The paired leaves are narrow and spear-shaped, and usually bear 1 or 2 pairs of teeth on their margins. Government pensions and allowance) ($), Proportion completed Year 12 or equivalent - total population aged 15 years and over (%), Persons who have need for assistance with core activities (%), Average monthly household rental payment ($), Average monthly household mortgage payment ($), Small-scale solar panel system installations (no. Der Komponist und Entertainer Peter Allen stammte aus diesem Ort und widmete seinem Großvater das Lied „The Tenterfield Saddler“. Since the previous year, the population has declined by 0.56%. In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), of couple families with children, 16.5% had both partners employed full-time, 4.8% had both employed part-time and 16.9% had one employed full-time and the other part-time. I for Income (including Government Allowances), E for Education pollution, Air Of these 51.3% were employed full time, 34.5% were employed part-time and 7.3% were unemployed. Er liegt circa 18 Kilometer von der Grenze zu Queensland entfernt und hat etwa 2900 Einwohner.[1]. Dwelling Structure (STRD). In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), 35.8% of households had a weekly household income of less than $650 and 3.1% of households had a weekly income of more than $3000. The population of Tenterfield is collected during censuses, every five years. In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), for dwellings occupied by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, the average household size was 2.8 persons, with 0.9 persons per bedroom. Tenterfield is located in New South Wales and considered as a statistical area level 2 (SA2). In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), 50.2% of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people were male and 49.8% were female. The information contained in this QuickStat has been produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics | It contains data from the 2016 Census of Population & Housing held on 9 August 2016 | Release date of this QuickStat was 23 October 2017 | Some values may have been adjusted to avoid release of confidential data | These adjustments may have a significant impact on the calculated percentages in QuickStats | For more information refer to Introduced Random Error in the 2016 Census Dictionary. Harden, G.J. programs, Surveys, Profile last updated: 20 Aug 2018. Tenterfield Population (NSW) All States/Territories Victoria ACT New South Wales South Australia Queensland Northern Territory Western Australia In 2011 there were 3966 people living in Tenterfield . People tables are based on a person's place of usual residence on Census night. Total household income (HIND). Data are available for Local Government Areas, Statistical Areas Levels 2 - 4, Greater Capital Cities, States and Australia. In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), 73.9% of people had both parents born in Australia and 7.3% of people had both parents born overseas. During the two weeks before the Census, 20.1% provided care for children and 11.7% assisted family members or others due to a disability, long term illness or problems related to old age. In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), 86.5% of private dwellings were occupied and 13.5% were unoccupied. reserves and protected areas, Climate Unpaid domestic work (DOMP) More information about Census and labour force status is provided in Understanding the Census and Census Data. Of these 47.1% were male and 52.9% were female. Search areas of likely habitat during flowering season. and weeds, Visit management, Wildlife Little is known about the habitat and ecology of this subspecies. Der Winter bietet eine Mischung aus relativ warmen Tagen und meist kalten und klaren Nächten. Place of Usual Residence (PURP) ). In the 2016 Census, there were 4,066 people in Tenterfield (State Suburbs). Currently only known from two swamps in the Tenterfield area. View the data quality statements for: Tenterfield's proximity to many regional centres and its position on the route between Sydney and Brisbane led to its development as a … Probably extinct throughout much of its former range, this subspecies has been recorded from Dorrigo to Tenterfield and west to Torrington, although most records are very old. No Data Available: 798,365 Im Herbst ist das farbige Laub der Bäume ähnlich interessant wie im amerikanischen Indian Summer. Because Norfolk Island has not previously been included in the Census, any 2011 benchmarks will not include Norfolk Island. Population of Tenterfield. Tenterfield ist in Australien auch als „Wiege der Nation“ („The Birthplace of Our Nation“) bekannt, da Sir Henry Parkes hier am 24. air quality data, Air Data are in a time series, where available. These adjustments may cause the sum of rows