But what's the difference between T+1 and T+2? Project Ion, one of the latest case studies from DTCC, is intended to evaluate the impact and benefits of distributed ledger technology (DLT) on accelerated settlement for the U.S. equities market.

It could introduce optimized settlement processes and accelerate settlement to T+0, while retaining the core benefits of DTC’s centralized netting and risk management. Forcing a wholesale move by the industry would not be easy, that’s why we’re exploring this digital accelerated settlement service as an optional service. Exploring the concept of an accelerated digital settlement service is the next step in these efforts to assess the impact and benefits of accelerated and optimized settlement for the U.S. equities market. Given daily trading there would be settlement every day. Sell the ring fence service with a check out fee that keeps the check out line working just like the one at the supermarket. Q: If the industry managed a move to shortened settlement from T+5 to T+3, and then T+3 to T+2, why can’t the industry likewise make a move to T+1 or T+0?

Does it make any difference in effectiveness whether we settle yesterday's or the day before yesterday's trades? The comprehensive technical assessment that we are conducting right now will help us determine a scalable implementation of the Digital Accelerated Settlement service – be that on DLT, or something else.

Via integrated payments Block Chain ledger, and orchestration can process multiple instruments and multiple currencies across multiple markets. MM: Today, DTC and NSCC can process trades with shortened settlements based on client request. MM: DTCC has been working with the industry on ways to advance settlement optimization for some time. On Wednesday @2PM, brokerage B's clients sell 3000 MSFT shares to brokerage A's clients. Q: Can clients use the Digital Accelerated Settlement System right now? No more tedious counting out coins each day or daily bitcoin fees. Then on demand they exit. In order to address the first barrier, a global secure identity (SIN) solution, which can meet the unbanked and yet have full AML support is now available, and can be accessed for, The Global Block Chain Ledger, as a Payment System for the Digital World, Secure Global Digital Identity, for the Digital World, Global Public Block Chain Ledger Navigation, Statement Regarding Proposals to Shorten the Trade Settlement Cycle by SEC, Reasons why T+1 was not considered as a valid option, Japan moving ahead with migration to T + 1 settlement. Although DTCC’s current infrastructure supports T+1 and limited T+0 settlement cycles, market behavior, legacy infrastructure and operational processes at client firms make it difficult to accelerate further without a lengthy coordinated industry effort. Hi Matt, I think that's way above my head. Brokerage A no longer has to deliver any shares Thursday.

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