Knuckles is red colored echidna and friendly rival of sonic. You can download sonic character logo images and sonic transparent pictures from the following collection. She follows her own strict rules of discipline.

She is a friend of Chao and has a companion as Cheese another friend of Chao.

Mighty is a red armadillo and only one peaceful character in the Sonic Game franchise.

Your entry to this webpage suggests that you are fond of playing video games. She has an interest in Knuckles.

It is the only villain who can give a closet fight to sonic. The character of sonic is a symbol of enjoyment, Freedom, Loyalty, Justice, and confidence. He doesn’t care about his life in order to save others’ life.

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Everyone tried playing this game during their vacation period at least once. Check out the beautiful pictures of cream the rabbit. Sonic is a blue-colored hedgehog, a main leading character of an entire game franchise “Sonic The Hedgehog”.

Sonic has a special power of running with very high speed like the wind. Sega made sonic as their mascot character in the 90s after releasing the first game part of this series. Knuckles the echidna character is designed and developed by Takashi Yuda. He is Sonic’s rival and can run at extreme speed like sonic.

Metal Sonic is made by Doctor Eggman to kill Game Hero Sonic. She only fights with the leader of the allies. Here, we have provided a collection of images of miles tails power.

She transforms herself into Burning Blaze, a special power to control the fire by using Sol Emeralds. She can also run at supersonic speed as like as sonic.

He is the main rival of Sonic and his friends.

We provided all the sonic game characters images in this section. The basic concept of the Sonic franchise is to stop Dr. Robotnik from destroying the world by game hero sonic who can run and jump at high speed. Metal Knuckles is Knuckle’s robotic copy in all way including power.

He is so peaceful that he only uses his power or skill when there is no option remain to defend him in case someone attacked him. Miles Tails Prower is a young fox who uses his two tails to fly in the air like a helicopter. Sonic the Hedgehog Club Join New Post.

The success of the Sonic game led Sega to become the biggest video gaming company at that time.

He is created artificially as the shadow of the main character of the game Sonic as in a combination of black and red colors. Sega created many sequels during the 90s.

Silver the hedgehog is a silver-colored hedgehog who wants to stop his world from being destroyed in the future. Amy rose is a hedgehog of pink color in the game series.


If you are looking for sonic the hedgehog png images, we provided it in this article. You can imagine how much sonic game got success by this fact. Sonic the Hedgehog Images on Fanpop. If you are searching for images of metal sonic, your query gets resolved here.

He captured by doctor Eggman a long time ago and confined at his jail.

Sonic and his ally stop him from such tasks every time whenever they found it. Sonic and his friend helped mighty to escape from jail. Sonic Character is designed and created by Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima.

She has only one goal in his life to marry with sonic. It has the same power and ability as knuckles. To attack an enemy, he rolls into a ball and smashes his powerful fists.

He is avid of traveling and has only one goal in mind to go on a tour of the world. There is also an incorporation of sonic the hedgehog female characters.

Knuckles The Echidna Pictures.

She is a treasure hunter and searches jewels which she wants. He has the ability to use the mind to move anything he wants. She can attack an enemy by using her weapon known as Piko Piko Hammer. Doctor Eggman is a crazed scientist who wants to rule over the world by making his own Empire. You can easily download metal knuckles image from below.

He lives in a floating island named Angel Island. This section helps you out to download images of Doctor Eggman PNG.

Metal Sonic is a cold-blooded killer who fights with sonic and his allies often. He does anything in order to feel excitement and adventure. Doctor Eggman made metal knuckles in order to attack Knuckles the same way as metal sonic. She is working as a spy for the government. You don’t, I guess.

Knuckles is red colored echidna and friendly rival of sonic.

Font of Sonic is also quite popular for making banners or kid related studies. Well, in that case, we provided that details too along with sonic png images so that your memory of your childhood gets refreshed. He can also become super tails by using super emeralds. Here is the list of knuckles the echidna png. He is fond of eating mint candy and has a fear of lights. She is a friend of sonic and helped him in the past to stop doctor Eggman’s evil plans.

The character of Dr Eggman is designed and developed by Naoto Ohshima. His aim … She always stays with sonic in order to make sure he is safe. Instead of finding anywhere, you can just download from the below link. The character of Tails designed and created by Yasushi Yamaguchi the main designer of Sonic Team. Find out pictures of silver the hedgehog from below. Do you know who made a classic sonic game or why 90’s children were mad behind this game?

So, download the images of mighty armadillo transparent images. We listed high- quality images of blaze the cat here. Cream always follow manner taught by his mother vanilla. He has the ability to control time and space using the power of chaos emerald.

The ability to move and climb up on walls makes him a dominating warrior.

Sonic the Hedgehog PNG – All you need to know. It is a robotic version of sonic in all ways. Tails is a mechanic guy and his dream is to be like his friend sonic. The first part of this game franchise launched in 1991. He always stands up for justice. He can cure any illness and do spin attacks on an enemy. You can download sonic png images in full HD qualities. Amy Rose character is created and designed by Kenji Terada.

Sonic uses seven chaos emeralds to obtain high speed and become supersonic. So, Silver hedgehog comes into the current timeline from the future to change all events which caused it to destroy the world.

Explore the pictures of rouge the bat. Sonic always tries to save the life of his friends and stay loyal.

The character of Shadow the hedgehog is designed and created by Takashi Lizuka. A place for fans of Sonic the Hedgehog to view, download, share, and discuss their favorite images, icons, photos and wallpapers. Miles Prower is Sonic’s close friend character of the game franchise “Sonic the Hedgehog” and known as Tails. He uses his expertise in robotics to make weapons and robots to make his vision in reality. She learns the meaning of true friendship after staying with sonic.

If you looking for pictures of Amy Rose, we covered it here. You can download images of the shadow the hedgehog character. His aim is to protect Master Emerald from others.

After losing the battle with sonic, It improves his ability and skill and again goes to fight.

She has a crush on lead character Sonic and believes she is a girlfriend of him. Doctor Eggman is the main negative role character of the game series “Sonic The Hedgehog”. Rough is a white female bat that has expertise in finding jewels and gems. Sonic the Hedgehog is a well-known video game franchise made by Sega.

There will be only a few people living in the world who didn’t play a very famous sonic game in their childhood. He is another fictional character of a well-known game series Sonic.

Blaze the Cat is a purple cat princess who has a responsibility to protest Sol Emeralds. It is focused on the speed with a variety of game characters. Cream is a cute rabbit and one of the characters of popular sonic game series. Add interesting content and earn coins.

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