or columns to differ by small amounts from the table totals. I for Income (including Government Allowances), E for Education Of the families in Tenterfield (State Suburbs), 28.2% were couple families with children, 54.1% were couple families without children and 16.8% were one parent families. Insufficient understanding of the species ecological requirements. Voluntary work (VOLWP). Environment, R for Related Regions, D for Download the statistics Mortgage monthly repayments (MRED) In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), of occupied private dwellings 4.1% had 1 bedroom, 18.2% had 2 bedrooms and 46.9% had 3 bedrooms. Proportions are calculated using all tenure types for occupied private dwellings. key P for Population & People, C for Economy & Industry, In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), 69.3% of households had at least one person access the internet from the dwelling. Tenterfield is located a comfortable three hours drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Tenterfield & District provides the perfect Gateway to Big Sky Country – New England & North West New South Wales. Tenterfield ist Zentrum und Verwaltungssitz des lokalen Verwaltungsgebiets Tenterfield Shire. Tenterfield. Population growth in Regional NSW was 0.82%. degradation, Land local heritage, Development The trumpet-shaped flowers are yellow and borne on the ends of branches in loose spikes of 15 to 40. Tenterfield Eyebright is partly parasitic upon other plants and may only be able to grow in close proximity to such host plants. Select once to expand the section and display the hidden content. In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), for dwellings occupied by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, the median weekly rent was $180 and the median monthly mortgage repayment was $1,300. Oktober 1889 seine berühmte Rede zur australischen Föderation hielt. licences, Heritage permits and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 5.0% of the population. Diese Rede führte schließlich zur Föderation aller australischen Staaten am 1. Prevent trampling of populations by humans. A targeted strategy for managing this species has been developed under the Saving Our Species program; click, Conservation 3. The median weekly personal income for people aged 15 years and over in Tenterfield (State Suburbs) was $474. In the last census in 2016, Tenterfield had a population of 6,624 persons. Select again to collapse the section and hide the content. UNSW Press, Kensington, NSW. Tenterfield is neighbour with 10 suburbs of Grafton Region, Glen Innes, Inverell Region - East, Casino Region, Kyogle, Inglewood - Waggamba, Southern Downs - East, Southern Downs - West, Stanthorpe Region, and Boonah. In Tenterfield (A) (Local Government Areas), of people aged 15 years and over, 67.4% did unpaid domestic work in the week before the Census. This annual 'disappearance' means that surveys for this plant must be confined to its flowering season. recognition, For local Calculated percentages represent a proportion of all responses from people in Tenterfield (State Suburbs) (including those who did not state an ancestry). In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), 17.3% of single parents were male and 82.7% were female. Click on a region below to view detailed distribution, habitat and vegetation information. and soil information, Soil The median age was 23 years. and plants, Parks, The average number of bedrooms per occupied private dwelling was 3.1. Therefore, the total responses count will not equal the persons count for this area. land and soil, Soil our heritage, Supporting Select once (click with mouse or press the letter Total personal income (INCP) Area of Tenterfield is 7 322.80 km², in this year population density was 0.91 p/km² . Indigenous household Indicator (INGDWTD). Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 5.0% of the population. (1992) Flora of New South Wales Vol. Of people aged 15 and over in Tenterfield (State Suburbs), 9.8% reported having completed Year 12 as their highest level of educational attainment, 19.1% had completed a Certificate III or IV and 6.5% had completed an Advanced Diploma or Diploma. There were 1,563 people who reported being in the labour force in the week before Census night in Tenterfield (State Suburbs). In Tenterfield (State Suburbs), of all households, 62.8% were family households, 35.2% were single person households and 2.0% were group households. organisations, Scientific government, For schools and Study and monitor populations to determine this plant's biology. cultural heritage, Animals Tenterfield (A) Australia; Population & People: Estimated Resident Population - persons (no.) The population estimate for Tenterfield Shire Council as of the 30th June 2019 is 6,594.

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