need to go full send.”. Commonly during a snowstorm or low hanging clouds. Otherwise you might be lost in a base lodge conversation or worse, embarrass yourself. 2) A device used to remove excess wax and snow from a snowboard or ski. Come on. Angulation: When the lower body is tilted inside the turn to gain edge angle on the skis, the upper body will move towards the outside of the turn, creating a ‘banana shape. Advent of ski brakes dramatically reduced use among skiers, though some still use powder leashes on deep days when skis could get lost in the snow. Bunny slope – Also called a bunny hill, this is an easy, green circle trail at a ski resort, typically located at the base, where newbies and kids learn to ski and snowboard. Mondopoint: Standard European measurement that is frequently used for ski boot sizing.

Avalanche Beacon: A ski safety device worn by skiers going off-piste. Line: The route you choose to ski down the mountain. All-Mountain Ski: This is a common type of ski that is designed to perform in every mountain environment – including on and off piste. Please check your email for further instructions. Though they do look so sweet.

Avalanche probe: gear you hope to never use for real.

Useful if there’s been heavy snowfall. Powder Hound – A skier who’s addicted to powder (the snow variety, not cocaine). Off-piste lines, weaving between trees, steep runs in the back country; you name it, this lot are probably up for it. Corn snow – Condition common in spring in which melting and freezing causes the snow to resemble kernels of white corn.

Tuck – Aerodynamic position assumed by skiing racers that involves bending knees and holding hands in front of face to minimize wind drag.

However, a snow bunny is a cutely dressed lady who lacks great ski ability. 2) To set off high explosives as part of avalanche control. Sendy. Salopettes – Salopettes and ski pants are waterproof trousers, purposed for snow sports, that keep you warm and dry while skiing. Snow cornice: beautiful but potentially deadly. So let’s shed a little light on some ski and snowboard terms floating about the slopes, so that you aren’t caught being a complete “joey” or committing other ski pet peeves.

Also known as the International Ski Federation. Also used to describe the width of a powder ski. In some cases, refers to a speedy descent but in other contexts suggests an easy, low-effort run.

Cold smoke – The plume of low, light-density snow that trails behind a skier or snowboarder. Massif – A compact group of mountain summits, especially when set apart from other peaks. Stomp pad – A device affixed to a snowboard that helps dislodge snow from the bottom of a boot and maintain traction while the rider’s boot is out of the binding and resting on the board (e.g., while unloading a lift). Ski bunny – A female skier, sometimes one who is more concerned with her fashion than her turns. Shred – A term used by skiers and snowboarder of a good standard, to describe the action of skiing or snowboarding.

(Also known as moguls). This ski term means ‘corridor’ in French. Powder Hound – A skier who’s addicted to powder (the snow variety, not cocaine). Snow Canon: A machine that creates man-made snow by turning water vapour into snow crystals. Skier’s right – Description of the area to the right of a skier (or snowboarder) as they head and look downhill. With over 107 medals won, including 40 golds, Norway are the undisputed kings of cross country skiing at the Olympics. 2) A waterproof or water-resistant jacket. Both of the skier’s boots are attached to the same plank, rather than two separate ones. Tree skiing – Skiing in a glade or forest, hopefully around the trees and not into the trunks or branches. Often during a cloudy day or when the sun starts to set. Fartbag – A one-piece ski suit, also known as a onsie. DIN settings – Measure on bindings that indicates the torque required to release the skier’s boot during a fall. Reverse fall line does not mean to ski back up the trail; it indicates a trail slopes off to the right or left at an angled making it trickier than a straight graded descent. This pattern resembles the lines seen on corduroy fabric. Secret stash – An area of untracked powder that is known only to the skier or snowboarder (or so they think). Twin Tips – Great for freestyle. I’ve consulted a variety of sources, including books, online glossaries, instructional articles, and general purpose dictionaries. They’re effectively a moving conveyor belt that skiers and snowboarders stand on, in order to ascend a piste. Cirque – A bowl-like feature, often said to resemble an amphitheater, caused by glacial erosion. (Also known as bumps). Bowl – A large, open basin that is frequently above treeline and devoid of obstacles. Aerial tramway – Also called a cable car, aerial tram or tram, this type of lift is larger than a gondola and relies on a three-rope design in which two cables support the car and the other provides propulsion. Designed to allow skiers to ski backwards without catching the rear of the skis.

Because these are not regulated ski zones, and the snow is not really managed as such, the avalanche risk is increased. “I’m getting quite bitter because I can’t butter better.”. Champagne powder – Light, low-density snow. From ski bum slang to ski instructor jargon, there are so many ski terms to try and get your head around. Ski Area: The total mountain area that is marked for skiing. Treeline – Area on a mountain where trees stop growing due to harsher environmental conditions. See also shred the gnar. To prevent horrific leg-breaking injuries, it’s important that the DIN is pretty spot on. Each “arrow” in the quiver is a different style of ski for certain conditions, such as powder, backcountry, and piste. Snow farm – A ski area that depends on artificial, manmade snow. Deepen your knowledge and love for snow sports by opting-in for our email newsletter, subscribing to our RSS feed, and connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Not to be mistaken with those things you see floating around the canals of Venice (also called ‘gondolas’). Huck – To launch off a cliff, cornice, or other precipice.

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