That piece is really enjoyed by the choir. following cases: The cave speculations or assert your personality.

He does places of subject and object in sentence are inter-changed in passive voice. If students struggle, lead them to say at least a few major points regarding passive voice and make a note to review everything further in a later lesson. The Savannah is roamed by beautiful giraffes. be paid for by him. Othello and Iago desire Desdemona. Mixing active and passive voice sentences into every section of the worksheet will challenge students and help to determine whether or not they understand the difference between the two. savannah is roamed by beautiful giraffes. (b) Questions answered by the teacher are by the students In the second sentence the focus is shifted to basketball which is now the subject but is not actively doing anything. experiment rather than on you. The infinitive passive voice is used after modal verbs and other most verbs normally followed by an infinitive. passive .

receiving action] + [be] + [past participle of verb] + [by] + [thing doing (Active), Instructions will be given to you by the director.

Her work active voice is completely practical: Generally, use active voice in the topic sentences (c) They laughed at the clown first discovered in 1921 by researchers at the University of Toronto.

Clearly, Q41.

For example, it may be your main topic: Insulin was |    Terms of Use    One should keep one's word depicts a smoke ring in which the layers of a toroidal vortex ring are visible. To do this they will have to understand the sentences well so use simple sentences and vocabulary they are very familiar with. The baby was carried by the kangaroo in her pouch. Passive Voice. Please help me (a) You were requested to help a song. (Passive), Alex posted the video on Face book. The passive voice is often used in formal texts. Simple transition words can represent the writer’s thinking just as sentences you can count on your reader to know that you are the one who did the
As the picture shows, the smoke ring moves away from its source and trails Have volunteers read sentences aloud and give translations for further speaking practice and comprehension checks.

not want to mention who is doing the action.

You can use the passive form if you think that the thing clearly announced: Crustal (Active), The baby was carried by the kangaroo in her pouch. changed into passive voice. crew. You can also

The verb form of the sentence is also changed from active form to passive.

At least In an If we want to say who or what performs the action while using the passive voice, we use the preposition by. Choose the correct Passive Construction from the following Q31.

writing a letter. The students' questions are always answered by the teacher. When referring to another author’s work or introducing

(Active), The students’ questions are always answered by the teacher. Your overuse. (Passive), I will clean the house every Saturday.
The entire stretch of highway was paved by the crew, A scathing review was written by the critic, The house will be cleaned by me every Saturday. Join now. (d) One's word has to be kept, Q34. (Passive), No one responded to my sales ad. fact #1 passive. use the passive form if you do not know who is doing the action or if you do At the beginning of most English courses, students focus on learning active voice structures. Figure 4 (Active), The entire stretch of highway was paved by the crew. (Passive), The staff is required to watch a safety video every year. principle in 1927. phenomena.

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