4 months difference, 95 kg to 69! Now, September 2014 I have gained back about 30 lbs (dropping my overall loss down to about 55 lbs). It also helps you to avoid cheating. How did you lose the weight? Typically I ate meals that rounded out about 250 calories and several small snacks during the day. You have to be consistent. The best weight loss transformations on tumblr! Like freeing, and I had a lot more time.. As in I wasn’t always glued to my fitness pal plugging things in haha. I had been over weight for a majority of my life. Clean eating today consisted of banana-pb-oatmeal for breakfast, jambalaya for lunch, I’m currently snacking on some tuna and cherry tomatoes, then I have some jambalaya and light cottage cheese for dinner later. Welcome to my world! keepfighting-forever, Source: No exercise required. inspiration motivating quotes selflove focusonyourself fitmotivation health & fitness healthlylifestyle tumblr fitblr fitgoals fitspiration nutrition diet weight loss journey lose weight tips weight loss health mental health positivity Do Something FunI made working out fun by making a Workout Jar where I put different exercises on little slips of paper and put them into a jar and I would draw a slip from the jar during TV commercials or when I needed a break from studying! This app also tracks your workouts too and tells you how many calories you should be consuming daily. Also, Body By Vi is a team. It is a 90 challenge. Now you have a plan!! Typical day: Woke up ready to work out (but never do)! I’m taking some advice from Josie Spinardi’s book, “How to Have Your Cake and Your Skinny Jeans Too: Stop Binge Eating, Overeating, and Dieting For Good Get the Naturally Thin Body You Crave From the Inside Out”, http://www.amazon.com/Have-Your-Cake-Skinny-Jeans-ebook/dp/B00B9JKNBC. I also haven’t felt sincerely hungry today! It also means that it may not be the best idea to follow the popular diet trends. More health and fitness inspiration! 5. I had restricted myself so carefully and for so long, I would binge up to 3 days per week. I know my future will be even better! Today I started taking prenatal vitamins (hoping that my hair will go through a growth spurt, so tired of the layers being so short) and started drinking water with lemon in it (hoping to cash in on its detoxifying qualities). Add HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to your routineHIIT is an exercise that involves short bursts of really intense exercise followed by short periods of recovery. Leave work That feeling I got was hard to beat and could never return if I was unhealthy. Pick right back up from where you left off! Also, having a workout buddy is a HUGE help…really keeps you accountable. Any other points you would like to say: If you guys want to read more about my journey then visit my tumblr and my blog at www.kpaffzfit.blogspot.com. If you consistently find yourself not making your goal weight every week, then you need to evaluate your goal and what you are eating. This will be a challenge but isn’t that what life is all about? 11. Just eat what you want and start again tomorrow. : Seeing my body change before my eyes and finally experiencing confidence for the first time! I knew I wanted to continue to enjoy life, but do it the right way. I use a 20 lb kettlebell in my room to do various strength training moves with it such as weighted sit-ups and squats. I then have another snack and for dinner I have a shake. Sometimes I think I’m just faking it, since if I really had, I would be able to control myself and not have these binge periods. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. It’s probably because that is what I drank growing up. Genesis pure even offers Green Coffee Bean extract, it is pure 800 mg and 50% chlorogenic acids that has been proven to naturally and effectively help people lose weight. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Why? Genesis pure offers so much more than Shakeology and Body by Vi, there are just so many more products, check them out at www.genesispure.com and click the “products” tab. You can chart your measurements on this printable weekly measuring chart. #newbody #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightloss #motivation #progress #fat2fit #healthy #wod #SWEAT #willpower #noexcuses #nopainnogain #Workout #girlswholift #fitfam #instafit #beforeandduring #courage #dedication #fitness #spartan. Minnie Me (A WEIGHT LOSS/MOTIVATION BLOG) I've been using Tumblr for a while now helping myself get motivated..Now I decided to make my own WEIGHT LOSS/ MOTIVATION blog =] Everyone needs a little motivation once in a while,at least I know i do. 9 times out of 10 what I was eating wasn’t what I wanted but I ate it anyway. Source: But how do I get to the point of being comfortable with sharing my “before” pictures? 