This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise given the way this drug functions.

The medication works brilliantly to stop itching, but always at a cost. chlorpheniramine (Chlor-Trimeton), clemastine (Tavist), diphenhydramine

Histamine causes skin irritation, hives

“Natural Supplements for Dogs With Itchy Skin.” Some products use tea tree oil, probiotics and other natural

MSM also might benefit dogs with skin and respiratory issues, and possibly slow tumor growth.

(If it didn’t, this is definitely something you should do now.)

Thank you. After doing the food elimination we suspected it was the chicken or lamb causing it. Perhaps #1 thing to try would be changing the diet, because most of the health issues come from within and food can be the major contributor to either health or sickness.

From Karen @ [email protected], Read your review I want to discontinue my 6 lb chihuahua off apoquel. She is not an active dog but follows me around everywhere so if I’m moving around a lot, then she is also.

Dog medicine is available as both prescription medications that should be administered after vet consultation and over the counter drugs that don't require prescriptions. Common side Gradually increasing. Thank you for sharing your story with us and for reading our articles.

He suggested Apoquel for the winter months. Apoquel isn’t a cure for the underlying cause of atopic or allergic dermatitis.

body against further attack.

I have tried bathing her a bit more now too to help rule out possible environmental allergies. Sara Seitz worked in the pet industry for over a decade. Has your pug been tested for hypothyroidism? If your dog lacks a certain enzyme or does not produce enough on their own, that food can move through the system undigested and cause unnecessary immune response or nutrition deficits that in turn cause itchy skin. The go-to choice for allergic dermatitis used to be prednisone, a drug that costs on average 800% less than Apoquel. Hi Melida what brand of food are you now giving your pup?

Decongestant/Antihistamine Products for Pets, Antihistamines for Pets' Allergy Problems. To me the dogs quality of life is at stake. Add to that list any foods your dog has gotten as a treat, licked up off the floor, and flavors included in their medications or supplements. Noticed all the posts are for allergies and itchy skin.

Over the counter allergy medication can

We are so glad we could help you make an informed decision for your dog. Using 8mg once a day which seems to help. For dogs, fish oil makes more sense than flaxseed oils. I came to this article hoping to find some alternatives to Apoquel, like the title suggested.

However we have been advised that resistance may develop towards Cytopoint. Just as switching your dog to a higher quality food can help fight itchy skin, so can some supplements.

“Canine Allergic Dermatitis: Causes and Treatment Options” The addition of fatty acid supplements to your pet’s regular food can also help address dry skin issues and keep your dog’s coat healthy. That has helped her a little. Various. Your email address will not be published. It turns out that this wasn’t just a matter of perception, either.

Wish us luck.

Your vet may recommend a special diet if this appears to be the case. sprays are another over the counter allergy medication that can help This and many other infections that cause allergic reactions can only be determined through blood tests that detect antibodies.

For dogs with chronic allergy dermatitis and uncontrollable itching, it was a godsend.

We suspect it is a combination of food and allergens causing his issues or it could just be that his skin barrier is weak (Atopy) and may never be treatable. I have been treating the yard for fleas and spraying the weeds to get this under control. Finally he is now on CYTOPOINT the last 1 year .

After learning that some allergy meds can cause dementia I am concerned that this was caused by the apoquel.

I have put him back on grain free food , please feel free to e-mail me .thank you! hydrocortisone, which helps alleviate itchiness. How about constipation?

Look at the ingredients label on your dog’s food bag. While the potential for cancer growth and dependence are risks all owners should consider, it’s the price of Apoquel that often leads owners to hunt for an alternative. The most common allergens are dust mites, protein in flea saliva, and pollen. I will try the fish oil and coconut oil you recommended and will consider the immunotherapy to see if we can determine what the source of her misery is. Not until the itching is gone for good. I’m going to introduce fish oil into her diet and will continue to monitor her progress. The very first thing I noticed was them becoming lethargic. I hope some of my ideas might be of benefit. However, they are significantly safer to use than other drugs and might be worth a try for the desperate owner looking for a short term solution while they employ one of the alternatives listed below. Similarly, probiotic organisms help break down particles in the gut that your dog is unable to digest themselves. I don’t know what else to do for them but want them off the Apoquel. HE WAS ON ANTIBIOTICS COUPLE OF TIMES FOR HIS FEET BEFORE APOGUEL WAS SUGGESTED. But your dog can become allergic to any food they have previously been exposed to. She sheds horribly half the year but she itches horribly all the time. My Rosy is very fussy but she finally decided she liked the expensive raw freeze dried True Dog brand. Our dog has seasonal itching/allergies. Hi Ashley, The best way to go is to feed quality raw food for dogs, especially if they are known to have allergies. Chondroitin sulfate aids to repair and protect cartilage. I put my dogs on Apoquel this year. I was thinking along those lines as well.

can be controlled and your dog can feel better.

