Get the numbers and analysis from @EricGrenierCBC and … That may not be the case for very long if the Liberals can't arrest their slide in the polls, however. Polls indicate Trudeau's Liberal Party could lose to the rival Conservatives, or perhaps win but still fail to get a majority of seats in Parliament and have to rely on an opposition party to remain in power. Get the latest breaking news delivered straight to your inbox. Having said that, the last poll that Abacus Data conducted showed the Liberals to have 40 percent support amongst those polled. Consumer sentiment negative but trajectory flattening (Bloomberg/Nanos), Canadians report an increase in feeling stressed regularly or all the time now compared to one month before COVID-19 (MHCC/Nanos), Canadians are six times more likely to say they will spend less than more on non-essential services after stores and businesses reopen (Bloomberg/Nanos), Jobs/economy still trails coronavirus as the top issue of concern but trending up, Three in five Canadians say they will be more cautious about personal contact after COVID-19 (Globe/Nanos), Negative trajectory on Canadian consumer confidence flattening (Bloomberg/Nanos), Three in five Canadians believe more or somewhat more aid will be required before things return to normal (CTV/Nanos), Coronavirus as top unprompted issue of concern remains high but plateaus, Negative trajectory in Canadian consumer sentiment remains but slows down (Bloomberg/Nanos), Coronavirus still dominates Canadian mindset and jobs/economy a distant second on issue radar, Negative consumer sentiment trajectory remains but slows (Bloomberg/Nanos), 25% of Canadians (aged 35-54) are drinking more while at home due to COVID-19 pandemic; cite lack of regular schedule, stress and boredom as main factors (CCSA/Nanos), Corona as top issue rockets up in importance – Liberals trending up in Nanos Power Index, Consumer confidence collapses in Covid-19 wake (Bloomberg/Nanos), Feelings of satisfaction towards the federal government in Ottawa are on the rise with COVID-19 outbreak, COVID-19 is the top issue of concern and trending up, Canadians say professional journalism is essential given the Coronavirus outbreak and should be supported by the Federal Government (Friends of Canadian Broadcasting/Nanos), Canadian consumer confidence hits historic 12 year low (Bloomberg/Nanos), Views on the healthcare system in Canada (, Almost one in five Canadians bracing to miss a major payment in next 28 days (Bloomberg/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 31.9 > Scheer 19.7 > Singh 13.2 > Unsure 23.3 > May 5.8 > Blanchet 4.3 > Bernier 1.8, Coronavirus sees a steep climb as the top unprompted issue of concern for Canadians (Nanos), Weekly Tracking – Qualities of a Good Leader – Trudeau, Steep slump in Canadian consumer confidence in covid-19 wake (Bloomberg/Nanos), A majority of Canadians are pessimistic about the outlook of the Coronavirus situation, but approve of the Government of Canada’s response (CTV/Globe and Mail/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 30.7 > Scheer 21.4 > Singh 12.8 > Unsure 22.9 > May 6.2 > Blanchet 3.8 > Bernier 2.2, Comfortable majority of Canadians say young people today are less aware of the Holocaust and its lessons now compared to the past (Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center/Nanos), Forward looking Expectations Sub-indices dives to decade low (Bloomberg/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.3 > Scheer 19.2 > Singh 12.2 > Unsure 23.1 > May 6.9 > Blanchet 3.8 > Bernier 2.5, Forward looking Expectations Sub-indice takes plunge (Bloomberg/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.6 > Scheer 20.6 > Singh 12.3 > Unsure 22.6 > May 6.1 > Blanchet 3.8 > Bernier 2.1, Canada’s Prairie provinces hit lowest of consumer confidence since November 2018(Bloomberg/Nanos), Over seven in ten Canadians say Indigenous blockades of rail lines are an unacceptable or somewhat unacceptable way to express their support for the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs (CTV/Globe/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 34.0 > Scheer 21.0 > Singh 12.4 > Unsure 22.3 > May 5.3 > Blanchet 3.4 > Bernier 1.5, Canadians in West near 12 month low in consumer confidence (Bloomberg/Nanos), Federal ballot: Conservatives 36.2 > Liberals 33.0 > NDP 15.4 > Bloc 6.8 > Green 6.6 > PPC 1.4, Consumer confidence remains relatively steady (Bloomberg/Nanos), Majority of Canadians are aware that taxpayers own the Trans Mountain pipeline (Dogwood/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.2 > Scheer 20.9 > Singh 14.1 > Unsure 22.7 > May 5.2 > Blanchet 3.9 > Bernier 1.1, Overall consumer confidence steady but forward looking expectations trending up over four week period (Bloomberg/Nanos), Canadians in the Prairies are most pessimistic about future job pay; marginal improvement in Canadians’ views although still net negative (Bloomberg/Nanos), Canadians say the ideal Conservative Party leader is more economically than socially conservative (Globe/Nanos), Majority of Canadians lack confidence that the authorities in Iran will give access to the crash site and evidence about what happened to the Ukrainian International Airlines plane crash (Globe/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 34.5 > Scheer 20.6 > Singh 12.9 > Unsure 21.2 > May 4.9 > Blanchet 4.2 > Bernier 1.8, Pocketbook Sub-indices shows weakening over past four weeks(Bloomberg/Nanos), Majority of Canadians express an interest in more skills training if government created a personal training account (Senator Bellemare/Nanos), Canadians views of the Trudeau government’s performance continue to trend negatively(IRPP/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 33.3 > Scheer 20.1 > Singh 13.2 > Unsure 21.0 > May 5.1 > Blanchet 5.1 > Bernier 2.2, Majority say Canadians will respect the privacy of Harry and Meghan more than people from the United Kingdom (CTV/Nanos), Overall consumer confidence steady in January(Bloomberg/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 33.3 > Scheer 19.8 > Singh 13.4 > Unsure 20.6 > May 6.1 > Blanchet 4.8 > Bernier 1.9, Canadian consumer confidence remains steady(Bloomberg/Nanos), Three in four Canadians say mental health care is an important priority for them; over six in ten report they or someone they know has experienced a mental health problem or illness (MHCC/Nanos Research), Majority of Canadians report the people they care about are at some risk of being homeless; nearly three quarters say homelessness has a serious or somewhat serious impact on Canada, Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.8 > Scheer 19.6 > Singh 13.0 > Unsure 21.1 > May 6.2 > Blanchet 4.9 > Bernier 2.5, Opening of 2020 generally steady for Canadian consumer confidence(Bloomberg/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 31.0 > Scheer 20.9 > Singh 14.4 > Unsure 20.7 > May 6.8 > Blanchet 4.2 > Bernier 2.0, Consumer confidence in opening of 2020 steady(Bloomberg/Nanos), A majority of Canadians believe a recession in 2020 is likely or somewhat likely; however residents of Quebec are the least likely to be pessimistic (Bloomberg/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 32.3 > Scheer 21.1 > Singh 15.1 > Unsure 20.1 > May 6.4 > Blanchet 3.3 > Bernier 1.7, 2020 opens with steady consumer confidence in Canada > Quebecers lead in confidence, Canadians in Prairies lag in confidence (Bloomberg/Nanos), A majority of Canadians lack confidence that Canadians are changing their lifestyle and consumption fast enough to help protect the environment (CTV/Nanos), Canadians are divided on the approval of new energy projects such as the Frontier mine (CTV/Nanos), Canadians say they would like the federal government to spend more money on the environment and healthcare in 2020 (CTV/Nanos), Support is not strong for Alberta opting out of the CPP and RCMP (Globe/Nanos), Canadians say environment should be top priority in 2020 (Globe/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 34.4 > Scheer 21.1 > Singh 14.4 > Unsure 19.4 > May 5.3 > Blanchet 3.1 > Bernier 2.2, Canadian consumer confidence closes out 2019 steady with Prairies continuing a dour economic mood (Bloomberg/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 36.0 > Scheer 21.0 > Singh 15.9 > Unsure 16.2 > May 6.4 > Blanchet 2.8 > Bernier 1.7, Consumer confidence rises on upward movement job security and real estate (Bloomberg/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 35.8 > Scheer 21.9 > Singh 16.1 > Unsure 15.3 > May 7.0 > Blanchet 2.6 > Bernier 1.5, Month over month Canadian consumer confidence flat (Bloomberg/Nanos), A majority of Canadians believe a recession in 2020 is likely or somewhat likely; one in 20 dismiss a recession as not at all likely, Preferred PM: Trudeau 36.6 > Scheer 22.0 > Singh 15.4 > Unsure 14.6 > May 7.0 > Blanchet 3.1 > Bernier 1.4, Four week downward pressure on Canadian consumer confidence driven by Ontario and western provinces (Bloomberg/Nanos), Nearly eight in ten Canadians consider themselves to be part of Canada’s middle class; majority say families with kids need the most action from the government to deal with rising cost of living (Globe/Nanos), Canadians express higher intensity of concern for separatism in Alberta and Saskatchewan compared to Quebec; Majority of Prairie residents oppose or somewhat oppose Premier Kenney’s proposed changes to pension plan and tax ministry (CTV/Nanos), A majority of Canadians support or somewhat support the construction of new pipelines in Canada (CTV/Nanos), Preferred PM: Trudeau 38.2 > Scheer 21.5 > Singh 15.1 > Unsure 14.0 > May 7.4 > Blanchet 2.7 > Bernier 1.1, Canadian consumer confidence continues downward trend.

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