30 day shred, hour of cardio. <3. It is simple math – 1 lb = 3,500 calories – so if your plan is to lose 1 lb/wk, then cut back your BMR by 500 calories per day. I would eat just to fulfill my calorie restrictions and always just “allowed” myself however much a serving of a particular item would be. I stayed away from chips, no cookies/cakes/candy bars, cokes, anything fried, potatoes (most of the time), bread as much as possible, no burgers (unless they were black bean), no pizza, no tacos, etc. This is going viral and I even loved the product so much that I started promoting it along side Dan Shaba who had amazing results. Get caught up checking email This blog does not promote eating disorders, for my personal use to motivate and keep track. And how this day repeats itself, over and over again. – because refined grains cause a spike in your blood sugar which triggers insulin…which stores fat. Weight loss Inspiration. I want to be told I look beautiful. Don't tell me otherwise. Between March 2013 and December 2013 I was able to lose about 80 lbs by restricting my caloric intake to about 1200 calories a day. today is not a normal day, I just feel happier than other days! : I ended highschool and wanted a new me How did you lose the weight? It's where your interests connect you with your people. This means experimenting with new foods and workouts. : I was tired of being unhappy with my body, always talking about it and thinking about how much I disliked what I saw. 5 years ago; 3 notes # weight loss # journey # goals # fitspiration; greatfoodlifestyle: On to maintenance! I get really offended when people ask me how my “diet” is going. Weight Loss Inspiration Board I was eating only to fulfill the calories and not to fulfill my satisfaction both physically and physchologically. Dieting actually decreases metabolism so this boost from exercise is extremely important. thanks for reading Goodnight! Some of these restrict what foods you can and can’t have which means more than likely you will not stick to it. I think I’m gona like this #intuitiveeating #flexiblediet thing ☺☺❤. We all join together and help each other stay focused. I wish someone had told me this years ago. THIS SHIT IS REAL I GOT THE JOB I WAS NUTS ABOUT BC I REBLOGGED THIS YESTERDAYmaybe it’s a coinkidink but it okay just take the necessary steps to achieve what you’re wishing for and YOU CAN DO IT, waking up and my window is cold to the touch, the forest is filled with 1000 different shades of colors, that smell you can’t describe as anything other than, the feeling of coziness paired with adventure, drinking hot tea while reading a book outside. 7. I have been in your shoes and I know it’s possible. Advice/Words for people looking to transform their bodies: Despite what you may think or anyone might tell you…you CAN achieve the results you want. I’ve finally hit my original ultimate goal weight, 140lbs down from 205lbs. !I know, I hate forcing myself to drink water too, so I found a good substitute – green tea. Need a before bed snack (300 cals). Remember – it is a lifestyle change, not a diet you do for a couple weeks. Scroll down a bit to start reading, or a bit more to read more about me. (27 August 2011) I'm sick of buying size L clothing, not being able to wear a bikini, binging and being body concious all the time. http://transformationmotivationpics.tumblr.com/submit, Weight Loss Motivation! Here are some HIIT videos that I have reviewed. Why did you start? Please, please don’t get discouraged if you gain 3 pounds inexplicably one day or you mess up. First do the first two steps on this list (know your BMR and measure yourself). : My motivation really came from reminding myself how I felt when I ate healthy and worked out. When I started seeing progress, that gave me even more of a lift! Need something salty (250 cals) This site is to fitspire and get me motivated and i will try to update my progress. 3. Heaviest: 69 kg/ 151.8 lbs. This website has a ton of healthy cooking substitutions. That’s why. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; fit-potential. Also, if you want to join my team or just want more information about Body By Vi go to my website at alyssawinter.bodybyvi.com. So I chose to have 1 of my shakes in the morning to start my day off healthy. And I am. Maybe try a quick 10 minute workout you found on pinterest. Usually this inspiration will last for a week or two, after which you start to give yourself a little more allowance, this is where most people fall back to where they were. I know I did. Introduced myself to alcohol once again, ate out more often with friends, started eating more of the foods that I had considered “forbidden” for so long. Print that sheet and fill it out, then on the right hand side by your current weight, go down to week 2 and write your goal weight off to the side of the weight column and next to the week 2 on the left, write off to the side the date. From there it was about finding a fitness routine that worked for me. When I say short, I mean like 20 second intervals! Name: KristenAge: 20Age at start of transformation: 18Age at end of transformation: 19Starting weight: 183Weight at the end of transformation: 123 (now around 135)Height: 5’7”Bodyfat loss: (estimates are okay) 15%. 4. Now, 8 months may seem like a long time, but check your calendar – that means that the example case can reach their goal weight by Christmas and so they will be fabulous for the holidays and they would have made 2012 their year to change by being at their goal weight before the new year…amazing! Instead, […], My motto for my morning workouts # Pin++ for Pinterest #, Hi Everyone, and welcome to my last post here at Colour in a Simple Life. Try to eat as much whole grains as possible. Now here comes the fun part – setting a goal date! How did you stay motivated? As of December 2013, I had mixed feelings. By measuring yourself you also can find out your body fat percentage. It’s happened! There is even a 4 minute workout that really gets the job done! It's where your interests connect you with your people. After December I started a dreaded spiral into emotional and binge eating. Eat Whole GrainsEliminate those refined carbs! transformationmotivationpics, Source: I’m excited to understand my hunger, why I am eating, and actually feeling like I have a healthy relationship with food once again!

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