The idols sparkled in the diyas’ quivering light.

In his inebriation, he abused the Muslim qaum, recalling how during the recent riots he had had to stay awake with a loaded rifle in his hands.

You don’t love me because you think I failed.’ He suddenly squatted down and started crying in despair, or maybe pretend despair, with his head in his hands and all.

You can’t deal with this, right? ‘Bhaiyya …’ my brother Kanu said.

They were content thinking that I had realised my mistake after four stupid years with the French girl, and would now settle for a traditional Indian girl.

His ears hardly worked, he had trouble walking, and father definitely had to help him in the toilet. And I wanted to tell my grandfather that his last wish should be nothing else but to die in his sleep, without pain. Though the rage didn’t die down, and even as Mother had him in her arms, he kept howling. You should have done something for yourself. I think Mother sensed my feelings.

I could see her firing crackers with her friends.

‘That’s all.’, ‘This is not a small matter.

‘Why?’ Mother asked.

The Ancient Origins of Diwali, India’s Biggest Holiday. The volume was close to maximum. On this day, Jain’s 24th Tirthankara, Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana or Moksha (state of being free from suffering). It was clear that someone would have to go to a nearby ATM, for which I, badly needing relief from the situation, volunteered.

But something told me it wouldn’t work here in Muzaffarnagar.

Kanu didn’t answer.

Mother interrupted my thoughts. Your uncles have all made their mahals.

I had to contribute.’, ‘The CIA is behind the crash, Harbir,’ Grandfather spoke aloud. ‘At a neutral place.

I was looking at her Facebook pics, the ones I had taken in a hotel room in Nusa Dua, Bali, when the call came. ‘What are your thoughts about marriage?’ he shouted into my left ear.

The expressions on my parents’ faces changed too. I got out of the toilet on my parents’ bedroom side. ‘What is my life worth if the two of you act like this?

Sikhs celebrate Diwali because their sixth guru, Guru Har Govind, was released from captivity. Deepavali Means Diya & avali means rows of Diya.

It’s going to be easy.

‘Kanu is in trouble,’ I announced straightaway. It made me shudder.

I was on the right track, they would say.

Grandfather showed no signs of having heard that. The sound of the water receded slowly. Mudguard to mudguard, it seemed. We inspected the damage. We waited at least five minutes for the assaulter to arrive. When the respected Guru returned to Amritsar in Punjab, people decorated Har-Mandar (The Golden Temple) by lighting thousands of diyas to celebrate the return. There were heavy storms and thunders coming out from battle field every now and then when Krishna’s and Narakasura’s weapons were striking together. Mother and I moved to the main bedroom, where I flopped down on the bed.

I stepped out into the verandah. Kanu and I were not expected to do a thing; not even serve him food. But I couldn’t resist prodding him about Arun. I kept staring at the ceiling fan, but from the corner of my eye I could see them hugging. This shocked Kanu, and he stared back at me like he would kill me.

On the day of Diwali, I thought. Why do you talk to her now?’, ‘She called to wish Diwali, Mummy,’ I said. All of a sudden, Father regained control of the situation.
He chose not to answer, and I chose to repeat the question in a harsher voice. Keep lighting diyas (symbol of good) to win over darkness (symbol of evil).

‘No. I had to say something, but, unclear of my own feelings, I ended up talking of money. I can only drive scooters which don’t have gears, like the Honda Activa I gifted my brother last Diwali, the one that he crashed. Papa doesn’t talk much. The chair fell to the floor. Tanuj’s first novel, Neon Noon, was also published by HarperCollins. ‘Tarun,’ Mother told me, ‘you should be closer to your brother.’.

‘Let’s have the pooja.’. bye…” …and Die Hexe, gliding on her broom, started landing in Isha’s courtyard to celebrate Diwali.

Father then told us how Arun had vomited as soon as they reached his house. I took the call without changing my position on the bed.

This day the sixth guru, Guru Hargobind Ji, who freed himself along with 52 other hindu kings from prison of Mughal emperor Jahangir. Diwali is also marked and said as Deepavali. ‘What is my life worth?’ she said. He was sobbing. It’s his father after all. ‘Yes. Books, stories and storytelling. ‘And you brothers are going to burst the crackers.

But be extra careful when you fire crackers.

I am telling few of them: People celebrate this festival as killing of demon king Narakasur. She had her pallu over her head, and had tucked a small part of it into her mouth.

The scooter’s front wheel was beginning to feel a little wobbly by now. Whole Ayodhya was very happy to see Ram after 14 years and celebrated this day as victory of good over evil by decorating the country by lighting diyas.

You can’t deal with my college and his retirement at the same time.’.

He closed his eyes and nodded; I knew this was in disapproval.

On our way back, I asked Kanu what he was doing with Arun on that side of town. She doubled the attack and finally killed Narakasur.

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