When it comes to Apoquel versus Benadryl, chlorpheniramine and other antihistamines for dermatitis, there really is no contest. My cockatoo has itchy ears & before apoquel inflamed .Its very pricey & I was not aware of the side effects , can you suggest an alternative that would help her ears .

I checked out Raw food and found all of it had combinations that included items she cannot have. Yucca has an effect similar to steroid drugs without the harmful side effects. medication won't interfere with your dog's overall good health. If there is still no improvement, it is unlikely you are dealing with a food allergy or sensitivity. Over time, the number of doses is decreased and the amount of allergen per dose is increased.

Karen A. Moriello.

If you are looking for a holistic approach that can help with your dog's discomfort but that won't have the same side effects as an over the counter drug intended for human consumption, there are plenty of options to choose from.

You mention Yucca and Quercetin but don’t give recommended dosages?

So what about the 10 to 15% of dogs who suffer from allergic dermatitis but aren’t reacting to environmental allergens? In this case, you may consider immunotherapy to potentially cure your dog’s allergies altogether. I also rub pure coconut oil on her itchy spots topically. When giving antihistamines to your dog, be sure to give him the basic While this can be a helpful diagnostic tool, keep in mind that some infections take multiple rounds of antibiotics to knock out and that yeast infections, often made worse by antibiotics, can also cause itchy skin. My 9 year old shiz tzu has been on Apolquel for several years. Also, you state to introduce the new diet slowly into the existing food but in our experience, that is also a resounding no. It’s probably fair to say that I did not give that drug a good chance but after reading your article I have decided I don’t want anything to do with that medicine. You will need to continue this restricted diet until your dog’s symptoms clear. For skin allergies, that often means waiting two to three months. They can be used to

She’s a very fussy eater. INTERESTINGLY HIS SEIZURES HAVE ALMOST COMPLETELY STOPPED SINCE HE IS ON APOQUEL. Omegas are key to your dog’s skin and overall health and can be especially effective in relieving itch. They feature a pocket that will Immunotherapy works the same way in dogs as it does in people.

Sometimes vets will put a dog on a course of antibiotics to rule out bacterial-induced dermatitis.

inflammation in less severe attacks. The gels and creams are great — unless, of course, they attract your pet to lick the itchy spot.

Our vet thinks it’s because of our wood stove and the dry heat. Without prompt treatment, your dog could develop NSAID toxicosis, possibly resulting in death. She’s more engaged and alert and not sleeping as much during the day. Unfortunately, the reason it was ditched in favor of the new drug was because it came with its own set of disturbing side effects, most even worse than what we are now seeing with Apoquel.

I am paying them $20 for this ‍♀️ Reply You have given my cat, Bean, a better life. If your dog’s symptoms don’t improve in this time, try a diet with different ingredients. © 2020 Ultimate Dog. If your list includes multiple common proteins and veggies, you may have to hunt for a food with less common ingredients like venison and sweet potato or rabbit and oatmeal.

Please read our article all about raw feeding here: Hope this helps! Your information and the few others that are successful in getting their messages out saved my cat so much suffering.

I am going to try the Quercetine and Yucca and bump the Fish oil up abit. The vets have all assured me we will never find the cause of my dogs allergies.

I got a part time job. The first step in your dog’s itchy skin journey probably included a battery of tests to rule out parasites like fleas, mites, and other skin infections. We are glad we could help you with your troubles and commend you for trying to find better solutions for your dog’s health issues than just medications. I guess it’s back to prednisone if the vet will give it to him again.

I am concerned about cancer in my Benderse! I am seeing the mangey side effects on her ears so I’m not happy. have a place in helping to relieve your dog's symptoms. After being on Apoquel for a couple months I read about it’s horror’s.

You can apply the spray to your dog 2-3 times per day until the itching stops.

HE WAS EXSPOSED, LIKELY HAD DESTEMPER IN HIS INITIAL HOME ( A HOARDER WHO TOOK NONE OF THE DOGS FOR SHOTS OR ANY VET CARE). Thank you so much for this information on not only alternatives to Apoquel, but for explaining the side effects.

© 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Lifestyle. Now that seems really counter intuitive.
Hair loss and cold intolerance can be signs.

It is so sad. Slowly switch your dog from their original food to the new food over the course of a few days.
But at a cost of $100.00 per month we prayed for winter to come quickly.

Did you give a try to any of the suggested alternatives in the article? Now I realize why my dog’s white blood cells are always higher than normal.

These can be dangerous to your pet's health. Natural Supplements for Dogs With Itchy Skin,, An Honest Look at CBD Oil for Dogs With Glaucoma. My training client, the boxer, spent the first couple years of his life battling itchy, inflamed skin. Antihistamines.

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