But how well are the campaigns of the minor parties and their leaders going on social media? “This does not speak for a very coherent campaign strategy,” she says. And, of course, the Māori Party also has the strongest focus on the Treaty of Waitangi.”, The story is a little different for Advance New Zealand, which also includes the New Zealand Public Party, says Dr Krewel. This is an approach like that of the European radical right parties that border on fascism and are often described as ‘populist’. A five-day moving average has been used to smooth out short-term fluctuations and highlight the trend of the campaign period. The decisive factor for coding was the impression about the valence of the statements, pictures and emotions an average reader would get after looking at the post. The Facebook duel between Ardern and Collins, Safeguarding wildlife through landscape design, Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies, New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation, Research focus areas in arts and humanities, Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, The Roy McKenzie Centre for the Study of Families and Children, Research focus areas in business and government, New Zealand Centre for International Economic Law, Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research, Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology, New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute, Roy McKenzie Centre for the Study of Families, Victoria University Coastal Ecology Laboratory, Listening to voices missing from the debate, Fast rise through the ranks of ethics research, Learning from nature to create the future, Bridging divisions between science and society, Balancing state needs with individual rights, Raising awareness through public engagement. This is the Election Period. The usual disagreements and accusations between political actors were not coded as fake news here. But ACT has changed its messaging erratically from positive to negative campaigning back and forth over the entire campaign.”, David Seymour might have won the multi-leader debate according to Vote Compass respondents, she says, “but his party most likely has not won the Facebook campaign battle. How are politicians using social media to target, inform, interact with, mobilise and pursue voters in New Zealand’s 2020 general election? Are New Zealanders getting a positive election? Are they and their leaders ‘going dirty’? “In its opposition to the current coronavirus policy settings, Advance New Zealand rejects majority public opinion in favour of a defence of individual freedoms, fatally undermining its populist democratic credentials. It seems that in a similar way the party leaders tend not to spread fake news or promote half-truths and try to keep a clean slate, letting their parties take the blame instead.”. Elections Local council elections 2020. It is simply not as much.”, For Dr Krewel, this bears some resemblance to the findings of research on negative campaigning in television advertisements in the United States: “Some of the most negative TV advertisements in the US tend to come from third-party actors, such as the so-called PACs (political action committees). A 45-year-old Sydney man has been charged for allegedly importing approximately 144 kilograms of cocaine…, 50th Ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear WeaponsLabor welcomes the 50th nation…, From turtle protection and feral pig control in Cape York, to cleaning up beaches across…, UNSW Art & Design researchers will present an experimental history at the Know My Name…, The Royal Australian Navy and Republic of Singapore Air Force have proven their ability to…, Victorian businesses are shattered today after the Victorian Government left restrictions unchanged across metropolitan Melbourne…, /Public Release. Campaigning on economic insecurity and health is intended to attract people into their extreme ideology who under different circumstances would not have identified themselves with such polices. “It is not surprising they become more positive as the campaign goes on. Victorians will vote by post in local council elections this October. The positi on became vacant when Laurel Collins resigned from Victoria City Council in November 2019 following her election to the House of Commons as Member of Parliament for Victoria. It is the same ‘usual suspects’. election: Victoria-Beacon Hill candidates and riding profile. Moreover, exaggerations and negative emotions such as fear, envy, blame and anger have also been considered negative campaigning. Besides that, they have declared themselves an anti-corruption party—despite one of their leaders being investigated for corruption himself. “The major parties are focusing their campaigns on the economy, because more voters tend to identify the economy as important,” says Professor Vowles. However, this ensures that what we do does not influence the election process, and that it is fair and equal for all. The graph shows the positive less the negative news. Make sure you follow the instructions on the ballot pack and return your completed vote before 6 pm on Friday 23 October for your vote to count. They hope spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories and misinformation will be an effective strategy for them to radicalise anxious voters.”, However, adds Dr Krewel: “Opinion polling indicates only a few people are likely to vote for them, so their efforts have not been very effective, despite their social media impact. Dr Krewel and Professor Vowles are also available to interview about the findings. The Times Colonist. “If we think of populism in two senses—as a campaign strategy based on the use of language and as a set of democratic norms—then Advance New Zealand uses some populist language, but also other language not usually defined in those terms. A post contained fake news when it was completely or for the most part made up and intentionally and verifiably false to mislead voters. Advance voting opens Oct. 15, ahead of the Oct. 24 election Oct. 14, 2020 5:00 a.m. Local News; News Are there local examples of ‘fake news’ and other trends negatively affecting elections overseas? It is therefore not surprising Facebook yesterday took the party’s page down, but so far has not yet taken any action against Billy Te Kahika’s page. This adds up to a strong focus on what we classify as domestic policies. The candidates they support leave it up to the PACs to attack their opponents to minimise a possible backlash and keep their own record clean. Negative campaigning criticises socially relevant topics, uses stereotypical traits, highlights shortcomings as well as criticises and attacks qualities and behaviour of parties, politicians and related issues. “Their agenda consists of seeking to convince voters the Government’s lockdown policies have unnecessarily limited New Zealanders’ freedom. If Advance New Zealand were a true populist party, we might expect them to be attracting more votes.”, For most of the campaign, like the major parties, the minor parties have been communicating with much more positive than negative language and their campaigns have become more positive over the course of the campaign, says Dr Krewel. The New Zealand Social Media Study (NZSMS), led by Dr Mona Krewel and Professor Jack Vowles from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington’s Political Science and International Relations programme, is analysing the most salient campaign topics, the dominant political actors in the parties’ campaigns, and their campaigning strategies on social media during the final four weeks of the campaign. Therefore, the graphs presented here under- rather than overestimate the extent of fake news in the campaigns. And in its claims to promote and defend the populist democratic norm that governments should be representative of ‘the people’, and thus majority public opinion, Advance New Zealand is no different from almost all New Zealand’s other political parties. From midday Tuesday 22 September to 6pm Saturday 24 October we must follow important government rules.

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