But it’s Zuko’s fear in the face of his own helplessness that guides his rash action. Most often, the call is a problem in need of solving. What Would the Paralympics Look Like in an Optimistic Setting? His redemption arc is a combination of many of the aforementioned ones. Read more about Character Arcs, Characters, Villains.

The duo barely features in “Avatar Day,” but the most memorable scene in the episode comes at the end, when Zuko tells his uncle he wants to carry on without him.

And, of course, there’s The Search—when Zuko, Aang, and the gang form an uneasy union with the now-mad Azula and go hunting for the biggest missing piece in Zuko’s story: his mother. In addition, Team Good does not need to witness their sacrifice. Whether that means protecting something they would have previously destroyed or fighting against a character that symbolizes their old self, this is your final chance to drive their growth home.

This raises an interesting question: How can the crown prince of a genocidal nation—gifted with power over an element painted as inherently destructive, whose anger is barely controllable and whose motivations toward the protagonists are nefarious at best and world-ending at worst—possibly become both a fan favorite and the most sympathetic character on the show?
It works well enough, I suppose, with bad guys who aren’t truly malicious, like Thor. You can see this in how the word “redemption” is defined…, “Redemption: The act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state of being redeemed. Reporting on what you care about. Suddenly, Zuko discovers himself. Temptation arcs can also come to a head here, but they usually last for a while longer. For forgiveness and temptation arcs, what’s important is that the hero forgives themself. But still, pretending it’s enough in itself to turn people completely around is a little naive even for me. At first, he’s painted as a headstrong, arrogant, angry teenager, petulant and averse to advice. This, once more, can similar to the previous case, only this time with an external interference. Wanting to do something good so badly that they didn’t care how much evil they caused in the process. “Zuko, Aang’s enemy for much of the show, was consistently denied approval by his father, had his mother leave him at a young age, which she did because she had just killed his grandfather to save his life, and, at the age of thirteen, was exiled and burned by his father for protesting against a plan that would use an huge number of troops for a We Have Reserves tactic that would likely get them all killed, and sent on a Snipe Hunt to regain his honor.”. True redemption isn’t easy, and your character will need to go far outside their comfort zone to finally break their harmful beliefs.
A conflict with a hero. 10. The best ones, in fact, usually combine several of these factors.

Use for: This stage is the bread and butter of temptation arcs. Their ultimate goal could be saving or reviving loved ones, creating a perfect world, or curing a disease. The villain is no longer evil, but isn’t good yet either.

But no matter which manner of arc you land on, it’s all about dramatic events over the course of a show’s narrative—or, in some cases, one of its many narratives. Fire is life itself.

This usually ends with some kind of moral greyness. Now they are expected to sleep on a cot, eat porridge, and work to earn their keep. Pull out all the stops to make this as epic as you can.

While there are hints at his humanity throughout the trilogy, he doesn’t get much overt character development until the final moments of Ep 6. Perhaps they thought their people had been exterminated, only to find a hidden village where they are still living. A positive arc character starts out flawed and suffering from a deep inner struggle, before learning how to overcome their flaws and find genuine happiness throughout their story. Don’t get me wrong, a normal positive arc character can be redeemed, such as Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast or Thor from Marvel’s Avengers universe. In other words, this, too, has some implications for how the “villainous mind” is supposed to work. The Bold Type Producers Respond to Aisha Dee’s Call-out of Diversity Behind the Scenes .

SHIELD is hardly the paragon of virtue, but still, given her upset over the red in her ledger, there is some moral core in her that seems to have grown while part of that origination.

But instead, she came back for a few episodes, was evil, and drove Jake into hiding, and then we never really heard from her again. This arc has less stark consequences and gives the flawed character more time to change their worldview and struggle within themselves. Zuko, too, returns home, and finds something different: He doesn’t feel at home anymore. Avatar: The Last Airbender, a name unfortunately besmirched by the race-swapping travesty of the M. Night Shyamalan “movie” of almost the same name, is easily one of the best television shows in the past 20 years, and Kirk Hamilton’s excellent argument at Kotaku for its status as one of the best of all time is hard to ignore. Now that the character has grown a conscience, they have trouble living with what they have done. Because Vader gets so little on-screen development, the audience relies on Luke’s acceptance of Vader’s sacrifice to drive home his redemption.

Except, you know, those knife-killers. A character who undergoes a full redemption arc, on the other hand, starts from a much worse place. Justice for Jaime Lannister's storyline! How to Write a Redemption Arc of Your Own.

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